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Friday, May 10, 2013

Chp 451. RIP Gaddafi

Just six months ago, I wrote a blog post, welcoming our new doll face Persian cat Gaddafi into our family (Hello Gaddafi). Today, I am writing his obituary.

So for the past 5 days, Gaddafi had been suffering from jaundice and liver damage. This was the last picture I took of him three nights ago, asking my friends to wish for his speedy recovery.

We had to feed him through a tube by means of injection. His condition became so bad that we had to admit him to a vet hospital. The hospital was really nice, there were a couple of doctors and nurses everywhere. We even saw Lara Dutta’s cats who were also admitted :)

The doctor hoped that Gaddafi will be better in the next few days. Everything was fine.

And then yesterday morning, around 10 AM, my flatmate got a call from the hospital saying that our dear sweet Gaddafi had stopped breathing and they tried their best to revive him. He went to the hospital immediately to collect his body.

At first we tried to keep it a private affair, discussing only among ourselves on what should be done next, should be cremate him or bury him etc. But then we found it unfair to leave the others out because he was not just our cat. He was the office cat. Everybody in office loved him. He’s still there in our FITH Media webpage, listed as an employee :(

The others soon arrived and we drank to Gaddafi’s memory.

At around 4 AM, we went to an Animal Hospital in Parel in four taxis, where we cremated him amidst many tears and sorrow.

The place even sheltered our 26/11 victim Sheru the dog.

The procession was long and difficult…

The prepared him for the cremation…

The last picture taken of his lifeless body… oh sweet young Gaddafi… :(

The actual cremation process was very quick…

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… and just like that, it was all over… Eerie silence followed…

We decided to drink away our sorrows together, but unfortunately due to the LBT (Local Body Tax) curfew, most of the bars were closed. We finally found one…

We tried our best to laugh, talking about the happy times we’ve spent with Gaddafi. Sometimes it was depressing, but the alcohol made it easier for us to bear the pain…

I must confess, I never used to be a cat person, until I came across Gaddafi. He was so peaceful that anybody could pick him up and cuddle him. He never clawed anybody (unless he suddenly got scared). What a loss it had been. Rest in Peace, sweet Gaddafi. Here is to you. Cheers, love.