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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Chp 777. Mom's visit - Shopping

Took mom and niece to Dorabjee's on MG Road, and they loved the place!

We were shopping for my sister's bakery stuff, and most of the time we were on video-call as we showed her items on the shelf and she decided if that was what she wanted or not :D

With these new baking equipment, my sister's brownies and other baked stuff are going to be even more delicious. She sells them mostly at the Book Club, and she takes personal orders too.

Looking forward to going home and tasting her famous brownies.

Until my next post then, cheers.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Chp 776. Mom's visit - Out food

As I mentioned in my previous post, I did take my mom and niece out to eat twice. Well, one can't just survive on home-cooked meal all the time :D

The first place I took them to was a restaurant they had been to during their previous visit - Rajdhani @ Phoenix Marketcity. They loved the Rajasthani thaali there so much that it was the first thing mom asked me about when they landed in Pune.

And so, Rajdhani unlimited Rajasthani thaali it was :)

Yup, they loved it! Our plates were filled with the usually unknown names of this and that, most of them sweet, all delicious.

We spent the rest of the day shopping at the mall.

The second time I took them out was to my favourite place in KP - Indigo Delicatessen. On the way we passed a shop called OMA which was my nephew's nickname, and my niece took a pic in front of the shop :D

Indigo Delicatessen.

Fancy Chicken Genovese soup, infused with basil pesto and parmesan. The liquid part of the soup was also served separately.

Garlic potatoes, my niece's favourite. She's a vegetarian by the way :D

I went for the Korean buff bulgogi bowl, served on a bed of sticky jasmine rice.

Mom had the Kung-Pao chicken, served with jasmine rice, parsley and pepper.

My niece went for the vegetarian Mac and Cheese, and she loved it.

Dessert time.

We ordered our desserts from their dessert counter, tasting a couple of ice-cream scoops first before deciding which one to order.

I went for the Strawberry cheese cake, and it was yummm.

And with that, two lovely outings came to an end.

Good stuff.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Chp 775. Mom's visit - Home food

So my mom and niece visited me for a week this month, and I had a great time bonding and spending quality family time. Mom put me on a home-cooked food diet, mostly just veg, and we did eat out only twice.

In this post, I would like to put some of the home-cooked food we had, lolz.

Ahhh… doesn't look very scrumptious compared to my other food posts right? Lolz.

Well, I have a lot of pimples, so mom made me avoid meat, chillies or anything spicy and oily food for a week, and my pimples drastically decreased too.

I avoided alcohol during their entire stay too :D

Ahh.. good times.