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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Chp 746. Moirai

After a long and exhausting business meeting from 8 in the morning till 1 in the afternoon, the young corporate executive decided to have a quick cigarette break before heading to the office cafeteria for lunch.

As he walked down the steep stairs leading to the smoking section situated on the ground floor, his phone rang. It was an unknown number. Nonchalantly, he answered the call.


"Good morning, Sir. I'm calling from Bajaj Insurance. Do you require a Health Insurance…"

"NO I DO NOT WANT A DAMN HEALTH INSURANCE!" He screamed back furiously before hanging up.

He was extremely irritated to receive a spam call while he was so preoccupied with what was discussed in the meeting. He looked at his Truecaller app in disdain, wondering why it didn't identify the bloody call as SPAM. Distracted by his phone, he took one misstep and tumbled down 20 flights of hard marbled steps and steel railings.

As he lay on the ground floor groaning in pain and bleeding profusely from his head with two fractured ribs and multiple torn ligaments… he really wished he had health insurance.