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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Chp 768. Dinner by Chris

Ever heard of Beer butt Chicken roast? Me neither, until Chris Caldwell invited us over to his hotel room one night and he made it for us. It was DELICIOUS!!!

From then onwards, it had been a regular routine to pop over at his hotel room in JW Marriott's over the weekend for some awesome Beer butt Chicken roast. That happened till last year, when Chris and his wife Becky Lawmpuii had to leave India and settle back in St. Louis, Missouri.

And so it was indeed a momentous occasion when Becky and Chris came back to India last month for a brief visit. The entire gang gathered at their favourite Marriott Suites as Chris prepared his traditional Beer butt chicken roast one more time.

Chicken in the Oven.

So here's the thing about my Food blog update series. I get invited to dinner where I take pictures of the food that my friends made. Later I post those pictures on my blog and ask my friends the recipes of the dishes and how they made them, which I reproduce here on my blog. As you can see from my past few updates -

   (Alu Chop, Chicken fry, Bekang and Baibing)
   (Chicken Alu fry, Zikhlum Bai, Anthur rep tlak)
   (Pork with Bamboo shoot & Alu, Methi Bai, Alu fry)
   (Boiled Pork with Pok Choi, Methi Bai)
   (Chicken Biryani)
   (Chicken fry, Beef & Alu fry, Methi Bai, Iromba)

Now the thing is, I need to spend a good amount of time speaking to them or messaging them afterwards as they explained how they made the dish. What Chris did instead was phenomenal!

Instead of messaging me about how he made his signature Beer butt chicken roast, he instead MADE A VIDEO especially for me, demonstrating how he made the dish! He even created a new YouTube account just for this, so kindly subscribe to his channel :)

Here is the video Chris made for me, describing how he made the dish, please do have a look at it. It is soooooo yummy!!!!

By the way, Beer butt Chicken is considered to be the juiciest Oven Roasted Chicken by food experts across the globe! Every detail you need to know on how to make this dish is in the video above, like how the chicken is first marinated, to all sort of stuff that is shoved up its butt :D right down to how beer is utilized to make this scrumptious dish.

And so, this was the output of the chicken preparation that night! Yummm.

Meanwhile, Becky and I along with Teresa, Evon and Sangi Beri were busy preparing the side dishes :)

Salad made from cabbages, tomatoes and onions.

Mash potatoes!

And so, this was my dinner plate that night.

Just kiddingggg, you think that is all I would eat of Chris's awesome Beer butt Chicken roast??? My actual plate is further down below. :D

Melody and Valtea too turned up and we took a group selfie.

By the way, Melody above, the one taking the selfie, is a brilliant cook (and a hot nurse), and my next foodie blog update will be about the fantastic lunch she cooked for me last month. Keep watching this space to catch that delicious post.

The lovely and cute couple Becky and Chris.

Becky was sad to be leaving us again so soon even though she was happy to be living in St. Louis, because apparently, there are no Valtea, Sangi, Evon, Kima, Melody, Teresa etc in St. Louis :P

Melo, Sangi Beri and Valtea.

Becky with Evon and Melo.

Ok finally, here's my actual plate that night :D :D :D

Melo enjoying the butt chicken :P

That was a delicious dinner indeed, and once again, thank you Chris, for taking the time to make that video just for my blog update! We miss you guys and looking forward to your next visit again.

Until my next blog update then, cheers everyone!

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