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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Chp 733. SCOOP launch

So the other day, SCOOP officially launched their brand of Pork and Red Meat pickles with much glitz and razzmatazz. I was one of the lucky ones to be invited for the private launch event held at Ales, Brews & Cider, Kalyani Nagar.

The pickles are homemade dry pickles made in Northeastern style (Ginger, Garlic, Naga King Chilli, Vinegar etc), so it is bloody tasty and quite spicy.

Even though the current product range covers only Pork and Red Meat for now, there are plans to expand their portfolio to Chicken, Bombay Duck, Bamboo Shoot, Dry Fish and Fermented Fish in the near future.

All of us received a free bottle of the pickle at the event, but many of us opened our bottles and munched on the delicious meat right there at the venue itself because it went so well with the alcohol (perfect seh-hmeh).

A few more photos of the glamorous invitees that night…

Yeah it was definitely a memorable night…

What made this event even more special was that it was also a combined birthday party of Kirripirri and Miss Jungio.

Cake cutting time!

By the way, because of the launch event and birthday events, the food and drinks were all free that night :D Yeah, my kinda partayy :P

Currently, SCOOP ships out around 100 bottles a week, based on the number of orders they receive in advance. They prepare the pickles during the weekends and ship them out on Mondays across Pune, with free home delivery charge.

In addition to the Red Meat and Pork pickles mentioned above, Dry Crispy Fish pickle is also available now for delivery from this week onwards.

To place your order, you can DM them on their Instagram account or comment on their Facebook page. The Pork pickle costs ₹ 300, Red Meat pickle costs ₹ 250 and the newly launched Dry Crispy Fish pickle is available at ₹ 200.

Trust me, there's something about these pickles that really attracts the ladies. It's not just the awesome taste, maybe it's also because of the class and packaging involved…

And speaking of packaging, there are plastic bottle options for those of you outside Pune who wish to place an order.

SCOOP has so far delivered many outstation orders to Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Puducherry, Chennai, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur and Assam.

You just have to pay for shipping charges if your order is less than 5 bottles. Anything above 5 bottles is free shipping! Even if you order less than 5 bottles, the shipping charges come to less than ₹ 200. 

I have already started taking this bottle to office every day and eat it with my lunch order at our office cafeteria, and it is super yum!

So get in touch with SCOOP if you want to place your order too.

Until then, cheers everyone.