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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Chp 754. Kim Curdashian

Last month, I went an entire week from Monday to Friday on just Curd Rice alone!

As most of us know, Curd rice is considered to be one of the healthiest food in the planet, as it is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, heals stomach upset and improves immunity, cools down the body, increases digestive process, reduces stress and anxiety, and so on.

At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but I really needed to detox from my recent Mizoram vacation filled with daily fatty pork consumption and fermented madness. Plus, it was a great opportunity to discover the restaurants around my house and office that serve good Curd Rice. And so, for a week, I became… Kim Curdashian. :D :P

Here is my documentation.

4th March, Monday.
Pocket Friendly Café, Viman Nagar.

Curd Rice (Full): ₹ 140
Egg Bhurji: ₹ 60
Egg Suicide: ₹ 60

My first Curd Rice order on Monday was from this place called "Pocket Friendly Café" and it was really good. I had it with small portions of Naga King Chilli pickle and it was the perfect match. Since this was the first time I was ordering from this restaurant, I didn't know the quantity, so I ordered another snack called "Egg Suicide" just in case the rice portion was small, and because I really love the name "Egg Suicide". However, it turns out to be just French Toast :D

5th March, Tuesday.
Chutney's, DP Road.

Curd Rice: ₹ 110

My second order was from Chutney's. I've ordered Curd Rice from this restaurant a couple of times before too, so I knew it was going to be tasty. I didn't order any other side dish with it, I just made some pork sausages at home, and devoured them with a sprinkle of Roasted Mizo chilli flakes. So good :)

6th March, Wednesday.
Rajput restaurant, Koregaon Park.

Tadka Curd Rice: ₹ 140
Masala Omelette: ₹ 80
Roasted Papad: ₹ 20

My third Curd Rice order was from Rajput, which is just walking distance from my house. Their style of curd rice is a little bit different as it is enriched with oily tempered seasoning of ground spices (tadka). The above picture may look a bit oily, but it is not so once you eat it (as the oil does not seep through the thick curd).

7th March, Thursday.
Chopsticks Spice Malabar, Viman Nagar.

Curd Rice:  ₹ 120
Roasted Papad (2): ₹ 60

On Thursday, I ordered Curd Rice from Chopsticks, which specialized in Kerala cuisines. Even though their tadka version contained a lot of ground spices, it had less oil compared to the Punjabi version from Rajput restaurant. I had the curd rice and roasted papad with some homemade chillies grinded with fermented shrimps and omelette. Yummmm!

8th March, Friday.
Dakshin Bhavan, Kharadi.

Curd Rice: ₹ 80
Gobi Manchurian: ₹ 90
Pongal Rice: ₹ 80

And finally, to end my week-long Curd Rice diet, I ordered from Dakshin Bhavan on Friday. Since it was just 80 bucks, I was a bit skeptical about the quantity and ordered Pongal Rice as well, but boy was I wrong. It was filling, and the taste was awesome. Their curd rice was also quite unique too, as it had pieces of pomegranate in it! The subtle sweetness was countered well with my King Chillies.

And so that was it, my tryst with Curd Rice. At the end of five days, I lost 3 KGs, all the pimples on my face disappeared, and I definitely felt rejuvenated. I think I might even have gained some X-Ray vision power as well. :P

You should follow such a diet regime too, it is really good for the body. Until my next post then, cheers.