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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chp 481. November Rain at Ghetto’s Pub

Ok I’m quickly updating this before the month of November ends, lolz. Just got back from Ghetto’s, back in Town.

We hardly party in town, but tonight, my friends insisted we all go partying together on a Saturday Night since we haven’t done that in a long time.

“But but but, Arsenal’s match is coming up!” I protested.

“Yeah yeah, you’re playing against Cardiff dude, I already checked. You’re gonna win anyway,” said J, a hardcore Chelsea fan. There was no point arguing with him because he was the only one in our group who knew about the Premier League as much as I did.

And so, reluctantly, I put on my party wear…

What I actually hated about partying with my friends tonight was not the fact that I was going to miss the Arsenal match. It was the fact that there were seven of us, six of them all couples, me being the lone single guy.

Yeahhh… that’s the stigma we mid 30’s singles face. Everybody concerned about us, everybody trying to “fix us up”…

When you’re in your mid 30’s, you’d know that a relationship isn’t just about looks or impressions anymore… It’s more about how intellectually compatible the two of you are, how much you can share and talk with each other for hours, the similarities and experiences you’ve shared together, the chances of spending the rest of your lifetime with that person... such things people don’t come across easily in this dog-eat-dog maddening corporate world.

So anyway, we left for Ghetto’s around 8, a bunch of Suburbians out to paint the Town red, lolz. I kept checking my phone for the latest Arsenal score. 1-0. Yessss.

One thing you should know about Ghetto’s is that the entire place is lit up by just UV lights… so women accidentally happening to wear black top with white bra inside is just… unfortunate and kinda hilarious, in a mean way. We all avoided white so as not to attract attention because this is how prominent you’ll be if you wear white…

As my friend S rightly said, “Ghetto’s is the Toto’s of town”, the music was great, and so was the crowd. It’s a place where mid 30’s people hangout, haha. Music not too loud, mainly classic rock, no dance floor, just a good place to chill and talk and laugh, and cost of alcohol cheaper than most other watering-holes.

The UV lights too really set the mood. Our glasses, with the stirrers…

And then suddenly, in walked this girl who probably was coming to Ghetto’s for the first time and she froze immediately, lolz… Talk about trying to minimize white, this girl definitely didn’t get the memo, hahaa…

I am not one of those creepos/weirdos who take voyeur photos of random strangers, but her face doesn’t show anyway, so hope that’s alright putting it here. Poor girl, her friends were teasing and hovering around her trying to make her comfortable the entire time while I’m sure she was pressing them that she wanted to leave :)

Meanwhile, at our table, my couple friends kept insisting that I hit on somebody, for who knew, I might meet the future Mrs. Kima that night, though my idea of a future missus was not exactly somebody I picked up at Ghetto’s, lolz.

And so the ladies dragged me to the bar counter where there was this cute girl sitting alone, and then coyly left me there with her.

The cute girl smiled at me. I smiled back.

“Sup”, I said.

“Sup”, she replied...

“Urrrmm… do you know Arsenal just scored three goals tonight?”

She walked away faster than Wilshere’s goal against Marseille last week.


And so, back at my table, lonely me occupied myself with the interesting work of “writing” my name using the stirrers, hoping somebody might see it and be impressed. An ice-breaker prop.

Unfortunately, turned out, I was the only one impressed with my handiwork.

We ended the night by singing to November Rain played by the DJ. Come tomorrow, it’s December and Christmas fever’s gonna start kicking in! Looking forward to it.

Cheers :)


Hriatpuia Pa said...

The same old Kheema, i thuziak chhiar a la nuam reng mai. Blogging days are over now.. FB in min ei ral tep tawh. Blog update zawm zel kan tlem tawh mang e.. a lunglenthlak lek lek mai.

nanya said...

its not about the lucklohna in your early or mid 30's (whatever)it just about duhtuina :)

Mizohican said...

@Hriatpuia Pa: hehe kan la ti ve zel e :) Thanx for still visiting :)

Mizohican said...

@nanya: lolz, define "duhtuina". Min duh tu tur pakhat ringawt pawh an awmloh chuan engtin tak nge keini in duhtui tur kan hmuh nual ang? :P

Anonymous said...

Hmpf! Hemi vang hian maw ilo inlak *busy* vel ka lo watsapp che khan... and all you did was stare at chicks whose faces who can't even see! *_0