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Saturday, December 04, 2021

Chp 876. Dobby's journal: Finally, Neihbawih!

Finally, after travelling across more than 2500 KM from Uttarakhand to Mizoram, I reached my destination - Neihbawih!

Dobby here. Welcome back to my blog update.

For those who are new, I am a one-year-old Indian pariah dog rescued from the street of Dehradun. I've been updating pappa Kima's blog with my journal for some time now. In case you missed my previous two posts, you can read them by clicking the links below:

It was indeed an unforgettable journey to travel all the way from Dehradun to Neihbawih.

After such a long journey, it was good to finally reach Mizoram, the home state of mommy Lalani and pappa Kima.

I was completely tired and malnourished by the time I reached mommy Lalani's home at Bungkawn Vengthar, Aizawl, Mizoram.

Not that I didn't have anything to eat. My handler uncle Prince and my two new uncles, uncle Tesawma and uncle U Ruata gave me plenty of food, but I just didn't feel like eating anything. I missed mommy Lalani and Dehradun so much!

Every day, I would just stare at the road endlessly, waiting for mommy Lalani to reach Mizoram too. I spent many years and decades doing only that.

Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit. Mommy Lalani reached Mizoram the very next day, but it felt like years to me because I missed her so much.

Yayyy, finally in the loving arms of mommy Lalani again!

I also finally got to meet pappa Kima for the first time. Our first time meeting was a bit awkward.

But soon I warmed up to him. He's such an amazing and sweet person!

Every day he would come to mommy Lalani's house and spend the whole day with us.

Sometimes we would just sleep together on the bed, just the three of us - me, pappa Kima and my new sister Maggie.

Pappa Kima would always bring food for mommy Lalani and me whenever he came.

I was going to miss mommy Lalani so much.

So I tried to disturb her as much as I could before she headed back to Dehradun. Just for old time's sake.

This one time, uncle Tesawma took me, mommy Lalani and pappa Kima to their farm at Bungbangla.

Even though I enjoyed the journey, I got motion sick again and vomited along the way. Mommy Lalani spent the entire journey cleaning it up :D

Mommy Lalani's farm was beautiful and I finally got to run around a lot.

I ran in the mud as usual, and mommy Lalani had to clean me up, as usual.

I really love mommy Lalani's farm, but she told me it wasn't safe for me. There was a quarry nearby that would blast this really loud explosive sound all the time, and the people around the farm were known to do "bad things" to my kind.

We soon headed back to mommy Lalani's house.

I love mommy Lalani's house too, but to be honest, there was hardly any space for me to run around. That's the problem with most houses in the city. They were not built for us doggos to run around. Very selfish hoomans.

Just like Dehradun, I was still up to my mischief in Aizawl, like digging through the garbage bin even though I had good food on my plate.

And just like Dehradun, mommy Lalani or one of my uncles would punish me.

Every time mommy Lalani had to leave the house for work, I would miss her so much.

And finally, the dreaded day arrived. The day mommy Lalani had to go back to Dehradun. That was a very sad day. :(

The initial plan was for pappa Kima to take me directly to his farm from mommy Lalani's house once she went back to Dehradun.

However, pappa Kima suddenly had a toothache! It was probably because of all the food and sweet stuff he ate with mommy Lalani. They really ate so much! All they did together was eat, eat, and eat.

And so, pappa Kima made an appointment with a dentist. Because of that, pappa Kima couldn't take me to his farm, and so he took me to his home instead.

But at pappa Kima's house, his own dog Snowy was hell-bent on not having me in the house! Pappa Kima's family tried their best to calm Snowy down but he was beyond any control. This is Snowy.

Finally, it was decided that I would stay at pappa Kima's cousin's house temporarily. They all lived together in one colony anyway, so pappa Kima was right next door.

I spent the night there at uncle Hriata's house.

Pappa Kima's sister aunty Deedee too came to see me all the time to make sure I was adjusting well.

I managed to sleep a bit. But I kept missing mommy Lalani more and more. The next day, I cried so much that pappa Kima had to come down and stay by my side the whole day.

Pappa Kima was the only familiar face I knew so it was understandable. I was calmer once he was around.

I played a bit at uncle Hriata's lawn and even managed to get stuck one time. :D

I wasn't allowed inside the house though, and so I would just peep at them to see what they were doing inside.

The problem was, I needed a lot of attention to distract me from the fact that I missed mommy Lalani so much, and uncle Hriata and his family couldn't give me that attention, after all, they had their own life to run.

Finally, it was decided once again to shift me to pappa Kima's eldest sister's house next door. Oh boy, so many transfers! :D

At aunty Lapuii's house, pappa Kima's nieces Mamuani and Pensy were ecstatic to have me around! My two new cousins!

Aunty Deedee too came down and spent a lot of time with me again at aunty Lapuii's house, while pappa Kima had to meet the dentist twice, to get two molars extracted.

Aunty Lapuii's house was very cosy. But again, like most houses in the city, I didn't have much space to run around.

I was always excited to see pappa Kima whenever he came downstairs to visit me, and he was still as sweet as before even with two molars extracted.

My new cousins Pensy and Mamuani made sure I had the best comfort they could offer.

Finally, once pappa Kima's dental issue was solved, it was time to take me to my original destination - Neihbawih.

Pappa Kima knew I would get motion sickness again was it was a long drive to his farm from the city, and so he laid down towels on the seat for me to vomit. :)

Weeeeeeee. I really enjoyed watching the Aizawl traffic pass by.

Disaster upon disaster, once we reached Neihbawih, the road leading up to pappa Kima's farm was under construction! And so he took me up the long and bumpy road on foot, keeping me on a leash the whole time.

Aaaaanddd finally, we reached my new home! Oh man, so much drama right?

I made myself home immediately on pappa Kima's bed, signalling to him that this was my bed now and that he should sleep on the floor. :)

And with that, my long journey from Dehradun to Neihbawih finally ended.

I will be updating pappa Kima's blog again about the awesome time I'm having here at Neihbawih, so please do keep visiting. I really love Mizoram and get ready to see many breathtaking photos soon. Until then everyone, woof woof.