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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Chp 497. Charity Auction @ The White Owl

Splashing away some hard earned money for a wild binge in town can sometimes leave you with guilty feelings the next morning… but not when that party comes with philanthropic benefits!

Recently, I took part in my third Hope Monkey’s charity event - this time it was held at The White Owl Brewery & Bistro, Lower Parel, situated on the ground floor of the spacious One Indiabulls Center. The charity theme was an auction event, entitled - “Bids for Kids”… ok ok I know some of you just had a smirk across your face… yeah yeah, I know how that name sounds like… “bids for kids”… it unfortunately sounds like one of those underground international black-market where kids are auctioned off to the highest anonymous bidder slash paedophile that we’ve seen so many times in movies about child trafficking or TV shows like Criminal Minds.

However, in this case, Interpol or SSA Aaron Hotchner didn’t need to get involved.

“Bid for Kids” held at The White Owl was an auction event where all the money received in the auction went towards procuring nutritious midday meals for Mumbai's street children. It was jointly conducted by Hope Monkey and The Hamara Foundation (THF). Established 25 years ago, THF provides Mumbai’s street children with an education, empowers them with vocational skills and financial literacy, and above all, teaches them to dream.

Apart from the auctions, there were also live performances from alternative pop-rock band “Spud in the Box”, EDM dj duo “Lost Stories”, renowned indie artist “Clayton Hogermeer” and hip-hop maestro DJ SA. And the entire event was hosted by comedian and MC Abish Mathew.

Most of the photographs below were taken by my friend Mihika, who is a part of Hope Monkey. The amateur photos are mine :P Click on all photos to enlarge, starting with Mihika, the girl behind the camera…

Other members of Hope Monkey were all excited about the event…

The stage silhouette at The White Owl

Live performance by the band Spud in the Box

Representative from The Hamara Foundation, saying a few words about their organization and what they do for the street children of Mumbai…

Anjuli Branz, Manager at Hope Monkey introducing the auction to the revelers and what the cause is all about…

People enjoying the various musical performances…

I really love the ambience and d├ęcor of the entire place, especially the soft yellow glow from the table which was really pleasing to the senses.

We took a short break outside where we posed with the event’s poster…. :)

The silent auction. Prints from Crude Area were also available for silent auction, where there was no auctioneer involved. People had to write down the value of their bid for the particular print they wanted to acquire…

Here’s one of the paintings one of our friends Vivek Sony won.

Apart from these prints from Crude Area, the main auction event had the following items up for grabs –

  1. Rs. 1,000 note to warm up the crowd
  2. 1 night at Beyond, Sula Vineyards plus a tour, tasting and grape stomping session
  3. 3 pieces from Anushka Khanna
  4. 2 night, 3 day stay for a couple at The Lalit Temple View Khajuraho inclusive of breakfast
  5. 5 pieces from Turquoise & Gold
  6. Private tasting of Indian wines for 10 with All Things Nice
  7. 2 night, 3 day stay at Grand Hyatt Goa with a Rs. 3,000 voucher to use at the restaurant, The Verandah
  8. Sunil Padwal painting experience

The MC and Anjuli really worked up the crowd well with their witty comments and remarks. The first item for bid (to warm up the crowd) was a Rs 1000/- note, which got sold for Rs. 1500/- after a couple of counter bids from different people :)

Below, the MC’s showcasing the last item of the auction, the main event – An unfinished painting of reputed artist Sunil Padwal. Bidding started at Rs. 50,000/-

This was a bid for the movers and shakers, and there was a big round of applause from everybody as one socialite outbid the other. Below is one of the bidders who took up the bid to 1 lakh!

Some private discussions between various bidders going on below as the bids continued (probably asking each other how far were they willing to bid or how many Ferraris have they bought this past one week, I guess, lolz)

Finally, the painting was sold for 1.7 lakh! Man, these people had money. And the best part was, everything was going towards the aforementioned charity.

Here’s one very funny incident below… So I too decided to make my contribution towards charity… but the only thing I could afford to bid from the list was the “Five pieces of clothing from Turquoise & Gold” whose starting bids for 3 piece set and 2 piece set started at Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 2000/- respectively.  All the other items had a starting bid of Rs. 10,000/- and above.

And so my flatmate and I decided to win those 5 items…

Below is me, in the middle of a bidding war, checking my bank balance on my phone, lolz… The perfect picture to capture. And then the MC announced, “Ok hang on ladies and gentlemen, let’s give him some time because he’s now checking his bank balance”… The entire room erupted in laughter and applause :D

I eventually won the 2 piece set for Rs. 6000/- while my flatmate won the 3 piece set for Rs. 8000/-

Later, of course we really didn’t know what to do with those five pieces since my dear friend DP could wear only one of them. The others didn’t fit her, and so we gave away the rest to our female colleagues. And oh, we all received awesome “Hope Monkey” tee-shirts too for participating in the auction…

Anyway, the main purpose was to spend for charity, which we did, and it was nice to know that THF and Hope Monkey reached their target and they managed to raise enough funds to provide 25,000 meals to more than 100 street children daily, which we were told would last for around 6-8 months. Nice going Hope Monkey! Got Hope? Give Hope a chance!

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Awesome stuff bro. Can i bid for your flatmate? :-p