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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Chp 869. Two Months without WhatsApp

It's been more than 2 months now since I stayed off WhatsApp.

Not by choice though. Long story short - my phone suddenly died without any warning. A permanent death. I bought a new phone and synced all my data (contacts, apps, google pics, etc) to it. However, the last time I did a "cloud backup" of my WhatsApp data was more than 3 years ago!

Yeah, that was stupid of me.

If I install WhatsApp on my new phone now, I won't be able to retrieve the past 3 years' data as it is lying as a "local backup" in my dead phone. And with the battery and USB charging port of my old phone no longer functioning, the only way to retrieve that local backup file (without dismantling my phone and accessing the hard drive by brute force) is to replace the battery and USB port (which involves some amount of dismantling as well, but not as complicated).

Call me sentimental, but I like to treasure past moments. Those 3 years' data are precious to me, especially the part when I quit my job in the corporate sector and all the messages my girlfriend and I exchanged. Installing WhatsApp on my new phone without that will create a completely new backup file without any of those messages.

And yes, XDA developers forum did post a method to merge two different local backups, but the process is quite complicated, so I've decided to wait until I can retrieve my old backup file before I start using WhatsApp again.

Hence, the reason why I'm not on WhatsApp for more than 2 months now.


Since I'm not on WhatsApp, some of you might assume that I'm being arrogant or inchhuang for not replying to your messages (not that I receive many messages anyway).

I received a few calls from friends and cousins during the past 2 months, asking me why I didn't reply to their messages on WhatsApp. My dear childhood friend and neighbour Muansanga (from our RYDERS group) even confronted me the other day while I was shopping for groceries at our local market, sternly asking me why I had blocked him on WhatsApp! :D

Once again, I had to explain that I didn't block anyone or ignore any messages.

The Solution:

Replacing a phone battery and other components is not as easy as it once used to be. Remember the good old days of monophonic ringtones and Nokia 3310 when we could just remove our phone battery any time we want? Good times.

Most smartphones of today no longer have a detachable battery, because having an integrated battery helps in making the phone slimmer, lighter, tighter, faster, cheaper and safer. A small price to pay for technological improvement.

The downside is that the only way to replace a phone battery now is to:

(1.) Give it to a repair shop or authorized service centre (which I don't feel secure about because of the amount of sensitive data and passwords stored in my phone)

(2.) Go to a friend who knows how to do this and ask him to replace it in front of you (which is hard for me because I don't know such people, and even if I do, commute is restricted by the lockdowns and my work at the farm)

And finally (3.) Do it yourself by purchasing a new battery and watching YouTube tutorials on how to replace it (which is again risky because it isn't a very simple procedure, and most of the batteries sold online are unreliable. On top of that, online shopping deliveries to Mizoram were also closed for many months due to the pandemic and Assam border issue)

Because of all those hassles, I'm living life without WhatsApp for now.

So, how does it feel like to live without WhatsApp?

I know, this question may seem ridiculous or even sound privileged, but the fact is, unlike other social media networks, WhatsApp has become a necessity today.

One can stay away from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media if you really want to, as they are just additional entertainment and distractions to your life (unless you're using them as the main source of communication for your start-up venture). There may be some amount of FOMO - the Fear Of Missing Out, but it is not that big of a deal to disconnect or deactivate one's account.

However, WhatsApp has been integrated so deeply into our daily lives now that it has become almost impossible to live without it. Today, WhatsApp is the number 1 messaging app used globally, and according to statisca, there are more than 2 billion active users every month.

In India alone, there are currently more than 390 million active users on WhatsApp according to backlinko, and the total number of Indians on WhatsApp including the not very active ones is estimated to be more than 500 million.

I still remember when WhatsApp was first launched in India back in 2010. That was during the dark era of Blackberry supremacy, when BB users would look down upon us Android fanboys, mocking us with their irritating and snobbish voices in a demeaning way.

They were so freaking proud of their BBMs (their Blackberry exclusive messenger service), talking about it at almost every opportunity they came across. Pitch meeting? BBM. Football match? BBM. Romantic dinner? BBM. Funeral rites? BBM. I'm sure that was what Blackberry users used to scream out during sex too, "Ahhhh... OMG... I'm coming... BBM... BBM... BBM!!!"

And so you can imagine my joy when WhatsApp was launched for us Android users, the geeky minority. But back then, in 2010, it wasn't popular yet. In fact, I only had FOUR contacts to chat with on WhatsApp for a very long time! Two of them were my colleagues at work (Vishnu and Abbas, my fellow Android brothers-in-arm at office) and the other two were my Mumbai Mizo friends TBC-a and Mapuia (MBA-a).

That was it. Just 4 people to chat with on WhatsApp. :D

Yeah, WhatsApp had come a long way since then.

Today it is so difficult to stay away from WhatsApp. It's no longer about socializing and leisure chit-chat timepass, people are now actually using it for work and other official purposes.

As cheaper smartphones and affordable data plans penetrate even the most rural corners of our country, WhatsApp's user base is growing at an exponential rate. Even back at my farm in Neihbawih, all my neighbouring farmers including the daily labourers and farmhands all use WhatsApp now.

In fact, I swear I saw some of the cows and pigs around my farm chatting on WhatsApp the other day. :P

Jokes aside, the popularity of WhatsApp within our Mizo community is astronomical.

Almost everybody is on multiple WhatsApp groups here in Mizoram today, from the different Church-based groups to YMA groups, family groups, association groups, department groups, union groups, trade groups, office groups, student groups, teacher groups, information groups, initiative groups, etc etc., not to mention the thousands of friendship-based groups. Any news or information is quickly transmitted through this medium.

Even in my locality Chaltlang, all important information like the distribution of ration or gas, funeral announcement, vaccination drive, latest CoVid-19 news, and lockdown SOPs are all announced through our "official" locality WhatsApp groups.

So yes, I am missing out on ALL that because of my exclusion from WhatsApp. I have become so out of touch with the latest Mizoram news or gossips that I'm feeling like a hermit living in a cave. But at the same time, I've never experienced this much peace and tranquillity in a looong time too. Ignorance is bliss, they say. How true.

Like for example, I only learned about the recent Mizoram-Assam border clash 2-3 days later, lolz. And by the time I caught up with the news and wrote my 3-part blog post series debunking the lies made against Mizoram, the situation was already resolved and people had already moved on to other topics, lolzzz.

Yeah, that was sad.

But there is one reason I'm quite relieved about not being on WhatsApp, and that is the rise of the "WhatsApp uncles and aunties". These are people who forward blatant lies and distorted facts at the touch of a button without making any attempt to verify them first, all because it is "easy to do so".

I've been on Twitter long enough to know that this is a trend across not just India but worldwide as well. We mockingly call such people "WhatsApp University graduates". :D

The amount of misinformation such people spread through WhatsApp is astonishing. And I'm not just talking about people forwarding this fake news to their respective groups. Some of them actually take the time to translate such nonsense to Mizo, word by word, sometimes spanning 30-40 paragraphs, and then forward them to different Mizo groups. Damn.

Yeah, some people really do have too much time in their hands. Literally.

I'm just glad I don't have to read all those misinformation because of my hiatus from WhatsApp, as I sometimes tend to get "triggered" on reading such absurd lies. It's extremely relieving to stay away from all that, to be honest. And yes, there's a term for that apparently, and it's called JOMO - the Joy Of Missing Out.

[image credit: The Oatmeal]

Online delivery to Mizoram had finally opened again last week and I ordered a new OnePlus 6 battery (BLP657) and USB Charging Board Port Flex Cable, along with a tool kit comprising of suction, magnetizer, demagnetizer and set of anti-static screwdrivers. Let's hope the battery and charging port aren't defective, fingers crossed.

There's a rumour going on that OnePlus will be offering free battery replacement, but I'm sure this will take some more time even if it's true, and anyway, there are currently no OnePlus outlets in Mizoram, so this is a useless announcement for me.

If all goes well, I will be back on WhatsApp again soon. Hoping to see you all on my next post. Stay blessed and take care, everyone.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Chp 868. Assam-Mizoram dispute: Lies and Facts-3

Previous posts:

This is the third and final part of this series. It's quite difficult for me to juggle between writing about this issue (where good internet is required) and working at my farm in Neihbawih (where there is extremely poor data connection).

Hence the reason why most of my posts are late. I won't even be sharing this third part on social media, but I'm just putting it on my blog for future reference as all the damaging lies about Mizoram are still out there.

The situation between the two states has vastly improved during the past few days, with both sides meeting for talks, cancelling their FIRs against each other and withdrawing their travel advisories. The "unofficial" Assam economic blockade has been lifted as well, albeit a few incidents of vandalism at Lailapur, which has gone largely unreported by national media.

Even if both states completely mend their fences (which is what everybody in the North East wants), the next time any incident involving Mizoram happens again (which can be related to any issue), all this disinformation about Mizoram will go viral once more. That's why it is very important to put all these facts out here for anyone to read.

So without wasting any more of your time, here's the last lie about the Assam-Mizoram border dispute.

Lie #12. "Violence happened because of drugs".

Finally, here it comes. The drugs angle.

Ahh, well played, HBS, well played indeed.

It is no secret that Mizoram faces a drug problem. That part is true. However, this is a problem faced by all Northeastern states as well, not just Mizoram, due to our porous borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Every NE state is doing their best to combat this menace. Drug trafficking is one of the main sources of income for insurgent groups across the North East [source: Indian Army], so this very fact puts a big dent on the claim that Mizoram is a major player on illicit drugs, as there are no insurgent groups in Mizoram.

Assam officials even went on to claim that Assam had seized many drugs coming from Mizoram (where was such news before the incident?) and that Assam Police had caught many drug peddlers from Mizoram (who are these unknown Mizos, and again, where was such news before 26/7?).

HBS then declared a compulsory checking of ALL vehicles moving from Mizoram to Assam.

This is nothing but a gross misuse of power and exploitation of authority. What guarantee is there that Mizos will not face harassments on such searches? What if all their clothes and other belongings packed in their bags are thrown out mercilessly on the muddy road and any signs of protest met with violence?

This can also mean that Mizo students passing through Assam can no longer take their much cherished local food back to their hostels, as their pickle jars containing Mizo delicacies can be shattered into pieces under the pretext of "searching for drugs" and their smoked pork & fermented soybeans confiscated on suspicion of being beef.

I'm not saying Assam officials will definitely do those things. Assamese are good people and our relationship with them has always been good (other than the border dispute of course). But considering the timing and vindictive nature of this order, who's to say those things won't happen either?

Meanwhile, Mizoram has a different story to tell.

According to various reports from Mizoram Police, while Heroin and Ganja are indeed usually confiscated at the Myanmar border, around 80% of Meth (Methamphetamine) that had been confiscated in Mizoram so far is from Assam border. This is one of the many news in the recent past where Meth dealers from Assam were caught by Mizoram Police.

Apart from Meth, Mizoram's State Excise and Narcotics Commissioner Pu Ngurchungnunga Sailo stated that all Proxyvon Spasmo (another dangerous opioid) seized in Mizoram had all come from Assam entirely.

According to DIPR Press Release, in the past 10 years, 1.05 kg of Heroin, 3057.08 kg of Pseudoephedrine, 430385 caps of Parvon Spas, 24.114 kg of Ganja and 13053 caps of Proxyvon had been seized from Assam drug dealers in Mizoram, which resulted in 296 cases registered and 395 people from Assam arrested.

Mizoram has proof of all the arrests above. The real question is, does Pu Himanta have proof to back his claim?

And drug isn't the only problem Mizoram faces from Assam. All fake currency rackets that has been busted in Mizoram are connected to residents of Assam as well.

If HBS is going to check every vehicle entering Assam from Mizoram, I really hope he does the same with vehicles entering Mizoram from Assam too. This will keep Mizoram so much safer from drug trafficking and fake currency circulation! Thank you so much, HBS.

Similarly, if people are going to cook up a wild conspiracy theory that "drug mafias from Mizoram" are the ones stirring up trouble at the border, is it safe for us to assume that "fake currency barons from Assam" are the ones stirring up trouble at the border as well? Same logic, you know.

But we won't say all that, because we all know the only reason for the border dispute is due to the conflict in 1933 and 1875 demarcations between the 2 states. Not because of any other reasons, like drugs and all those other BS I've written about in my previous posts.

The very fact that all 12 lies I have pointed out in these three posts are no longer discussed by the media or people today proves that nobody is interested in propaganda. The truth always comes out eventually.

This border dispute may still be around for many years to come, as it has always been since Independence. But that doesn't mean we need to drag Mizoram's name down by spreading unsubstantiated claims and accusations.

Perhaps in the future, if this same issue springs up again, I hope the good people of India as well as those "unbiased" mediapersons shouting from their studios will at least stick to discussing only about the border issue and nothing else.

I'll end this post with this cute and touching artwork by my friend Cyef Parker. At the end of the day, all we want is just peace.

Disclaimer: Once again, let me iterate that I'm not affiliated with any political party, organization or media in Mizoram, and my thoughts are purely my own. I'm just a simple farmer who was ploughing my fields and clearing terraces for my next harvest, happily minding my own business when I heard about this large scale and well co-ordinated disinformation attack on Mizoram and decided to write something about it.

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Chp 867. Assam-Mizoram dispute: Lies and Facts-2

Continuing with part 2 of this series, here's a brief recap:

Assam Police and Mizoram Police had clashed on 26/7 due to an ongoing border dispute, which resulted in the unfortunate demise of six policemen from Assam's side. The incident shook the nation, and Mizoram & Mizos have been the target of various false allegations and online abuses since then.

In my previous post, I had debunked some of the popular lies about Mizoram that were being forwarded all over social media. Those points included:

#1. "Miscreants shot Assam Police".
#2. "Shootout happened inside the buffer zone".
#3. "Civilians attacked Assam Police unprovoked".
#4. "Mizoram Police fired first".
#5. "Mizoram Police is the aggressor".
#6. "Mizo civilians used sophisticated weapons".
#7. "Mizo Police celebrated the deaths of people".

I do recommend you read my previous post [click link] first in case you haven't yet, before reading this post.

The number of different crazy allegations and conspiracies against Mizoram out there is just mind-blowing. As one allegation is debunked, two others would pop out in its place with even more ridiculous claims, pretty much like the Lernaean Hydra of Greek mythology.

The list is endless, from blaming Nehru for the clash to accusing Mizoram government of being controlled by the Chinese government, the Bangladesh government, the Pakistan government, the US government, and finally the Vatican.

As Rahul Mukherji correctly pointed out, most of these people don't even understand the region or geo-political issues as they happily spread such false news, completely unchecked by Twitter or Ministry of Home Affairs.

My friend Jacqueline too hit the nail right on the head with this tweet:

I'm not going to debunk such lies in this post as they are just too ridiculous to even deserve a response. Many of these accounts too have fewer than 100 followers, so in this post, I will continue focussing on just the lies stated by official accounts and the CM of Assam Pu Himanta Biswa Sarma.

Lie #8. "Violence is due to Cattle Preservation Bill".

You know you're slowly winning the popularity war and support of Indians when HBS has to resort to such desperate measures. HBS suggested that external forces could be involved in the clash between Mizoram Police and Assam Police because of Assam's Cattle Preservation Bill 2021.

Here is his exact statement on Times of India:

Seriously, beef? Our beef with Assam is because of beef?

We Mizos of course love beef. But I'm sorry to inform the respected CM of Assam that beef is NOT our favourite meat. For Mizos, our number 1 favourite meat will always be pork. Yummm!

We love our pork sooo much that we even have a popular saying in Mizo, "Sunday vawksa hmeh ni" which loosely translates to "Yayyy its Sunday, we'll be eating pork!" (Because Sunday is considered a holy day for us and it is a day when we dress in our best attire to Church and eat the best meat in our pantry, which is pork).

If you take a poll right now across Mizoram on what their favourite meat is, I predict the popularity of pork to be around 70%, followed by chicken and beef at 15% each.

Now had HBS instead said he was trying to ban pork in Mizoram (he can't, but hypothetically speaking, let's just assume he can), then you can very well expect a bloody riot all across Mizoram! But beef? Meh...

Also, the number of cows imported to Mizoram isn't much. According to Pu Lalremliana Khawlhring, Addl Director of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary, Mizoram, the total number of cows imported into Mizoram from Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Bangladesh and Myanmar from the year 2016 to 2020 are 1313, 1675, 1256 and 1264 respectively.

Pu Lalremliana also told me that from the above figures, a large portion, around 80%, are from the East as well, so the number of cows coming in from Assam is extremely small. So yes, do you really think Mizoram would be fighting with Assam over this?

Beef is not the issue with Mizoram, just as how it is not the issue with Meghalaya and Assam. Let's leave it at that.

Lie #9. "Mizoram Govt is distributing arms to civilians".

This statement was made by Cachar DC Keerthi Jalli.

Now I know what you're thinking. "When did Mizoram start having insurgents again?" Yeah, we're as baffled as you are. We're in the year 2021. Every educated Indian today knows that Mizoram is the most peaceful state in North East, with no insurgency problem or civilians totting around with guns.

There is no gun culture in Mizoram, so why would Mizoram government distribute arms to civilians when none of them had any experience in using one? A loaded gun in the arms of an untrained civilian is more dangerous than the one carried by an enemy.

You would expect an IAS officer of Keerthi ma'am's calibre to know all this, right?

If Assam Govt had such evidence that Mizoram Govt was indeed distributing arms and ammunition to civilians, they should report this matter directly to the Home Minister, instead of just claiming it on national media.

In fact, I hope they report it if they really have proof. This is a very serious allegation. I definitely do not want my drunk neighbour U Liana roaming around with a loaded gun at 3 in the morning screaming, "wHYyy DoESn'T sHe LoVe mEEEE!"

Lie #10. "Most of these armed civilians are former militants, who are trained".

This is the funniest part of the above statement made by Cachar DC Keerthi Jalli. She said the arms and ammunitions are distributed to civilians "who are mostly former militants, hence trained". Oh my. Oh my my. Does Keerthi ma'am not know that our so called "former militants" are all in their 80's and 90's today? :D

Trained? Probably potty trained, yes. That's the only type of training that matters to family members of these "former militants". Train them to find their spectacles or false teeth. That kinda training.

Our CM Pu Zoramthanga, who was one of the youngest people to join the armed struggle back then, is currently 77 years old. I mean, just look at the man. He's a sharp shooter with his mouth, not with a gun. :)

Can you imagine some of these old grandpas moving slowly towards the Assam border, unable to differentiate between their gun and their walking stick, shouting at the top of their voices among themselves due to hearing defects, "SHOOT HIM", "SHOOT WHO?", "DID SOMEBODY SAY BAMBOO SHOOT?", "I'M HUNGRY", "SCREW THIS, I'M GONNA TAKE A NAP".

Ahhh, what a funny and cute sight that would be!

While many Mizos are infuriated at Keerthi Jalli for lying, personally speaking, I don't blame her. Civil servants in India have one of the toughest jobs when it comes to morality. If they disagree with the ruling government or say anything to jeopardise a political propaganda, they are immediately transferred. And this holds true for any political party, regardless of whether it is BJP or Congress or any other party in power.

Of all the Indian states, we Mizos should know better, after all, Mizoram is now considered as the "dumping ground for governors" where party dissidents are transferred to as a form of "punishment" (11 different governors in the past 10 years).

We also saw what happened to our beloved Aizawl District Magistrate Pu Kannan Gopinathan when he went against the system. Hence, I think it is not surprising to find Keerthi ma'am speak this way as she's just securing her future. Let us not divert our attention from the fact that she only said what HBS had instructed her to.

Lie #11. "Violence happened because Assam refused asylum to Myanmar refugees".

HBS claimed that Mizoram had asked Assam if they could accommodate Myanmar refugees in their state, to which he apparently said no, hence it was "one of the reasons why the violence between Assam and Mizoram took place".

I mean, at this point, I don't even roll my eyes up anymore, for fear of suffering permanent damage.

For my non-Northeastern readers, let me do a quick refresher's course. Here's a map of the major ethnic groups in Myanmar according to reliefweb.

As you can see from the above map, a large Chin population in Myanmar live adjacent to Mizoram on India's side, just as a significant Naga population in Myanmar live adjacent to Nagaland. Chins and Mizos are the same people, divided by an international border.

Remember, these international borders were drawn at the whims and fancies of old white men who had no proper acknowledgement of the history and geography of the region. Till today, everybody in Mizoram says, "The largest lake in Mizoram is Rih Dil, it lies in Burma".

Due to the recent Myanmar coup, there had been a few incidents of Chin refugees seeking asylum in Mizoram. Mizoram Home Minister Pu Lalchamliana clearly stated that Mizoram had never asked Assam to settle the refugees in their state.

And why would Mizoram do that? Think, people, think. It doesn't make any sense to do that.

These Chin refugees ran with their lives to Mizoram and not any other place, simply because we are the same people. We speak the same language, follow the same custom and share the same tradition. They find comfort and solace in our state. Why would they want to settle in a completely different community that is foreign to them?

Just imagine there's a coup in India. You're from Amritsar and you have to take refuge in Pakistan. Would you rather take refuge in the Punjab province of Pakistan or Balochistan province? Or say you're a Hindu from Rajasthan, would you rather take refuge in Umerkot district of Sindh province or Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province?

Likewise, relocating Chin refugees to Assam is a nonsensical accusation.


With that, I'll come to the end of this post. I have covered 4 more lies about Mizoram currently being spread on social media, and I'll be covering about the "drug mafia" accusation in my next post, so do kindly visit again.

If you have come across any new lies or false accusations against Mizoram not covered in my posts yet, kindly do mention me on twitter @Mizohican and I'll take note. So until then, take care everyone.

Sunday, August 01, 2021

Chp 866. Assam-Mizoram dispute: Lies and Facts-1

By now, everybody knows about the Assam Police and Mizoram Police shootout on 26/7, which resulted in the unfortunate demise of six Assam Policemen.

What followed since then, is a barrage of online assault on Mizoram and the Mizo people. Death threats, rape threats, these are the usual messages and replies most Mizos received on social media. And the main instigator is none other than Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma.

In this series of blog updates, I will attempt to dispel all the lies levelled against Mizoram. What we should clearly remember here is that this is not a Mizo-Assamese issue. It is a feud between Mizoram and Himanta's ministry.

I saw people from Mizoram trend #ShameOnAssam on Twitter a few days ago. I didn't participate in it because Assam is not the enemy. Assamese people are not the opposition. Don't let our years of friendship and brotherhood be torn apart by HBS. It's good to see most Mizos not using this hashtag anymore.

Every day, new lies about Mizoram are being spread by anti-national elements since this incident took place. From one ridiculous claim to the next, the retweet factories worked in full steam. 

Here is my attempt at countering all those lies one by one with facts. Anybody who's been reading my blog for the past 17 years will know that I am unbiased and fair when it comes to these matters. My dream has always been the same - To have continuous peace and fraternity in the North East.

Lie #1. "Miscreants shot at Assam Police".

Right from day 1, HBS had been on the offensive, fuelling the mob with sensationalised tweets. While Mizoram CM was trying to de-escalate the situation, HBS kept posting the usual rhetoric, blaming "miscreants" from Mizoram's side as the perpetuators. After all, nothing wins the heart of the people more than knowing that members of the armed forces were killed by terrorists.

HBS knew this exactly. The word "insurgents" started trending on twitter. It was only much after the confrontation, at 10:28 PM, that HBS finally admitted and tweeted it was Mizoram Police that fired back at Assam Police.

However, members of his ministry still use the word "miscreants" to this day, so as to paint Mizoram in bad light and channel the anger of the public towards Mizoram.

Lie #2. "Shootout happened in the buffer zone".

The area where the shootout happened was not even at the disputed region, which is the buffer zone. It took place at the outskirts of the Mizo town of Vairengte, inside Mizoram, much farther from the disputed area.

According to Assam, yes, a large part of Mizoram lies within Assam as Assam follows the NEARA 1971 boundary based on 1933 demarcation, just as according to Mizoram, a large part of Assam lies within Mizoram because Mizoram follows the BEFR 1875 demarcation.

Both 1933 and 1875 demarcations are pre-Independence, and Mizoram had never accepted the post-Colonial NEARA 1971 boundary as it was drawn without consulting the Mizos. That's why a buffer zone under HMA was placed in between these two boundaries, manned by a neutral CRPF.

On 26th July, Assam Police forced their way past the CRPF outpost at the buffer zone to enter Mizoram's side, a fact that had been confirmed not just by the CRPF and media-persons but thousands of Mizos who were watching the incident LIVE on social media.

However, HBS and his ministry kept repeating this lie over and over again in the hope that Indians will eventually believe the shootout really did take place at the buffer zone.

Lie #3. "Mizo civilians attacked Assam Police unprovoked".

Mizo civilians did retaliate against Assam Police. That part is true. However, it was not "unprovoked". Here's the timeline:

Assam Police, around 200+ of them all heavily armed with LMGs and other heavy weapons in 25+ vehicles including ambulances, suddenly appeared and overran the buffer zone CRPF outpost. After that, they overran the Mizoram Police outpost on Mizoram's side as well. Mizoram Police were vastly outnumbered. It was then that people from Vairengte town ran to their assistance.

As mentioned in the previous point, this whole incident happened inside Mizoram at the outskirts of Vairengte, so it was easy for civilians from the town to quickly assemble and rush to Mizoram Police's assistance.

There were pushings and shovings of course, the usual police-civilian confrontation. The situation seemed controllable at that time, as nothing untowardly violent took place. However, it was the arrival of a Mizo couple from Assam who were all beaten up bloodied from Assam's side with their vehicle completely smashed up that aggravated the whole situation.

The husband and wife were so severely thrashed by Assam Police and civilians that the husband even passed out while the wife continued to be slapped around and spat at. She could have faced an even more horrendous outcome, but some CRPF jawaans nearby finally intervened, in spite of strict orders to remain neutral, and saved the couple. Mizoram is truly grateful to those CRPF jawaans. This incident has been reported to the National Commission for Women, Delhi.

When people of Vairengte saw the badly beaten up couple and vehicle, they were enraged. Mizoram Police tried their best to pacify the fury of the people. Here's a question to you all - Why did Assam Police and civilians thrash the vehicle and couple? And more importantly, why did they send the vehicle through after such a beating, knowing very well it would escalate the situation?

Anybody who's genuinely trying to diffuse a situation would have detained the couple on their side first while treating their wounds and waiting for the heat to subside, before letting them enter Mizoram. That's the most logical thing to do. I mean, come on, every time the Chinese Premier visits India, in order to prevent Tibetans from protesting, Mizos, Nagas and other Northeasterners are picked up randomly from the streets and taken into "preventive custody". Such gross racial profiling is justified for the sake of "maintaining peace" but this isn't?

Lie #4. "Mizoram Police fired first".

Who fired the first shot, which eventually resulted in an hour of gunfire exchange? While Mizoram Police claimed it was Assam that fired first, Assam Police claimed it was Mizoram Police that fired first. It became a case of "He said, She said". And with 6 fatalities on Assam's side and zero on Mizoram's side, it was easy to sway the public's opinion that Mizoram probably fired first.

There's a popular video of an Assam Policeman saying they were the ones who shot first, but even if we assume he was uttering that under duress due to the gunfire exchange, there are many videos including LIVE streams showing the first round of gunfire came from Assam's side.

If you're still not convinced, let me ask you this - Why would Mizoram Police fire first when their SP and his PSOs were right there with the Assam Police negotiating for a peaceful solution? They were talking with the Assam Police IG (a fact even confirmed by HBS tweet) surrounded by Assam Police when the gunfire exchange suddenly started.

Just think about this. Clear your mind of all biasness and ask yourself honestly - Does it make any sense for Mizoram Police to start shooting when their chief was among the target? The SP and his PSOs barely managed to escape with their lives by jumping into the forest as bullets from Mizoram's side whizzed past their heads. 

In this scenario, it seems more likely that Mizoram Police had no other option but to return fire, even if that meant shooting their own SP in the crossfire.

Also remember that civilians from Vairengte side were everywhere on Mizoram's side. Mizoram Police definitely do not wish for them to be harmed in case of a firefight, hence bolstering the theory that they were not the ones who fired first.

However, if Assam refuses to admit to this, I personally feel that both Mizoram and Assam should just "agree to disagree" and move on. Arguing over "Who fired first?" is counter-productive if both sides are trying to reach reconciliation. Han Solo will agree to that. 

Lie #5. "Assam has 6 fatalities while Mizoram has none, so Mizoram must be the aggressor".

This is poor logical reasoning. The loss of lives among Assam Police is truly regrettable and my utmost condolences to the families of the departed. May they Rest In Peace. Om Shanti. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Layhi Raji'un.

They lost their precious lives while following orders, and I think that is the greatest honour one can achieve. Salute to the brave fallen.

However, to come to a conclusion that Mizoram must be the aggressor because of the deaths is flawed. Assam Police had higher casualties simply because Mizoram Police had a better tactical advantage as they were perched on a higher elevation. You can check Google Map or even visit the location to verify this.

Trust me, if the locations were reversed, Mizoram Police would be the side with more fatalities.

Lie #6. "Mizo civilians used sophisticated weapons".

This was one of the most popular conspiracies being floated right after the confrontation. Many Mizos suddenly found their old Facebook or Instagram photographs (where they were posing with guns) being shared by different Assam ministers and MLAs with the caption, "Why are Mizo civilians using sophisticated weapons?"

Some of the photos they shared were even as old as 2010, and many of the guns in the photos weren't even real. Families of such youngsters used as pawns in this dirty game are now taking legal actions against these politicians and "anonymous" users on Twitter.

Lie #7. "Mizos celebrated the killing of Assam Policemen".

This is the most serious and outright blatant lie of all. When HBS failed to convince the country that Mizoram was in the wrong, he changed the narrative to win the sympathies of the people by showing videos of the cheering Mizoram Police, exclaiming, "Look how they're celebrating the killing of Assam Policemen".

Nothing is cheaper than a man who takes advantage of the dead to further his own political agenda. Does this man even have a soul?

Mizoram Police and civilians were simply celebrating the fact that an "invading" force that started shooting at them (allegedly) had surrendered (white flag raised from CRPF outpost) and retreated. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less. It was indeed a call for jubilation, something that any of us would have done too.

Nobody celebrated the death of people. In fact, none of them even knew anybody had died at that time. The unfortunate news that there had been fatalities was announced only much later. HBS knew this, but decided to play dirty anyway to win the people's support.

And of course, this same question was asked again, or should I say screamed out, by none other than Arnab Goswami, another soulless creature. He didn't even give any of his panellist time to clarify this point and berated them continuously on air before cutting off their mics, as always. No surprises there.

I'll end this post for now and continue with this series in my next update, as there are new and crazy allegations against Mizoram every day. I've been staying and working at our farm since the lockdown as July is considered the last favourable month to plant crops. I only got back to Aizawl last night, so I couldn't write anything about this ongoing issue earlier.

And I haven't installed WhatsApp for more than a month now, so if anybody had messaged me during the past 2 months, please know that I'm not ignoring anyone or any group.

So I'll see you in my next update then. Let us continue to pray for peace for Mizoram and Assam. Once again, my utmost condolences to those who unfortunately lost their lives or injured in this operation. SI Swapan Kr. Roy, Cn Liton Suklabaidya, Cn M.H. Barbhuyia, Cn N. Hussain, Cn S. Barbhuiya, and Shyamprasad Dusat of 6th AP Bn. We'll remember your names and we are truly sorry for what had transpired. May Heaven grant you all a Hero's welcome.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any political party or organization in Mizoram and my thoughts are purely my own. My personal views do not represent the views of the people of Mizoram or the Government of Mizoram. At the end of the day, I'm just a simple farmer who loves the land of his forefathers.