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Monday, December 16, 2013

Chp 485. Weekend Party @ Bandra

So as my dear flatmate travelled to Delhi last weekend, I had the house to myself and decided to throw a Mizo house party in the last minute. A few couldn’t make it as it was a last minute thingie, but Atea from Boomarang was one of those who managed to make it.

Had so much fun dancing to 80’s pop music till 5 in the morning. The next day, Abigail invited Boomarang band including me and a few friends to her awesome pad for a dinner party. Yes, a back-to-back house party here in Bandra! Man, I haven’t done that since… college days? It really felt good you know, especially after slogging our asses off at work almost every day to finally let our hair down like this two nights in a row.

Here are some of the photos I took, 70 in total. Click on the photos to ENLARGE.


The early birds started arriving. Really great to see Mawii after such a long time. I invited her especially because she didn’t know any Mizos here in Mumbai and this was a great opportunity for me to introduce her to others.

The awesome cooks. What I love about Mizo dinner parties is that there is no dearth of good cooks. Most Mizos know how to cook. It’s in our DNA :P

Atea, vocalist of Boomarang was the focus of the party. Everybody wants to take a photo with him :)

“Your phone camera doesn’t have zoom? Don’t worry, here lemme zoom closer towards you. “

Quick draw – who can take a pic of the other faster? Bang bang, my S4 wins :)

More of Atea. Guess he found his “home” that night :P

Some of my friends converting my bedroom into a dining room :D

Zoni slyly trying to leave the party, busted on camera :)

Hmmm so if you’re the vocalist of one of India’s most popular rock bands and you’re invited to a party where girls outnumber guys 5:1, what do you do? Urrmmm… sit down and braid their hair… :D

The ever charming Mrs. Abes, the one who invited us to her house party the next day.

Abby, Me and Atea expressing ourselves.

The next day, at Ab’s place. What a great surprise to meet DP, one of my close friend’s sister. I didn’t even know she was in Mumbai. Small world.

Urrrmmm… James Bond time :D

People queuing up to take a pic with our lovely host Mrs Abe.

The most adorable daughter I’ve ever seen. Check out her awesome dance performance at the end.

A photo of Abby taking a photo of her guests.

And the rest of the guests arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, Boomarang!

DP. Stands for DimPle :)

Ze lovely hostess :)

More photos with Boomarang…

The White Stripes! :D :D :D

More picture time…

One also needs good talent while posing on the other side of the camera!

The dudes :)

Her favorite place that night :D

Selfie time…

Dinner time!

Just found out the dude below is the same guy who was taking photos while lying down in my previous blog post [Boomarang @ Hard Rock Café Andheri]

And with that, we ended the night. What an awesome dinner. And below is Abby’s daughter performing a solo dance. She. Is. Amazing. She nearly brought tears to my eyes, man she is really good, check out the video…

Cheers then.