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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chp 399. Birthday at AER

I’ve been EXTREMELY busy this past one month, but I cannot mention the reason why I was busy yet… Maybe on my next blog update when I have the green signal to announce whatever I’ve been up to for the past one month, I will do so then…

Meanwhile, here is me just updating my blog for the sake of updating.

Yesterday, 21st April, was my birthday :-)

I flew down from Delhi to Mumbai on 20th night right after a hectic meeting with clients, and went directly from the Airport to AER, where the CEO of my company had organized a birthday party for me!

He purposely made AER the venue for my birthday bash because he knows how much I hate AER, purely because of the reason that it is uber expensive. One freaking drink of Old Monk costs 2000 bucks over there (!), and I have always refused to go with my colleagues to AER because of that.  That’s where all the who’s who of Mumbai’s Page 3 and lah-di-dah society hang out.

Even if people were planning to treat me, I just couldn’t picture myself drinking Old Monk with such an exorbitant and outrageous price. Until two nights ago, that is…


In fact, Sidharth, the CEO of WebChutney (where I work), refused to tell me the location of the birthday party he was throwing for me, but I had a sneaking suspicion it was at AER. And once we reached the place, I really couldn’t say no anymore because after all, it was my birthday party and we were there. :-)

I didn’t take that many pics, especially since I was a little bit self-conscious and didn’t wanna be THAT dude clicking pictures of all the celebs around, if you know what I mean.

At Four Seasons.

The ticket - ok the background pics were honestly unintentional.

The loo :-P

A view of Bandra-Worli sea link from the 34th floor terrace

My cake :-)

I remember sharing pictures of Naga Chilies (from my phone) with a producer of NDTV Good Times, who was this really adorable chick with a bob cut. She won my heart with her charm… daymmm I forgot her name :-(

Through Sid’s friend P, I got to meet a lot of high society people, all wishing me a very happy birthday. The highlight of the night was definitely when the oh-so-ever-cute Shenaz Treasurywala turned up and hugged me a happy birthday!!!

[This pic was not taken that night :P - Source]

She was sooooo sweet and nice… Had a really good time hanging out with her, listening to her, making her laugh to my corny jokes etc, though most of it is hazy…

But I do remember getting inside Shenaz’s car since AER closed at 1am, and we all went to a couple of other places. I don’t remember much because I was having such a blast, but Sid assured me the next day that I didn’t do anything stupid with Shenaz or the other celebs (lolz). One of the places we went to was Blue Frog, and frankly speaking, I don’t remember how we got there, what we did there, and where we went from there, but the next day I was going through my phone and I found this video…

Lolz, I really don’t remember taking this vid at all!!!

All in all, it was an AWESOME birthday, and a HUGE THANKS to Sidharth for throwing me that monster party. You are the bestest CEO everrrrr! :-)

Having a HUGE hangover the next day was definitely worth it! Ahhhh… :-)