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Friday, February 22, 2019

Chp 749. Pre-Wedding Party

As the saying goes, there are three stages of rings in any marriage - Engagement ring, Wedding ring and… Suffering. :D

My dear cousin BTi had just gone through the first phase and I was at home in Aizawl just in time for their Pre-Wedding party!

Family time.

Our family is a lot bigger than the above, but this party was hosted by the groom's side, and so it was just a handful of us from the bride's side at the party. I've been close friends with Joe and Esther, the groom's sister, for a long time, and in fact the two of us were responsible for the two of them getting married :D :P

It was that night one year ago during my short vacation back home that the magic happened. Of course, BTi and Eoma had known each other from before, but on that "fateful" night, I met up with Joe and Esther at Aijal Club, which I blogged about here.

Esther brought her brother Eoma along, and I went as BTi's chaperone.

Eoma was surprised! :D (it's a family inside joke)

However, it was my turn to be surprised when I got the news of their wedding plans earlier this year :)

Surprised as in, not shocking surprised, because I always knew they were perfect for each other. I was surprised because I was so damn good at this cupid game :D

I received the Pre-Wedding party invitation two weeks ago.

Immediately I was like, yo let's do it! I packed my bags and wheeeee… sun-kissed between the Heavens and Earth, on my long flight home from Pune to Kolkata. What a glorious way to wake up.

At Kolkata airport, I waited for my next flight while I updated the group about my location.

Of course, one cannot simply pass by without the traditional mug of chilled Ultra at the airport KF lounge. :P

Thadaaa… finally reached home sweet home.

A very quick facial and makeover at our neighbour's beauty salon because mom told me to find a girlfriend at the party :P

Aaaaand I was ready for the partaaay!

Joe and Esther had booked the rooftop of Hotel Floria, and the place was beautiful!

The dress code for the night was semi-formal for men and black dress for the ladies. I decided to go "Peaky Blinders" ishtyle :D

As Thomas Shelby of Peaky Blinders once said, "Everyone's a whore, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves" (my all-time favourite television series quote) that night I was filled with a lot of confidence to finally meet new people and exchange phone numbers, but alas, those never happened eventually :(

But the party was so much fun. Invited guests queued up to take a picture with the beautiful betrothed couple.

The Goa wedding crowd :)

Oh how I miss our wild days back there [part 1] [part 2]. I think it was during those parties at Goa that Esther realized BTi would be the perfect sister-in-law for her :D

The ceremonial dance of the bride-to-be and groom-to-be…

…which was quickly gate-crashed by the sisters of the bride and groom :D

We were all happy happy :)

A wonderful live music performance by this band called "This Chord". They were bloody awesome!

A few more pics of the crowd taken with my phone. Click on all photos to enlarge to a new tab.

As you can see from above and below, there was a good crowd from ICFAI too, as Eoma is a faculty there along with my sister, Effie Fanai, u Mahumi etc. As the night got older and bolder, their faculty instinct kicked in and they started lecturing to the people sitting in their tables :D Just kidding :P

It was nice meeting Chris Sailo again too [third from right below], and we talked about our UPSC coaching class days and bitched a lot about our common friend and my Delhi "roomie" Maduha :D

Chris came all the way from his table, pulled me to his table, introduced me to his wife, and then he just left me hanging next to their table. I felt like an unobtrusive lamp post so I slowly headed back to my corner :D

Serious conversation with Joe, Don and Zorema. To be frank though, I didn't know most of the people at the party so it was great to stick around with these guys at the corner.

The awesome hostess Esther, who was running around everywhere managing the event. In the middle of all that, she went around with my phone taking photos of each table (all the pics above) for my blog update, since I was too shy to do it.

Esther promised me that she'll introduce me to some of the single ladies at the party, but unfortunately, she was Miss busy-bee throughout the night and so that could not take place, which is understandable because anybody in her shoes would go through the same thing.

Becky arrived quite late, sans Lalrina as he was out of town. She along with Don's wife Puii are Esther's BFFs.

The irritating Dindini :) It was great to finally meet her hubby too, and we caught up a lot on our crazy Delhi days back when I was staying at Zuala's place briefly because I had to apply for my Chilean Visa at the Embassy in Delhi.

Our brother Zuala was truly missed, may he rest in peace, and the two of us talked a lot about him. Those crazy nights of laughter and revelry with Zuala, Janet, Dindini and Fonzie will forever be engraved in my memory. ♥

BTi and Nancy's friends too had a great time at the party.

Let's not forget the awesome people from "Local Beer".

They kept supplying the much thirsty crowd with good ol Local craft beer. I messaged my friend and neighbour Zomawii, owner of "Local", who was supposed to come to the venue too, but she had to cancel in the last minute as her hubby was still busy at work. It must be a very tough life running a brewery, especially now that there is an uncertain future ahead because of the likely scenario of Mizoram returning to the dark Medieval days of Prohibition era again :(

I finally got to meet the one and only Goosh Vangchhia :)

It was also great to meet my senior from Montfort U Zarmawia, and we had a great time catching up on school days and we also had a serious discussion about some of the upcoming business opportunities in and around Mizoram…

Mature discussion? More like drunken dishkashawn! :D

The food was really great too, though to be honest, at the state in which most of us were in that night, I don't think we're qualified to judge the quality of the food :D

My sister and I left towards the end of the party since the next day was our dad's 5th year death anniversary and we had a busy program ahead. The rest of the merry crowd went and continued the party at World Bank Road, or at least that's where they said they were going to go.

All in all, it was a wonderful Pre-Wedding party, and I will be updating my blog soon with the rest of the events regarding the wedding function. So cheers for now, everyone, and thank you Joe and Esther for being such amazing hosts.