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Monday, May 17, 2010

Chp 297. Rest In Peace Ronnie James Dio

One of the bands I grew up on in the early 90s was DIO. And today I learnt that Ronnie James Dio is no more. He passed away on May 16 2010. Cancer.

I still can’t believe it. I have been playing DIO songs non-stop for the past 8 hours in office now.

I must admit, I never really noticed him that much when he was in Black Sabbath and Rainbow. And then came the song that really really really made me go wow and move into this whole Metal genre – Holy Diver.

One of the first albums (read: cassettes that are manually rewind using a reynold’s pen so that we can save the battery life on our walkman) I ever bought was “Diamonds: The very best of Dio”. I feel in love with each and every song.

I don’t wanna say much in this post. I just feel sad knowing that the person who had shown me so much is now at the Otherside... Rest In Peace Ronnie. I’ll never forget how much you have changed me. Rock forever \m/ Cheers.

Below are some of my favourite Dio songs. Do enjoy them in this hour of darkness.

Holy Diver

Rainbow in the dark

Sacred Heart

Don’t talk to strangers

Rock and roll children

Hungry for heaven


P.D said...

my condolences.

Eveline said...

Queuing up "Holy Diver" in his honor. \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

Andy Varte said...

I understand. Ronnie James Dio was the true metal god for me. I know Rob Halford from Judas Priest is usually associated with that title, and yes he's my 3rd favourite vocalist, but Dio's been rocking for way longer and sounds way more EVIL!

The guy was lucky enough to have worked with legendary guitarists in the form of Ritchie Blackmore and Tony Iommi. His lyrics were amazing! Straight from the Rainbow days to the recent Heaven & Hell album - his voice at 66 years old was mind-blasting (quote Russel Peters!)!. He was my favourite metal vocalist after Geoff Tate from Queensryche. Dio could sing anything from a hellaciously awesome growl to a soft, sarcastically tender whisper (as in Don't Talk to Strangers). The guy was the best. RIP RJD! \m/

LTP said...

Love life lam ah i buai deuh ani maw, i ziak ho sawt riau mai

Bob Andelman said...

Ronnie James Dio fans might also enjoy this lost interview with the singer from May 22, 1986 on Mr. Media Radio.

Te-a Colney said...

Kan boruak hip a inang lo lutuk hi ka nuih a za tawp.

dr_feelgood said...

I only have the Rainbow on Stage 'cassettes' which I used to listen quite a lot,but not recently.I always mentally compare him to Ian Gillian of deep Purple, as they both had much similar voice.Sad that such a great vocalist has passed away.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Sad news indeed...yeah Dio was very big in the NE in the 80's..Holy Diver was the first Dio track i heard too...great vocalist , sad loss...RIP
PS - great blog :)

Vered Puii said...

Not the best time to comment on this bt....i came this far :P^^ The 'manually rewind using a reynold’s
pen so that we can save the battery life on our walkman'===>MY life saver all through high school*beats biting the battery*!It got to a point where i had gotten so good that i did it with blindfolds just to make it more interesting~~~XD

p.s reynolds??Granpa!back in the day we used pilot pens ;)(& we did it with class Lolz)

Blind Dayze said...

must admit myself that i dont really know any of his other songs clearly..cept for Holy Diver..

just in case you'd care enough to listen.. heres a cover of Holy Diver by one of my current fav bands.. Killswitch Engage..


thanks for this "best of" list of embedded songs..

Kym said...

Btw, I must say you should write a book, it will be fun reading and I did like to spend some money on buying your book....:)))))

I just love reading your blog. I’m now reading 2005 February “Tommy”, all the February blogs are so hilarious. I had a hard time laughing out loud without making sound in the office.

Shuakshuali said...

Thanks to old songs and old rockers who keep you up late at night and give you a headache the next day...Rockers don't die- the spirit carries on :D

jay-me said...
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jay-me said...

eeeep sory i accidntly deleted the previous comment nwy here's anothr 1...great work..thumbs up(but dont taste the thunder, it kills)...bravo...kudos...salute...and every other compliments in the dictionary...:)