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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Chp 771. Naga Chicken and Iromba

Thank you all for enjoying my series of food updates so far. In this update, I will take you through two special dishes - Chicken Naga fry and iromba, made by my Naga friends here in Pune.

Unlike other food posts of this series, I will not be describing how they prepared the dishes this time, as I think the pictures are quite self-explanatory enough. So, let us enjoy the delicious looking dishes in silence and drool ourselves to Kingdom come :)

Chicken Fry, Naga Style.

Iromba, Manipur Style.

Ground chillies, Mizo Style.

My plate, Kima Style.

And yes, that was truly a mouth-watering and satisfying dinner, thanks to my awesome Naga friends. I hope you found this update entertaining :)

See you on my next update. Cheers.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Chp 770. Dinner by Pi Zosangi

Imagine you are so single that the "Pune Mizo Mothers Association" keeps inviting you to one of their exclusive mothers-only dinners?

Yeah, that is me. Infamous across our Pune Mizo community now as the most single guy in town, just because I suck at talking or interacting with the opposite sex. I have become the butt of all jokes about being forever alone.

But hey, at least, I get to enjoy all the dinners they cook for me :)

The dinner that night was sooo yummy. It was at Pi Zosangi's house, and I have included some of her awesome recipes in this post.

The Mizo mothers were practicing for a song they were planning to sing at Church later this month. You can see Zodini below leading the choir.

My friend Teresa picked me up on the way and since we were a bit late, the below pic looks as if she was being punished by Zodini for being late :D

It's like when the Principal of your school tells you to sit at the corner of the room in silence and not take part in the ongoing classroom activity as a punishment :D

More practicing...

Teresa finally made herself useful by at least taking care of all the children and preparing their dinner.

Kids dinner time!

Some of the husbands present that night whose sole job was to babysit all the kids while the wives practiced their song.

Yumm, the kids love the dinner!

And of course this awesome dinner prepared by Pi Zosangi wouldn't have been possible without the help of HK-a who was there the whole day helping with the preparations.

While the children and husbands and HK-a ate, the wives were still busy with their song practice...

Finally, their rehearsal was over... Photography time! Lawmi quickly transformed from her song practice mode to her super-model mode :D

It was time for the mothers to spring into action and prepare the main dinner!


Oh Yeah. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Pi Zosangi told me that the way she made the above Chicken was super simple. Just wash the raw Chicken (with skin) thoroughly and then dry it. Place it in a bowl and boil it with water. Once it is almost boiled, add other condiments like spring onions, dhania, salt, a packet of Knorr seasoning packet and that's it.

Lolz, the way she described it was so simple, and yet it tasted sooo good!

Next up we have the awesome Pork dish.

This was definitely the highlight of the dinner. Here's how Pi Zosangi made it:

Buy 3 KGs of pork, cut them into medium pieces and wash them.

Marinate the pork for around 12 hours with 4 tbsp of "Bolt Masala" (that she bought from Mission veng, Aizawl) and 2 tbsp of "Barah (12) Masala" (also from Mizoram). Add chilli powder (amount depends on how spicy you want it to be) for the marination.

Pi Zosangi explicitly mentioned that she doesn't use "Garam Masala" to marinate the meat as that gives it a very heavy masala taste that is not accustomed to our Mizo taste buds.

After the meat is marinated for 12 hours, heat oil in a pan and add chopped onions, ginger and garlic. Again add "Bolt Masala" once the onions and all are fried up (she also said that you can use Maggi chicken seasoning instead if there is no bolt masala).

Finally add a lit bit of coconut milk to the pan to thicken the mixture, along with 2-3 curry leaves. The pan is ready.

Add the marinated pork into the pan and occasionally stir at medium flame. Now and then add a little bit of water and keep doing this until the awesome dish is cooked.

Thanks a lot for this recipe, Pi Zosang, will try it out this weekend.

Here are the rest of the awesome dishes that night.

Eating in action! Yum yummm we all ate so much!

My wonderful plate :)

Pudding time.

Lawmi too ate a lot that night. This was her "I am so full" after-dinner dance ritual.

Relaxation time.

Me and the wives. Maybe one day, if fortune smiles on me, I'll have a photo that I can caption "Me and the wife".

And so, after a tummy-filled fantabulous dinner, it was time to leave. It was raining but that did not deter the brave husbands from going home :)

Overall, this was a memorable night, and thanks to Pi Zosangi and her warm hospitality, we will all remember this moment for a long time. Until my next blog post then, cheers everyone, and have a great weekend.