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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chp 248. The story behind your (online) name.

The internet hit me in the late 90s. Technology went a notch up like never before, shocking the byte out of us. Some of us were still using those large flimsy delicate 8 inch floppy discs back then! There was no Google, and the two most talked about sites were and
IRC wasn’t popular then, and we used to chat on Perch, or Pearch, something like that. Netscape was a much much much popular browser than IE too.

My classmates of course told me people don’t use their real names in the online world (read:Chat), so we used to think of really strange and funny online nicks. Those names became a part of our identification even in the real world much later, so it was really important to come up with a good and catchy name in the initial phase.

Hence when blogs hit the scene and spread like wildfire, I was adamant in using a name that would be catchy and not embarrassing. If you are using an online nick, how did you come up with that name? What’s the story behind it? I’m tagging all my visitors on this, and I would love to hear about the origin of your nick(s).

Mizohican :

I started blogging in 2004, and back then, I had a Mohican hairstyle. Proud of my Mizo heritage, I combined the two and viol√† - Mizohican. It’s no rocket science, but it’s kinda catchy, unique, and simple. The name gave me two identities in the blogosphere – People I interacted with came to know I’m a Mizo and that I had a “funky” hairstyle.

I was fascinated about the Mohicans, and the book "Last of the Mohicans" was one of the first “real books with no cartoons” that I read during those Primary school days. I even fell in love with Madeleine Stowe in the movie version, years later. I saw a lot of similarities between the Native Americans and us Mizos as we’re both war-mongering tribal warriors, where bravery/courage is regarded as the highest honor in both our cultures, and cowardice a condition worse than death – the ultimate shame & dishonor!

illusionaire :

This was a name I coined from the words illusion and legionnaire – hence illusionaire – A “Dream trooper”, a warrior well-versed in the mystic arts of illusion and black magic. Phantasmagoria, the supernatural, mysteries of the unexplained etc had always fascinated me and I used to have a large collection of comics with fantasy-based themes. I wanted my writings to deliver just that.

I planned “illusionaire” to be the name and theme of my blog while “Mizohican” was supposed to be my blog-nick (the name that appears when you leave a comment). However, things got screwed up and illusionaire appeared as my blog-nick instead of Mizohican and the name stuck (trust me, wasn’t that user friendly back in 2004). Now it’s too late to change, but I am not that disappointed because I kinda like this name too anyway.

Sandman :

This was a name I was planning to use only in the Mizo online world (discussion forum etc) but somehow the name caught on (due to and all my blog friends from South East Asia came to know me as Sandman too, which wasn’t my intention at all.

I wanted to use this only in the Zo online world because “Kima” is a very common name in our community. Similar to “illusionaire”, the Sandman here is about that mythical dream bringer, which again has a lot to do with fantasy, folklore and myth. It is by no means related in any freaking way to that person who can control sand or turn into sand, √† la Marvel comic books (Spiderman movies etc)! Aaargh.

Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and Lordi’s “Blood Red Sandman” are based on this particular Sandman. I used the name because I wanted my writings to bring some sort of a dream-like fantasy or mesmerizing imaginations to my readers.

Morpheus, brother of Death, from Neil Gaiman’s
much acclaimed “The Sandman” series.


So that’s how I came up with Mizohican, illusionaire and Sandman. Three online nicks of mine that I use in the cyber world. Do tell me the story behind your online nick(s). What are all the common online nicks that you use at various platforms – blog, orkut, mIRC, discussion forums, twitter etc? How did you come up with them or what inspired you to have such names? I’m sure you did not come up with it out of the blue with no reason at all, or did you? I am all ears, my friends.

Ps. Some of the more interesting online nicks who visit my blog frequently, that I’m dying to know the origin of, are given below. I’m just guessing the reason why you all used such names. Do correct me if I’m wrong… … (All in good fun, as always. Hugz, in advance.)

Just a Grail Likes to drink her wine from a medieval chalice. Probably owns a chastity belt too.
Sundancer One of those crazy people we see dancing on the streets in broad daylight.
Evuhleen Actual name - Eveline. Boyfriend - “Me Tarzan, you Evuhleen. Me hungry, me poo poo…” type.
Pixie Mischievous, alluring, foxy, but unfortunately, married.
Mimi Tried to think of an exciting nick, any damn nick. Couldn’t, so she used her pet name.
Goldmember Gold is inert. His “member” is the same. Hence, Goldmember.
Blind Dayze Used to think ManUtd is the greatest team and became a fan. Regretting those blind days ever since.
NotGood It was the first thing his girlfriend said after their first… you know…
Wonderboy His folks wondered if it’s a boy…
Nohiddendepths Not a very deep person. Quite shallow.
codeAries Because codeTaurus was already taken…
father_sphinx A she-male. Cross between a man (father) and a woman (sphinx).
The Chhamanator Big fan of Arnold. Still has a naked poster of him on his bedroom wall.
Uncas Another Mizo who’s a big fan of the Mohicans. But alas, “somebody” has already beaten him to the name “Mizohican”.

How close was I?


benjamin rualthanzauva said...

I am sure "The Chhamanator" is play on "The Shermanator" from American Pie :-)

Eveline said...

When I first started writing on my blog - I decided that my first name wasn't nearly glamorous enough and using it wasn't a realistic option. After a day or two of careful consideration, I was able to narrow the list down to two choices, both of which seemed eminently suitable to me. I then spent three days trying to figure out whether I should change my name to "Eveline" (which in fact is my middle name) or "Eve". It was agonizing. In the end, I went with the pronunciation of ‘eveline’ which is ‘evuh-leen’. Hence, Evuhleen’s Corner was born. :)

Pixie said...

Err... Foxy?! :D
ME? That's a new one!!! :D
They say, you learn something new about yourself everyday!
I learnt I'm Foxy and Alluring today!!! :D :D


Mischievous - yes. Foxy and Alluring? OK! If you say so!!

But, seriously, Hugs for saying such nice things about me...

Grail's gonna come after you with the belt though!! :D

I'm waiting to see her reaction now

*waiting for Grail to show up!*

VaiVa said...

I used Popeye the Sailor in Mirc in 2001 then changed to Vagabond soon after someone showed up with a nick Popeye till early 2003.

In 2003, I read about blogging in The Hindu and started blogging at once (before Google bought). After an exhaustive thought I came up with this name VaiVa (a Mizo name for Myna bird), synonym to 'talkative' in Mizo. Didn't really knew how to blog back then except as an online diary and discontinued.

This is my story!!!

Mizohican said...

@ Pixie: I too am waiting for Grail to show up :D Don't you think my description went well with her nick? :-)

@ Eveline: And which part is "Priscilla", the name you're using on twitter?

@ Ben: Possibly. I think he copied it from my "The Kimanator" :D

Mizohican said...

@ Vaiva: Why do you use "Popeye"? Something pops up often when you're with the ladies?


vana said...

Ekhai klung a leng. HE muvee ngei hi alom College kan kal laia JL Cinema hall a kan en kha, sas te te nen ngat. Hmuhnawm hi kan ti mai mai khawp a, a chhuah chan ka en reng thin.

Hmanah ka u hian, Dal net hunlai khan Cafe a nei a, a nick ah A-Cole a hmang a, then bcole ka hmang ve :)

Pixie said...

Dude, I hate to say it, but you are kind of off base here with Madam Grail!! :D
But, with her nick, its a good guess :D

Mizohican said...

lolz I know I know. I am just pulling all my friends' legs here... But of course I was honest with you regarding the alluring and foxy part. ;)

Mizohican said...

@ Vana: lolzzzzzz bro, so thats how "bcole" came into the world! Nice... acole vanga bcole han tih chu... sounds very sweet :-)

He movie hi chu keini pawh kan sikul (montfort) theatre ah kan en, a van hmuhnawm e awwww. Madeleine-i kha ka star bur thin :-)

Imp's Mom said...

hmm interesting.... :)

first I blogged under my own name, then got myself a nick...wanted something unique and something that woudd describe my girl to the hilt... I think I got it. :)

Mimihrahsel said...

LOLZZZZZ..ka u thin hi aaa. ka nui nasa ltk!!

I used Se^Norita in MIRC long long long time back.. ehems, any of my chat frens out there? hehe.

I was called by my full name during my school days, Mimi was my childhood name, mostly used by my Mom's side. My dad's side.. you know.. "Mami", just like i call you "U Mama" :-)

Then, when i went out of Mizoram, friends found it difficult to pronounce my name.. so i introduced Mimi, again. Old school-mates often ask me, "since when did you name yourself Mimi?" Well i like Mimi, and i don't need a nick ;-)My Story! hehe.

Mizohican said...

@ Imp's Mom: At least this way, years from now if I suddenly meet a young girl and she says her name is Imp, I can proudly say, "Heyyyy! I know your mom!"


@ cousin Mimi: lolz "Se^Norita"... I remember its your yahoo chat id too. lolz. Those "should I take Botany?" days!!! Hahaha.

And yup, all my relatives call me "Mama" too, including my best buddies from childhood. The rest of my friends call me Kima.

Funny thing is when my cousins marry my friends, and they have a son. Should that son call me uncle Kima or uncle Mama? This problem had actually been discussed many times now!

Imp's Mom said...

hahaha... yea! and she'll probably roll her eyes and go... mum and her blogger friends! :D

Site manager said...

"Likes to drink her wine from a medieval chalice. Probably owns a chastity belt too."

If I can stop laughing long enough, I can give you the answers you seek. HA!
Sadly, it is nothing that exciting. Grail is what one of my son's always called Girls. As in "Who was she? She is cute" "Oh mom, she is just some Grail".

So I started blogging by reading all the blogs and I was amazed by a lot of them and bored by many and decided I wanted to write one of my own.

So there you have it, I am no one extraordinary, just some grail! :-)

NOW I do like my wine, and would drink from a medieval chalice if given the opportunity! As far as the Chastity belt goes? I would have been killed in medieval times for being one of "those" women, as PIxie says, ones that will come after you with a belt, but have you begging for more! :-)

codeAries said...

coding, arian (march 26) :)

Eveline said...

Kima, that's my first name. See, ain't glamorous enough!

Pixie said...

Eh?! Not joking about the Foxy and Alluring part?!
Dude, are you alright?!!
But, since you do have a way with words, I will accept these 2 new traits of mine as well!!!! ;)

@Grail: HA!! ! I told u!!!!!! ;)

claytonia vices said...

Mizohican: The Origins

Mizohican said...

@ Claytonia Vices: And your online nick, whats the origin? All I can think of is Miami Vices and Cassius Clay the boxer :-)

@ Pixie: I have a way with words? Oh thank you dear, mucho gracias. :-)

@ Just a Grail: Now thats interesting! So thats how "Grail" was born? I was thinking very medievalish. Must be because of Angels & Demons, Da Vinci Code, Templar Knights etc!

So regarding the Chastity belt, you're the type who has an extra key hidden underneath the mattress? :-P

@ Imp's Mom: lolzzz. But thats sweet. And due to your vast network of blog friends, life can be a lot easier for her too.

@ Eveline: But, I love that name... I mean, I love both names. They rock! And they're both quite uncommon, at least here in India.

@ codeAries: Aha. I kinda guessed it anyway. :)

luliana said...

KIMA tih hming pu tam tak zing a hmeltha ber, pianthiam, aw thum leh zei bawk si chu LULIANA a lo ni ta a. A bak KIMA dang zawng, chheh hnih cheng nga man lek lek ho cu ILLUSIONAIRE, SANDMAM, MIZOHICAN etc etc tih an lo ni ta vel mai mai a :P

T-Cule said...

wat abt Keichala...:-)
half human, half tiger nih vang hian duh ve hrim2 a....

Site manager said...

Yeah, that's the story not really all that exciting, but there is a very cool line of Grail clothing that I like to pretend I invented. HA!

LOL Spare keys everywhere just in case one gets lost! And after the incident during which all the boys and I were sitting on my bed talking and suddenly the bed began to hum and shake...(they will discuss that in therapy for years!) NOTHING gets stored under the mattress! :-)

claytonia vices said...

Oh the origin of my blog name is like this:
Whenever I wrote my name in MS Word, the spell check would underline them and suggest Claytonia and Vices for (among other suggestions) for my first name and second name. I thought that would make a nice online name!

I later came to know Claytonia is a flowering plant. And of course, we all know Vices! :D

nohiddendepths said...

Was researching 'artful adman' Charles Saatchi, then happened to stumble upon a quote of his: "There are no hidden depths to me " and NoHiddenDepths was born. :D
BW? BlackWhite? From another quote of his: "Black encompasses all, White encompasses all!"
My 'Nicks' are possibly the "greatest" nick in the online world :))
BW@Lawrkhawm ;)

Unknown said...

Nick pawh chu i va ngah reng reng ve. Mizohican to Illusionaire to Sandman to Kima. A hunlai ang zela i phhuah anih chuan le hei tunlai 'Terminator: The Salvation' leh 'Wolverine' a chhuak bawka, i nick thar tur ka lo ngaihtuah leh hman peka. 'Terminator_Kima', 'Salvation_Kima', 'Kima_Bale', 'Wolverine_Kima', 'Jackson_Kima'......'Probability Theory' thiam theilo kei meuh pawn ka chhu chhuak teuh alawm mawle :D

Ka Nick hichu kan Nu min phhuahsak ania hei kum 10 ka hmang ta e.

Blind Dayze said...

i've been blinded and dazed everywhere online... :-) right from the start of my "online" life...
:- ) ... it was also the time i'd started to attempt writing songs.. so i had this song called In a Daze...

and talking of sam hair sityles :-) in your case the Mohican .. one thing i love about my current workplace is that i get to keep long hair and unkempt facial hair.. and not dress up in corporate apparel..

Lucy In The Sky said...

What was the story behind the ugly bull (was it a cow?)you used as avatar?

Mizohican said...

@ Luliana: lolzzzzz. Go blow your own trumpet somewhere else. Over here, this "KIMA" rocks. All other Kimas are fakes. Bwahahaha!

@ Keichala: Love the name. Chuan a origin enge? Engvanga in ti nge i nih? :)

@ Just a Grail: lolz lolz lolz lolz!!!! OMGGGG! Grail! The bed humming and therapy session etc lolz, dear you totally crack me up! Yup, I see from your point of view why nothing should be hidden under the mattress! Man, thats really really funny!!! *GRIN*

@ Claytonia: wow, thats really unique and creative. Using the auto-correct prompt instead. I don't know anybody else who does that. Kudos to you mate.

Mizohican said...

@ Lucy: That's the Linux Gnu. What about Lucy? Why Lucy? :-)

@ nohiddendepth: hihihihi... yeah riteeee! :D BlackWhite is another corny nick, me thinks. Bro, its like somebody who just graduated from LKG coming up with that name... "Today my teacher taught me the colors. There is Black, there is red, there is white. I think I will call myself BlackWhite." :P

@ chhangte_II: lolzz @ the names. Chuanin, i nick hmang hi in nu phuah sak che maw? Ekhai. i hnam hming aniang chu ka lo ti mai a sin. A phuah a nih chuan... chhang i heh viau vang emni? :)

@ Blind Dayze: Same here, bro. No need to live up to any corporate image, though we do have to dress up a little when we go to corporates for client meetings. But other than that, it is as casual as one can get.

Lal Jo-a said...

Ka lo la chhiar miah lo a, ka hmu ve chiah. I always thought Mizohican was something like, a drunk mizo who always hiccup.

dr_feelgood said...

I wanted to leave some comment in misualdotcom, and the name just popped up from the back of my mind. I knew they were a Band, but never heard them. I later googled to find out the Dr Feelgood was/is a punk rock band who took the name from another song about a doctor who prescribed substances to make them feel good. I thought I'd start blogging and call it 'Dr Feelgood's Prescription, but alas, procrastination is my middle name.Thought i'd live up to the name and mostly write about things to make one feel good, and about music, nothing fancy.

NotGood said...

I'm really amazed at how much thinking you put to come up with your online nick/nickettes. I came up with my nick while I was simply doing nothing. Boring, right??
And BlackestRed was conceived one fine morning... need I say more??

Alejendro said...

Aight, here's my story. When I outta Mizoram, some alien folks couldn't pronounce my name and I find it very irritating when they pronounce my name as someone else's. So, they started calling me Ali, no, I ain't tryna be Muslim. Don't know why they call me Ali but I like that name though. And when I started this online stuff, I a think using Ali would sound awkward for a Mizo and that's how Alejendro born (Originally from Spanish name Alejandro, Spanish version of Alexander. Should be pronounce as Alehandro) But still they call me Ali and I even stared introduce myself as Ali.