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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Chp 795. The year ahead

First of all, a very happy New Year to you all! I know it's almost the end of January now, but better late than never. :D

Ahhh what a long month this January feels like, right? It just seems to be going on and on and on forever! Or maybe I just feel this way because this is the first time in 30 years that I am actually staying in Mizoram for the entire month of January and not rushing back to my rented apartment someplace else.

I no longer need to take a flight from Aizawl back to my city of residence, which would usually take me an entire day, reach my single lonely cold bachelor apartment in the dead of the night from the airport, join work the very next morning, and that entire day is spent keeping up with all the things I have missed out for the past 3-4 weeks, like new projects undertaken, current projects statuses, new employees orientation, changes people had made on my documentations, me fighting back at the people who changed my docs etc etc., not to mention the sudden change in climate, language, cuisine and dining time. To be honest, coming home to Mizoram for a short vacation had always been tiring and never felt like a real vacation.

However, now that I no longer need to do any of those, I finally get to enjoy what a vacation in Mizoram truly feels like! In fact, I am still in vacation mode right now, lolz.

So far, the main highlight of my two months here in Mizoram is of course my pimples. As I have mentioned in my earlier blog post, my pimples flared up after reaching Mizoram and I was under heavy facial treatment for a couple of weeks (Dr. Mathlengi). I am now currently cured of all pimples (yaayy) and am following a different medication to remove the scars.

So what I mostly do the whole day is stay at home and watch Netflix, or make stupid memes like this, lolz. I call this - Bad fermented versus Good fermented. :P

I have also slowly started going out again, and I look forward to updating my blog with a lot of activities around the city. I have eaten dinner from 5 different caterers so far, and will be updating my blog with the food pic and review along with their contact numbers. There are also a lot of wonderful places I am looking forward to visit and review on my blog, which also includes going on a road-trip across Mizoram (and parts of Myanmar), so stay tuned because this year is going to be exciting!

I'm also planning to go on my first ever "nula rim" here in Aizawl, something I have never experienced in my life before. It is an ancient Mizo tradition of guys going to a girl's house to woo here, and I too wanna know what that feels like (only problem though, is I don’t know who to rim or how to rim). Yup, things are definitely going to get hot in here! :D

So keep checking back here for updates, I'll be seeing you around. Laters, everyone, cheers. Mizohican out.