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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Chp 40. da Resurrexion!!

What do you think was the first thing on Lazarus' mind when he was brought back to life? Boy it sure feels good to be alive once again? Well, thats exactly whats on my mind right now. Boy it sure feels good to blog once again.

I haven't updated my blog in a loooong time. Many reasons. To keep a long dramatical story short, lemme just brief you all on what happened since my last post. Will keep it as short n sweet as possible. Completed my summer internship, flew back to IIMB, bad news, academic results not up to mark, got chucked out, depressed, appealed, PGP Committee, Director hearing, Board of Governor meeting, faculty review board, closed room discussion, verdict, accepted back into the Institute, rejoiced, celebration, treats, party, party, party, party, class commence, studies, tests, exams, assignments, party, basketball match, tests, assignments, party.

Its been one heck of a month since coming back here. Thanx a lot to everybody who continued visiting my blog. I've been really busy because of the above mentioned incidents. I would really love to reply to your comments at my "sonargachi" post (some of them really smart-assed comments too) but guess now the fire has died down :) Anyway thanx a lot wimpy, mihir, jam, nirav, chaichat, poweryogi, rikhi, vin, wiseorotherwise, jerry, chiru, ronnie, kaashyapeya etc. for all your comments.

After I got the news that i had to leave this place, well, I was devastated ofcourse, but at the same time, I looked at life on a broader perspective. Because after working in BP for just 2 months, I realised this is what i am meant to do. Finally in life I have found something I truly enjoy doing that is not related to basketball, designing, clubbing or drinking. If you have read my earlier post you'd know that I wanted to quit (around 2nd semester) and I even talked to the PGP Chairperson about this. Thats why I never had the real motivation to study anymore bcoz I thought I was doing something that I am not meant to do. But I wanted to work in an Organization, so I completed my 1st year with minimum marks. And then work I did, and found out I fit in so well, but alas, it was too late as my marks were too low and I did not qualify, hence I had to leave this Insti. Now what? An incomplete MBA degree, but what I have learnt here definitely made me complete. Its not the degree that IIMB offer which I will miss the most. It occured to me that what I will miss the most if i have to leave would be the time I spent with everybody here. In a way, this has completely changed me. Anyway, my appealing procedure went on for 2 weeks! While most of the other students who were also undergoing this appealing process were all tensed up and nervous, yours truly decided to face my fate like a man and instead spent my two weeks hanging out with my frens. Every single nite we all went out, checking out new restaurants and pubs. I went to that new disc on intermediate road, Fabulous, went to Taika over and over again (ClubX is still closed), The Club, Peco's, Mojo, 100 feet restaurant, Little Italy, Casa Picola, Magnolia, Jeffrey's, Oasis, Bunkers, Cosmo Village, etc etc...

After 2 weeks, I was finally informed that the Institute has reviewed my past performances and allowed me to continue! Praise the Lord. Got sloshed that night. And then I was busy catching up with Acads etc... its backto the grind once again. But this time I am not going to screw things up again. More updates coming up soon....