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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Chp 639. Three Years Ago…

Exactly 3 years ago, at this very moment, my friend Abigail had invited me to her house party, located at the upmarket Nargis Dutt road in Bandra.

She had also invited the visiting Boomarang rock band members along with a couple of common friends, so it was really hard to decline the invitation.

The only problem was, my flatmate had gone to Delhi so I was alone at home, with our dear and spoilt little dog Saddam. There was no way in hell that he could be left on his own.

I called up Abigail.

"Can I bring my dog to your house? Is your housing society pet friendly?"

Abi replied, "No issues with pets, but boihteii is scared of dogs!"


It seemed like I had to forfeit the party, when suddenly I decided to try my luck and called up my friend Shweta. She had gone back to Delhi for a couple of days and I wanted to know if she was still there or not.

"Hello Keemz!"

"Hi Shwetz! Are you still in Delhi?"

"No I'm back here in Mumbai, in fact I just landed today. Wassup?"

"Oh My God, Oh My God, that is sooo awesome!"

"What happened?"

"BIG favor. I know you must be tired and all, but I’m invited to this house party tonight, and I cannot leave Saddam at home alone…"

"Of course, bring him right over, he can spend the night here!"

And so there I was, taking an auto from my apartment to Shweta's pad at 8 in the night, armed with the over-excited Saddam and all his stuff like his feeding bowl, his ready-made breakfast that our maid had already prepared, his chewey toys, his treats etc.

I thanked Shweta profusely, and then bid them both good night and rushed back to my apartment, changed, and finally proceeded to Abi's apartment.

If you really think about it, I nearly canceled going to Abi’s party that night!

Had I not gone to her party that night, and had Shweta not returned to Mumbai that day, I would have spent that night cuddling next to Saddam under my cozy blanket, but my life right now would have NEVER been the same!

Because it was at Abigail’s party that night that I met DP for the first time and we became close immediately, and we have been in a relationship ever since that magical night. Yup, tonight is our three years' anniversary!

Happy Anniversary my love :*

All the fun we had, all the fights we had, I can't believe we've already touched three years together. Here's to many more years and even a lifetime of togetherness, cheers. Love you. :)

[Our first pic together that night]

Funny how the happiest things in life can happen out of sheer luck :)

Until the next post, cheers.

PS. Just noticed that the chapter number of this particular blog post happened to be 639! All divisible by 3, the topic of this post. Hah, another coincidence! :D

PPS. Here's my old blog post about the events of that night three years ago :)

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