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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Chp 751. BTi's wedding

It’s been more than a month now since my dear cousin BTi got married. Since I was extremely busy with work, here is me finally updating some of her wedding pics on my blog. :)

On the eve of the wedding, relatives and friends were busy getting the next day's wedding program ready...

..while we were upstairs deciding which tie to wear :D

BTi's wedding gown :)

She so excited :) Her last night at her bed.

The next morning was make-up time. Hlimi did a wonderful job with the make-up for both the bride and the bridesmaid. I was chased out of the room and prohibited from taking any photos :D

Mash later sent me all these make-up pics since I was chased out :D Mash prepping up.

Thaadaaa, ready to get married...

The ceremonial walk down the stairs.

And off BTi went with the best man on her way to Church, as we also started getting ready.

Mom was so excited about the wedding that she forgot I was still upstairs in my room and freaking locked me in the house! They were waiting for me in the car and I had to call my sister and tell them that I was locked up.

Mom and sis at Zarkawt Presbyterian Church.

BTi and uncle entering the Church.

The wedding ceremony was short and sweet. The pastor delivered a really good sermon as well.

With the bride's side cousins photo.

With my two nieces Muani and Hmaii.

With Nancy and Utsav.

The wedding dinner was held at Babutlang Basketball court.

Great food indeed, though it was really early for dinner, lolz.

Esther and Joe enjoying the food.

Zodini in action :)

Live band playing at the side.

Finally it was time for the newlyweds to eat :)

With the make-up artist Mahlimi Hmar.

BTi on her way to her consummation bedroom :P

Hehe what was I doing in the below picture? :P

So that was a wonderful wedding indeed, and a tiring one as well. I’m glad it had been a really memorable one. Here's me wishing the couple many many happy years ahead. Cheers everyone.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Chp 750. BTi Wedding Man-ei

DATE: 12th February, Tuesday.
VENUE: Aijal Club.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog update, it was a ball celebrating my cousin BTi's pre-wedding party.

And as time moved on, it was time for BTi's "Man-ei" ceremony, where the bride is bought for a price and the a part of that money is distributed among relatives and close family friends.

My cousin U-Hlimpuii and her peeps were in charge of decorating the venue the previous night, and they did a damn good job at it.

The next morning, BTi was getting ready for her big event and her stylists were in her room grooming her to be sold off :)

We reached Aijal Club around 2 in the afternoon. It was so great meeting and catching up with all my cousins.

My adorable nieces :)

While all we cousins were hanging outside and having great fun, the eldest of our families were inside the ceremony hall as they were all part of the "man-ei".

The groom-to-be is usually not allowed to be at such venue, except when some of the relatives of the bride who had travelled from far towns want to meet him if they can't make it for the wedding. In that case, Eoma drove to the venue immediately when he was requested to come.

Zodini, the famed wedding videographer :)

Yeah, she did manage to turn around just in time before I slyly took a scandalous photo of her with my phone :D

Zodini is special to me because she's not just my second-cousin from my mom's side, she's also my second-cousin from my dad's side! :D How bow dah indeed. Two totally different and unrelated family lineage entwining and out comes Zodini :D

With Zodini and Dina grafix.

And finally, it was dinner timeeee!

I'm still laughing as I type this because it was just 3:40 PM when we started queuing up for the "dinner" buffet. :D Aaaahhhh… only in Mizoram, lolz.

Yummy food indeed, catered by Curry Pot. Pork with bamboo-shoot and mushroom cooked in Chinese style, Chicken curry and Mattar Paneer cooked in Indian style, along with boiled Mizo veggies.

There were two buffet queues to handle the crowd.

My plate :)


Flower time. As all the guests left, we cousins stayed back and helped with the clearance. We carefully hauled back most of the flowers back to our vehicles as they were to be used to decorate our Church.

Reached home late that night. All in all, it was a very memorable Man-ei event, and an update on the wedding is coming up :)

Cheers for now.