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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Chp 324. Blog changes

In other (lame) news today, I will be making a few changes on my blog (which I think will not mean anything to you all). This is one of those posts where people rant just about anything on their blog. Sorry. Feel free to close this tab.

Change #1. Hello again, Word Verification!

I know how much all of you hate the “word verification” in the comment section. But removing it would mean getting a lot of spam comments. Hence the only thing to do after removing word verification is to activate comment moderation – so that I can delete the spam comments and publish only the genuine ones.

I did all that. Removed Word verification.

But you know what? In less than 2 days, I got around 100 spam comments! Maybe it’s because of my Page Rank or the fact that my blog has been around for 7 years now and hence has a lot of content. But without word verification, it is a real pain seeing all the spam comments and going through them or moving them to spam section before deleting.

My spam comments keeps boasting of a better or improved spam guard every now and then, but spammers keep finding ways to spam and bypass this security somehow (Wordpress clearly scores above in this department). Hence I will be putting the dreaded “Word verification” back in the comment section and also disable anonymous comment, where a bulk of the spam comments come from.

The good news is, I will not be moderating any of your comments any longer (unless spam comments start turning up again). The bad news is – only those with a account can now comment on my blog.

(In fact, I hardly “subscribe to comment” of blogs that do not activate Word Verification because of the spam comments on their blog that keeps flooding my inbox)

Here’s a lighter look at Word Verification written recently by blogger Kathysue. Funny post

Change #2. Goodbye referrals. Goodbye Gay Porn links.

Another change – After almost exactly two years of “Public Referral tracker” [courtesy] on my blog side column, I will finally be removing it. Of course I still have all the referral statistics I need to know from my Google Analytics account, but sometimes it is good to keep a public referral so that visitors can see where the incoming traffic is coming from.

Public referral Mizohican

But lately, I have noticed that many people think those automated referral links on the side column are actual links I am putting on my blog! And most of you are aware that I do not have a very “decent” referral traffic For example – some of the incoming traffic on my blog come from ASIAN PORN DVD, Adult Search, Sonargachi prostitute, etc [Click on above pic]

The thing with referrals is that, a lot of people search for sex on the internet. And most of these porn sites search fields are powered by Google search (it’s just a matter of inserting a code). For example, if somebody searches for “Indian prostitute in Calcutta” from a site www. indian- prostitute- (am just making up the name), my blog will show in the result field on that site because I have written articles about prostitution in India (BUT from a social activist perspective) and also because I have a Google Page Rank of 4.

Hence the referral at the side column will show that somebody from has landed on my blog. And of course the pervert will be disappointed that there are no “photographs” and my blog is not what he expected, so he will leave immediately, hence the reason why my blog has a high bounce rate too!

From now onwards, no more public referral list!

And of course my girlfriend’s brother had a ball of a time showing the referral links (above pic) to my girlfriend and telling her that those are the links I regularly visit from my blog, hence the reason why they are displayed on my blog! Grrrrr

Change #3. Hello once again,

Ah. Lolz. Yes, I bought the freaking domain name two years ago. I wanted it to be my personal site with links to my blog page, my twitter feed stream, slideshare link, linkedIn link etc. It’s supposed to be more of my portfolio site, like an online CV.

And guess what. The domain name expired this year and I haven’t done any of the things I was planning to on the site. Lolzzz. And so recently, I re-bought the domain name again. Hopefully this time, I will do what I’m planning to do successfully. Hehehe.

Change #4. Moving the Mizo Blog Directory.

Yes you are hearing this for the umpteenth time. Since more and more Mizo bloggers are sending in their registration for the Mizo Blog Directory I made on my blog, I would really want to move this entire section to a separate domain name.

Two years ago I bought the domain names and but just like, they expired since I didn’t have time to properly develop the sites. I didn’t want to do it in plain HTML and wanted to add a little bit of Ajax or flash designing etc.

This time though, I hope I can be serious about this site.

That’s all for now. Like I said – This is a lame update. Happy Diwali and hope you have a great weekend.


caribou said...

ZOtawngin ka comment mai aw.....
I han sawi dan ah khian comment ah word verification dah kher a tha tihna a ni maw? Khumchiktheia'n "remove daih rawh" min ti a. A thu ka awihlo ngam si lo va. Word verification chu dah leh ta mai ila a that dawn hi. chu i puitlin tawh ngei ang chu.

illusionaire said...

Spam comments a rawn luh loh chuan nia dah duh suh. Comment petu tan a ninawm ve a lawm, word verification thenkhat chhiar a har ropui sia. :)

Maisek said...

Kima, you're the owner of your blog, you can do anything you like with it! Al iz vel!

Eveline said...

I think congrats of a sort are in order for the new domain!!

I'm thinking of buying my own domain too. I am a sucker for minimalistic designs and I find that blogger doesn't have too many of those designs, even though I love the one I currently have very much. I hope to get down to it some day. :)

illusionaire said...

@ Maisek: hehehe all iz well indeed. Thank you :)

@ Eve: Hey, even if you use a blogger domain, you can always change the template completely. :) Requires a little bit of knowledge on HTML etc though. Even I am still using the basic blogger template, and all I did was tweak it a bit.