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Friday, September 27, 2013

Chp 468. Master of PPT

These past few months, I’ve been making a lot of PowerPoint presentations… around 40% were on gaming industry and statistics research, another 40% on business plan proposals and remaining 20% on new gaming concepts. The sad part is, all 100% of them will not be published online because of their “For Eyes Only” nature. Yeah, they’re all those secret hush hush corporate’ish stuff.

And then I realized, I have also roughly made a couple of PPTs, mostly for my dear friend Rini who blogs at mizogurl. We spoke the other day and I asked her if it was alright for me to upload those PPTs on my slideshare account, mainly to keep my slideshare account active, and also be a part of the internet community that contributes so that one fine day, one person looking for that exact info may find it and be happy :) She was ok with it.

And so, here are some of the PPTs I have uploaded to my slideshare account today, in case it is something you’re interested in reading.

(Ps. In case some of you are new to embedded Slideshare PPTs, it works the same way as embedded YouTube videos. You can simply view the slides by clicking the "play" button, and you can enlarge the PPT by clicking on the “maximize” button on the slide if you think the texts are too small. Also, slideshare is not very mobile-friendly, so the size alignment you see on your phone may not exactly be proper.)

This first slide is an “in absentia” presentation I was invited to present at the UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Narrativizing Cultures of the North East” in Mizoram. My part was a very very tiny part of that seminar, about the “representation of North Eastern culture in the cyber space” part where I was asked to talk about what I have done for the North Eastern community in the digital space, especially when it comes to blogging.

This next one is a very simple PPT I designed for Rini. This is special to me because it’s the first PPT I’ve designed in Mizo! Just to be clear, all the content came from Rini, all I did was the UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) layout design. The PPT is about “The Pilgrim’s Progress”, translated in Mizo, about the moral of the story and it’s implication in modern society. She presented this at the local KTP (Christian Youth Group) function back in Mizoram, and they apparently loved it (Too bad slideshare doesn’t have a “Mizo” option in their language selection, so I just listed it under “all languages”).

And then here is a quick presentation I made for her, about a comparative analysis she did between Folktale and Novel forms of Storytelling when she was doing her Refresher’s Course at Mumbai University. I learnt a lot from this PPT :)


And finally, here’s the last PPT I made for Rini, this one is serious. This is her introductory presentation to her research she presented before a panel of judges. Turns out, they really liked it. Wishing her all the best :)

And so, that was it. Hoping to stay clear of any PPTs for the next few days, lolz. Cheers.
Hope my presentations weren't boring... :P

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chp 467. Every dog has its day

Today is our beagle Saddam’s birthday! He’s one year old today, yayyy! Oh he really had a great time being wished by the entire office, dressed in new clothes and treats after treats bestowed upon him. Somehow, the little dictator who made our life a living hell in his earlier months, realized he was the center of attraction for today. And he really flaunted that.

And I think this blog post is perfectly apt for today, in honor of this cuddly awesome smart (and extremely cunning) mischievous mutt of ours that we love so much. I call this – “12 steps to having the most uncomfortable stomachache”, or, “My dog didn’t eat my homework, but I ate his food”.

1. After spending 4 days in Gurgaon on a business trip, I landed in Mumbai on 16th Sept. It was a late night flight so I reached my apartment around 11:30 Pm

2. My flatmate Sid was having his dinner and was just about to sleep. We said our hi’s and caught up for a few minutes. Sid was eating a "yellow colored" rice and he told me our maid had made awesome pulao for dinner.

3. Around an hour later after I had refreshed and showered (and 3 glasses of Old Monk rum to set the appetite rolling), I went to the kitchen and saw the "yellow rice" in the fridge.

4. I heated it in the microwave without any second thoughts because it never occurred to me that it could have ever been Saddam's food. Saddam's food was always white in color.

5. Unfortunately, while we were in Delhi/Gurgaon for our business meetings, our dear friend Shweta had instructed our maid to add "haldi" (turmeric powder) to Saddam's food! I wasn't aware of that!!! That's why it was freaking yellow!

6. I heated that food, and ate it. It was extremely bland, and tasted a bit "funny" too. The meat tasted kinda raw too, but then, I thought it must be the Old Monk talking. I added our Mizo chilly, made eggs with extra salt etc to make it more digestible etc.

7. I went to sleep.

8. Woke up the next day with a very strange feeling in my tummy.

9. Told my colleagues I might not come in and that I could work from home because I seemed to be farting continuously and running to the loo too, though it wasn’t loosies.

10. The maid knocked on my bedroom door. I opened. She asked me how come Saddam's food got over so fast!

11. She showed me where she had kept Saddam's food, and then she showed me where she had kept the food she made for us, which was on the lower shelf of the fridge! They both looked very similar! Aaarggh... felt like puking immediately upon realization.

12. I stayed in bed the whole day with Saddam giving me that, "You bastard, you ate my food" looks. Went and saw a doctor in the evening and he told me it was not serious, and that my stomach was upset because I had raw meat and the food could have been stale. Yeah, he really tried to put on a straight face as he told me that.

Lolz, I know this may sound funny to y'all, but trust me, it's not something you want happening to you! And of course, the jokes kept coming in office for more than a week. Who let the dogs out. Snoop doggy dogg. A man’s best friend is Kima.  Woof woof. You went to a doctor, or a vet? Blah blah blah.

Heh. It’s ok, I’m cool with it. The bigger question is, are YOU cool enough to eat your dog’s food? :P

Happy birthday dear Saddam. Cheers :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chp 466. Mother of all Coincidences!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, this blog post is about the most coincidental coincidence of all coincidences I have ever come across. And for all of it to take place in the same journey really blew my mind.

So, after meeting up with my blog friend Suzz at DLF Promenade, I went back, packed, and left for the airport with my good friend and fellow Co-Founder of FITH Media - Sumeet.

Coincidence #1.

We reached the airport quite early. Now I have come across a few Mizos now and then serving as a flight attendant or even a pilot. After all, more and more Mizos are now working across various sectors outside Mizoram. But I have never met a Mizo working in the front desk of an airport (other than at Mizoram airport of course, duh).

So as Sumeet and I handed our tickets and IDs to the cute Indian Airlines employee at Delhi’s T3 terminal, she looked at my ticket and sweetly asked, “Mumbai lamah maw in kal dawn?” (You guys are heading to Mumbai?). Yeah I was shocked for a moment, but then, I’m a man of composure, right? So I calmly replied, “Aw Mumbai ah. In buai em tunlai hi?” (Yes Mumbai. Is your work hectic these days?). And of course now it was Sumeet’s turn to be shocked, and we both laughed and continued speaking in Mizo while translating it in English to him. It felt great actually as this was something I’ve never done before. “Flight an delay lovang tiraw?” (The flights are not delayed right?), “Mumbai a i rawn zin chuan mi rawn phone la?” (I really like the service Indian Airlines offers) :P

And then we said our “Mangtha’s” and headed for the Security Check-in. Of all the different Airlines we could have flown that day and all the IA counters at T3 terminal, what were the chances of me walking to probably the only front desk manned by a Mizo? Fascinating. Damn I really should have taken a picture of her (that is, if she didn’t mind of course).

Coincidence #2.

So since we had a lot of time in our hands, Sumeet and I headed straight for the bar :D But not to repeat the mistake we made when we flew from Mumbai to Delhi, where we sat at Kingfisher’s “Good Times Bar” inside the airport and Sumeet had a large JD and I had a large Old Monk and the bill came up to Rs. 2200 and Rs. 800 respectively! Man, that really burnt a hole in our wallets.

And so we found this really awesome place called the “Grid Bar” on the first floor, where alcohol was not only cheaper but they had a 1+1 offer too! Yeah screw you Kingfisher :P Plus it had a really nice ambience too.

By the time we boarded, Sumeet and I were both quite tipsy :) And I guess the worst thing about flying under the influence is when we have to go to the loo.

And so the moment the seat-belt sign was switched off after taking off, I dashed to the loo immediately. They were all occupied by the time I got there, so I waited.

Suddenly the flight attendant called out from behind, “Excuse me?”

Thinking I was blocking the food tray, I immediately stuck myself flat to the wall of the loo.

Again she called out, “Excuse me?”

And so I turned around. The flight attendant asked me, “Are you Kima?”

I was like…. huh? I couldn’t speak for a fraction of a second and I just nodded my head.

She smiled and said, “Hi I’m Emanuelle…”

Immediately my neurons and deuterons activated and accelerated wildly inside my brain racking ever nerve cells with electrifying power trying to recollect who she was -> Emmanuelle, yes that name sounds familiar. Is it somebody I know personally? Cross-referring that name with all the people I personally know. Cross-referring. Cross-referring. Cross-referring. Nopes, definitely not somebody I know personally. Wait a minute, her face is familiar too. Where have I seen her before. Oh YES, Facebook. So she is my Facebook friend. Now I remember her friend request notification, I think it was around March. Yes March, that was when I wrote that article about the Mumbai Police tea incident. So she is a Mumbaikar. Yes, definitely a Mumbaikar, now I remember seeing her in faded blue jeans and white top once, and a few other pics at various locations in Mumbai. She likes to post photo of food too… Songate. Yes that is it, Songate. Her name is Emanuelle Songate!

All those activities took place in my head in a matter of micro seconds and I replied immediately, “Ahhhh… Emanuelle Songate right?” :D :P

She grinned and shook my hand, “Wow really glad you know who I am. I love that article of yours about the Mumbai Police.”

“Thank you thank you “, I said with a blush, “And it’s really good to finally meet you in person.”

And so for the rest of the flight, we sat in the empty seats in the last row and we had a really really good conversation, talking about Mizo welfare, Hmar welfare, Mizoram, food, parties etc etc. We took a couple of pics too before I went back to my seat just before we landed.

Sumeet told me that was the longest dump anybody ever took inside a plane, lolz. See, what’s the probability of me meeting a Facebook friend in the same flight? Almost zero right? Really glad I made a new friend (though technically we were already “Facebook friends”). Good flight indeed.

Now you wait for the final coincidence. It’s freaky actually!

Coincidence #3.

So Sumeet and I made our way into the plane. We had two adjacent seats, he got the window seat and I got the middle seat. Guess who was assigned the aisle seat in our row?

Geetansh Bamania!

He’s a very good friend of ours, he works for this company called “Hope Monkey”. Their office and our office are in the same building, on the same floor. So we used to meet regularly on our cigarettes break and even partied together many times. He had even slept over at our apartment a couple of times when he was too drunk to go home.

Dayyyyymmmmm what were the chances of that ever happening!!!!???? The moment we all saw each other, we were all like “What the F*ckkkkk???? You’re sitting here???” loudly, forgetting about etiquette and decency for a brief moment.

Man, that was really crazy. We had no idea he was in Delhi, neither did he. We booked our tickets separately, and our seats were allocated by different people. And to end up in the same freaking row, was something really unbelievable. I mean, yeah, we could have ended up in the same flight which was a huge coincidence enough, but the same freaking row? Mannnn, that was too much.

So we landed in Mumbai around 11 PM, and we all made our separate ways from the airport. That was the most coincidental flight I have ever taken in my life.

I reached home around 11:30 PM, and something even crazier took place there. Watch my next upcoming blog post for that :) Until then, cheers y’all.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chp 465. Gurgaon journal - Sept 13, 2013

The past three days we were in Gurgaon for a couple of business meetings. The meetings really went well, and we celebrated every night :P

Back when I was in Delhi, I used to visit Gurgaon occasionally and that too just for the parties and then head back to Delhi. I’ve never actually stayed there, and man, it was actually very beautiful!

We stayed in this really awesome apartment with a breathtaking view overlooking the Golf course. 27th floor. Yup, we were definitely high all the time :P

And yup, the centralized AC apartment came with a lot of high-tech gizmos like one of those luxurious rain waterfall showers, a well stocked mini bar, and a full body massager chair.

Many of the office buildings had quite unorthodox structures too, which I guess, gave Gurgaon its own distinct identity.

And of course our day wouldn’t be complete without smiling at the typos :D

And no matter how advanced the city seemed and how posh and up-market the buildings and societies we went to were, none of the high-rises had a 13th floor!

Triskaidekaphobia too much? But then again, who am I to compare superstitions because most buildings here in Mumbai including the Bombay Stock Exchange don’t have a 13th floor either.

Fashion makeover

So after two days and three nights of endless meetings and discussions in Gurgaon, we were finally all set to fly back to Mumbai. I decided to make use of my remaining time and so I finally got to meet my good blog friend Suzz in person.

She blogs at Mawipui Loves. She is currently a NIFT student, blogs mainly about fashion, has an opinionated insights about almost anything ranging from culture and society to politics and religion, and she’s just 19! She is fiery and feisty, a hardcore foodie and a devoted Christian.

We met up at DLF Promenade and after an hour of window shopping, we had lunch at L’Opera.

Quite an expensive place, but it’s definitely one of the best bakery/pastry shops I’ve ever been to here in India. And having to spend some time there with the immaculate Suzz was totally worth it :) Although I must put a disclaimer here that she currently has a boyfriend :P

Here is she posing with her favorite Macaroons - pistachio and raspberry flavored. Heavenly taste indeed.

Some of the other awesome food that we had. Definitely a 5/5 stars rating for everything we ordered.

After lunch, we talked about fashion. I told her I don’t know much about fashion and style, and she looked at me from my feet to my head and solemnly said, “I can tell”. :P

She said my sense of fashion is soooo August 2013, that I must keep myself continuously updated. Just kidding :P She didn’t say such stuff, but yeah her passion in fashion is obvious if you visit her blog.

I told her I wanted to buy new shoes and she was more than eager to take me shopping to select for me. All my life, I have always bought shoes from Bata, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma etc. These were the brands I knew and was comfortable with. And I can't tell the difference between good and bad shoes.

I have also never set foot inside brand outlets such as Zara, Aldo, Bluefly, Marks & Spencers, S.Oliver etc. to buy shoes, and that’s exactly where Suzz took me! Such a new experience for me. She made me try on various shoes and loved a lot of them.

“You’re not only the Co-Founder of your own gaming company, you’re also still a bachelor. Never forget that. You need to improve your fashion taste and level up your league if you want to stay in the game”, she wisely told me! :) Oh she is indeed a gem.

Finally, we decided upon these two shoes from Zara. Not bad aye? My first two non-Sporting franchise branded casual shoes! :)

We hung out for some more time after that, took a few more selfies together to remember the moment and finally she left as she had to attend the Mizo Church service held at Green Park.

I went back to pack and we left for the airport at 6 pm.

It was indeed a very memorable trip to Gurgaon, having such a kickass successful meeting regarding business, and also finally having to meet an online friend in real life. Cheers.

Next upcoming post: The most coincidental coincidence of all coincidences!

You don’t wanna miss that! :) :)

Monday, September 09, 2013

Chp 464. Lessons from a Start-Up – 1

It’s been 9 months now since we started our own company. Nine months of an extreme roller-coaster ride. Nine months of successes, coupled with itsy-bitsy failures. Nine months of trial-and-error experiments.  Nine months of risks, especially with the rupee value drastically falling and many Investors pulling out from an unstable Indian market because they prefer to invest in the dollar instead. Nine months of pivoting and adjustments.

I have learnt a lot in these nine months. Some learnings that would make me a better entrepreneur, and some learnings that made me regret about a few decisions we’ve taken. But nevertheless, learnings.

After all, that is the whole point of being a Start-Up, especially in an ever evolving industry. We learn, we lose some, we gain some, yet we keep adapting. We keep surviving.

I know there are already a lot of really good articles about lessons learnt from a Start-Up. I am not going to repeat the same thing that’s already out there, nor can I match the insight they have. But one of the biggest changes I have noticed in my personal life compared to the corporate life I used to dwell in, are the work hours.

There is no such thing as the “Monday Blues” anymore.


I remember back in my corporate days, we would complain so much about the Monday blues. We would even post memes and gif images about it. But once you’re a Start-Up, there is no such thing as the Monday blues, purely because Monday is not a significant day any longer. After working from Monday to Friday, you eventually go to office on Saturday and Sunday as well. So Monday just becomes another normal day in your hectic timetable of trying to succeed in this competitive world.

Likewise, there is no such thing as TGIF. Hell if we want, we can make any day TGIF –> TGIM, TGIT, TGIW, TGIS. If we feel like we’ve been burning out too much, we just take the next day off. And I’m sure that is what most Start-Ups go through too.

Of course in the long run if when we become successful and turn into a full fledge functional organization, there will be rules laid down. There will be designated holidays and workdays. There will be a proper HR system. There will be a list of holidays mailed to every employee. There will be a reason to celebrate TGIF and a reason to hate the Monday Blues.

But as of now, I am in a “never experienced before phase” about all this, and it actually feels great. Let me try to make the best out of this before it changes.

And this is why I find it a tad funny now looking at all my Facebook friends complaining about the end of a long three-day weekend (today being Ganpathi Chaturthi). Or some of my Mizo friends rejoicing about a “bandh” in Mizoram tomorrow. Such sentiments I actually do not feel. They are irrelevant. Guess those are the changes one goes through when starting one’s own business.

Maybe in the future I’ll get to revel in such joys again.

But as of now, its back to the grind, regardless of whether this entire week had been declared a holiday or there’s a Zombie Apocalypse.

Here’s to Start-Ups. Cheers.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Chp 463. Heroes of Destiny - A review

I’ve been playing Glu’s popular mobile game “Heroes of Destiny” for quite some time now and even spent more than 8000 bucks on In-App Purchase so far. And just recently, I was so disappointed with the gameplay that I wrote a long review about it via a PPT presentation on slideshare, ranting about why I’ll never play HoD or any of Glu’s games again.

And to my surprise, I got a notification the next day from slideshare saying that my PPT was currently one of the most talked-about slideshare presentations on Facebook, and it was even featured on the homepage of slideshare! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a topic I thought not many would be interested in knowing about, but there were already 200 views in just two days.

So if you’re in the gaming industry and interested in today’s gaming insights and reviews, please do go through my presentation and lemme know what you think :)

Here’s my review below.