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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chp 467. Every dog has its day

Today is our beagle Saddam’s birthday! He’s one year old today, yayyy! Oh he really had a great time being wished by the entire office, dressed in new clothes and treats after treats bestowed upon him. Somehow, the little dictator who made our life a living hell in his earlier months, realized he was the center of attraction for today. And he really flaunted that.

And I think this blog post is perfectly apt for today, in honor of this cuddly awesome smart (and extremely cunning) mischievous mutt of ours that we love so much. I call this – “12 steps to having the most uncomfortable stomachache”, or, “My dog didn’t eat my homework, but I ate his food”.

1. After spending 4 days in Gurgaon on a business trip, I landed in Mumbai on 16th Sept. It was a late night flight so I reached my apartment around 11:30 Pm

2. My flatmate Sid was having his dinner and was just about to sleep. We said our hi’s and caught up for a few minutes. Sid was eating a "yellow colored" rice and he told me our maid had made awesome pulao for dinner.

3. Around an hour later after I had refreshed and showered (and 3 glasses of Old Monk rum to set the appetite rolling), I went to the kitchen and saw the "yellow rice" in the fridge.

4. I heated it in the microwave without any second thoughts because it never occurred to me that it could have ever been Saddam's food. Saddam's food was always white in color.

5. Unfortunately, while we were in Delhi/Gurgaon for our business meetings, our dear friend Shweta had instructed our maid to add "haldi" (turmeric powder) to Saddam's food! I wasn't aware of that!!! That's why it was freaking yellow!

6. I heated that food, and ate it. It was extremely bland, and tasted a bit "funny" too. The meat tasted kinda raw too, but then, I thought it must be the Old Monk talking. I added our Mizo chilly, made eggs with extra salt etc to make it more digestible etc.

7. I went to sleep.

8. Woke up the next day with a very strange feeling in my tummy.

9. Told my colleagues I might not come in and that I could work from home because I seemed to be farting continuously and running to the loo too, though it wasn’t loosies.

10. The maid knocked on my bedroom door. I opened. She asked me how come Saddam's food got over so fast!

11. She showed me where she had kept Saddam's food, and then she showed me where she had kept the food she made for us, which was on the lower shelf of the fridge! They both looked very similar! Aaarggh... felt like puking immediately upon realization.

12. I stayed in bed the whole day with Saddam giving me that, "You bastard, you ate my food" looks. Went and saw a doctor in the evening and he told me it was not serious, and that my stomach was upset because I had raw meat and the food could have been stale. Yeah, he really tried to put on a straight face as he told me that.

Lolz, I know this may sound funny to y'all, but trust me, it's not something you want happening to you! And of course, the jokes kept coming in office for more than a week. Who let the dogs out. Snoop doggy dogg. A man’s best friend is Kima.  Woof woof. You went to a doctor, or a vet? Blah blah blah.

Heh. It’s ok, I’m cool with it. The bigger question is, are YOU cool enough to eat your dog’s food? :P

Happy birthday dear Saddam. Cheers :)


dee gangte said...

*yappy* Birthday Saddam :) God Bless.

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