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Monday, June 24, 2019

Chp 763. Dinner by Marka

Continuing with my Foodie blog updates, here are some recipes by my friend Marka. He lives in KP not very far from my apartment, and he invited me to his house for dinner one fine night. We had Mizo boiled pork and Mizo bai that night, yummm.

Here are the recipes…

Boiled Mizo Pork

We all have our own method of cooking boiled pork. I will blog about how I cook mine later, Marka's method is a bit different from mine and here is a step by step instruction on how he made his version of Mizo boiled pork.

Ingredients: Raw Pork and Pok Choi.

1. Wash the pork as it is without cutting it into pieces.

2. Pour around 4-5 cups of water inside a pressure cooker.

4. Cook the pork in the pressure cooker for 15-20 minutes (let it whistle around 2-3 times).

3. Wait for the cooker to cool down and take the pork out.

4. Chop the cooked pork into medium pieces.

5. Using the same water, boil pok choi.

6. After around 10 minutes, add the chopped pork pieces in the cooker again and then cook for 5 minutes until it whistles twice. Done.

And yes, Marka's version of Mizo boiled pork was really good!

Mizo Bai

This one is very simple and easy to make, and yet no Mizo cuisine is complete without it.

1. Take all the ingredients like Brinjals, Bepui (Lablab bean / Hyacinth bean) and beans, and cut them into small pieces.

2. Boil all of them in water along with some chillies.

3. Just before it is boiled, add chopped Methi (Fenugreek) into the mixture along with a pinch of soda.

4. The Bai is ready :)

Simple yet sooo good!

Fried Potatoes and ground chillies

I don't think I really need to explain how to make the above two dishes :D As Abraham Lincoln once said, "If you don't know how to make fried potatoes or grind Mizo chillies, then you really don't deserve to eat".

Here's my plate that night!

As you can see from my plate above, the fat pieces are the best part of a Mizo boiled pork cuisine. Like I have mentioned earlier, there are many methods of making it, but the fatty part is a compulsory ingredient. And that is a problem I have seen at many restaurants outside Mizoram like Mumbai and Pune where you hardly get any fat, it's all just mostly meat meat meat sans the fat. Sad.

Everybody else enjoyed the dinner that night.

Tuli's sister who was visiting from out of town, who is a xerox copy of her, not just in looks but the same irritating trait as well :D

And so that was it. Great dinner by Marka, thanks once again, and hope you find his cooking method useful. See you all in my next foodie blog update everyone. Cheers.

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