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Monday, February 16, 2015

Chp 549. Dad anniversary videos

As I mentioned in my previous post - One Year Too Soon, I have posted a few photos of our family commemorating dad's one year death anniversary. But due to bad internet connectivity in Mizoram, I wasn't able to upload the videos.

Now that I'm back in Mumbai / Pune, here are the videos.

The videos need a special mention because they were aired live on TV at Doordarshan (DDK) and LPS channel for everybody (in Mizoram) to watch. For my non-Mizo friends, I think this is a good opportunity to inform you that since our Mizo society is very close-knitted, there is this daily special TV program on our local channels called "Khawhar Chhungte Pual" dedicated to friends and family of a dearly departed are aired.

In our case, the cable TV operators aired three videos that night.

The first music video is a song composed exclusively for dad by the talented Lalnunpuia Hrahsel. The music video was shot by renowned MV producers "RDS Shots" at our home, mostly in daddy's room (which was formerly my room before I shifted downstairs*).

And the whole song was performed by noted Mizo celebrity singer (and also of Khawnglung Run fame) - the talented Alex Lalchhuankima.

He came to dad's memorial service with his wife too, who's also another famous Mizo celebrity singer.

And here is the music video. The video may not relate much to most of you, but to those of us who miss dad each and every day, this song brought tears to our eyes. Do have a look...

The second video aired on TV was the story of dad's life. The narration is in Mizo and there are many precious rare photographs of dad in the video which my sisters managed to find after searching far and wide.

And the last video is a general memorial music video with various photographs displayed on the backdrop of a popular funeral song. My sisters included a lot of my photographs in the video and that made it even more special for me.

So these are the three videos I said I'll update. Hope the upload was not futile, especially to our relatives living outside India.

Here's to dad. Cheers.


mangbuhril said...

deepest condolences once again...
love the songs , enjoyed listening to it. you do look a lot like your dad... thought it was you in one of those wedding videos..

Mizohican said...

Thanx mangbuhril. :) yeah we do look alike a lot :D