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Friday, May 30, 2014

Chp 506. Of Food and Song

If you'd ask me what are the two things Mizos love the most, I would say food and music.

During my recent trip back home, I got to experience those two in the company of great friends.

When it comes to food, be it a delicious homemade boiled Bamboo shoot potpourri …

…or beef meatballs and beef soup combo cooked in Mizo fusion style from “Cozy Den”, Khatla…

…it felt good to have experienced all that during such a short stay.

And when it comes to music, we Mizos just love to sing. If there’s a guitar lying around, then somebody’s bound to pick it up and sing. Below are my friend and I singing a couple of old classic rocks. It was great fun, but in between I had to keep telling my friend how to sing properly time and again because she’s not the singer type :D :P

Just kidding. Rosy K Remsangpuii entertained us well with her awesome voice and we all had a great time. Her favorite songs are apparently Blink 182’s “Adam’s song” and Green Day’s “Holiday”, which are my favorites as well.

And of course the singing didn’t stop with her. We spent the rest of the night singing more songs with Didina on the guitar, who would occasionally take short drinks break. Yes, one gets thirsty easily in dry Mizoram :)

So those are the two things we Mizos love the most. And if you’d ask me for one more thing that Mizos love, then I would say romance. Our culture is no stranger to romanticization and couples affectionately in love and courting each other. This was my chemical romance :)

Two last photos I wanted to share - taken from my niece Eunice’s balcony… Such a beautiful Mizoram.

And in the far distance you can see young Mizo warriors being trained in martial arts, which is a mandatory program for all Mizos :)

Mandatory, because we must learn how to defend ourselves. The good thing about it is that we can choose our own martial arts style, be it karate or taekwondo or even classic kung fu like “shaolin style”, “monkey style” or “eagle claw”. Unfortunately, many of us decided to choose “drunken style”… :D :P

Cheers! :)


Krista Roluahpuia said...

The funniest moment i have ever seen on your photo...:D I hope you would sung like Buizova...;)

Appreciated you add on the word 'MANDATORY'... Here in the campus they always remember me as if i were Jackie Chand...:D

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Didina mi rawn phone zan kha ni maw