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Monday, June 16, 2008

Chp 183. An ode to vodka

An Ode to Vodka

runs deep
like still waters
cutting through swampy marsh

conjure wildly,
hazy contorted mirrors
swiveling in every directions

finely refreshing
a rejuvenating potion
resuscitating my stifled adolescence

emitting softly
untold melodic rhythm
choreographing within my head

my comrade,
abandon me not
lest my soul perishes

all forgotten
like a castaway
lost forever at sea

gone forever
every sorrowful thought
banished to Kingdom come

so pristine
sparkling like crystal
enticing me to replenish

I experience
every shackle unfettered
such an overwhelming liberation!

my salvation
ne’er betraying me
oh most reliable companion

my confession
two bottles drained
whilst penning this poem

pardon me
time to depart
tomorrow awaits a hangover

Table background image obtained from


Pixie said...

Nice poem... really very apt! :P

Nirav said...

Is this an original?

awitei said...

You wrote this??nice poem..

Mizohican said...

@ pixie: oh thank you thank you :)

@ Nirav: Of course it is! surprised? :) Thanx to my good friends J and Mesjay, I have been working pretty hard on my poetry these days...

And yes, I really was drinking vodka when I composed this poem. Sometimes the mind throws up inspirations from the strangest of places huh? :)

@ toy soldier: Thank you :) Glad you appreciate it.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Wow..nice poem.A background te chu nalh hle mai.Han ziak zel teh,nakinah chuan Sikul zirlai bu ah te pawh an la dah duh mai thei a sin:-)

Phoenix said...


Calliopia said...

I am floored! This looks and reads so much more beautifully poetic than anything you've ever written. Remember, less is more in contemporary poetry. No effusiveness, just the precise word, the precise thought. Like a macro shot of a dewdrop on a leaf. Great improvement.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, a beautiful poem! you did it again brother..evocative and metaphorically rich :) Truly an innovative poem, the kind of poetry knowing exactly what each word of a poem does to the reader. I am giving you 4.37/5

Understand that even incredibly well crafted poems will get their fair share of comments from the critics :) Also, adhere to your intentions. If a critic misreads your piece, it could very well mean that you need to rework your piece within your own aim.

A good poem should be evocative, skillful, and cohesive, but before attempting to hone these attributes, a potential poet should be knowledgeable of the various forms and attributes of contemporary poetry.Reading and understanding good poetry is vital to being able to write good poetry.

Write without trying to sound poetic, avoid abstractions, and be as detailed as possible. Write what is on your mind without worrying too much about grammar, literary devices, and line breaks. Often, when a person engages is this type of free writing, he or she will naturally write in some sort of rhythm or pattern. It is in the next phase of writing that these natural literary finesses are smoothed out and heightened.

Are there abrupt words dangling at the ends of any lines? Do you have conjunctions or prepositions trailing at the ends of your lines? If so, you might need to rework the lines, and at times, you may need to reword entire lines. This stage also includes getting constructive criticism from writers or poetry enthusiasts who will be objective with their feedback.

Don't sit there waiting for inspiration. Write anything NOW. Start with any topic, or even random words. The surest way to get inspired in your poetry is to start writing a poem :) Cheers! - Best Regards Your Anonymous brother :)

Mizohican said...

@ seki: Thank you. I searched a lot for that particular background pic :) Finally found it after much googling...

@ Phoenix: Thanx :)

@ Calliopia: *WIDE GRIN* Thank youuuu!!! It took me a long time to come up with that style because it was not easy using one word for first line, two words for the second line, three for third and four words for fourth line. But I did that because I read that an ode usually comprise of complicated lines and arrangements.

@ anonymous: wow! 4.37/5.0 Thats awesome!!! Muchooo Graciass brother. As always I am open for criticism and that is the only way of improving.... Now I will sit alone for a few minutes and absorb all those thought povoking words of wisdom you've just uttered. Thank you so much for that and I hope you keep visiting to guide me along the way...

Jerusha said...

A hungna pal khi keipawh ka duhhh!

pardon me
time to depart
tomorrow awaits a hangover

:-) You're at your best!

Mizohican said...


You can grab such other background pics with border at the above mentioned site. Just don't forget to link them as credits :)

Malsawmi Jacob said...

the frame is real pretty, the poem pretty good but not yet your best. and i think vodka is a dubious companion.

Mizohican said...

ok now I am seriously thinking about removing the picture frame. It is clearly overshadowing my poem! :-)

Vodka may be a dubious companion, but in this case it made me see through a whole different path that had never been explored before.

If you think this is not my best yet, then I will simply continue working harder to come up with my best. It is only because of people like you, J and u Cherrie who used to criticize my previous style of poetry that I've finally discovered this freeflowing freestyle unrestricted form of expression, and I really am starting to enjoy it! I owe you guys a lot!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi sandman! wow, nice poem!! :)

Jean Chia

Mizohican said...

Thank you, Ms. Yummylicious :-)

Calliopia said...

"this freeflowing freestyle unrestricted form of expression" is called free verse or vers libre in literary parlance. Check it out on wiki.

Lucy In The Sky said...

Nice Poem, Sandman.

This really is a freeflowing, unrestricted style, isn't it? ekekekek

Mizohican said...

Thanx J, I've just checked it out. Man... T. S. Eliot, Hart Crane, W. H. Auden... so many of them with such exquisite styles and ranges... I've read the works of some of the poets you showed me, and their masterpieces just blows me away!

Hey Lucy, when I said "freestyle", I know you're thinking of something else :-P

Lucy In The Sky said...

Now why would you say that..

PS: I'm thinking lately that maybe I'll start writing a journal (in ms word, of course) I'd like to learn English. You inspire me.. *wink*

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

I really admire the way you keep churning out your chapters at such regular intervals.

Mizohican said...

@ Lucy: Hah! I am waiting for the day you would publish your first article. Remember its just like overcoming stage fright. Once you perform your first act, everything comes easy after that.

@ Aduhi: It is only because of regular visitors like you that I churn out chapters at regular intervals :-)

Bobby Revell said...

I don't drink anymore but this poem has me thirsting for a big icy glass of vodka...haha! I love this poem nontheless!

Unknown said...


are my eyes deceiving me but why is the background changed?

The Chhamanator said...

How about an ode to port wine in the style of Pu Rokunga? I still can't get over the Chemtatrawta post :) . Btw, check out

Mizohican said...

@ Bobby: Me too, I don't drink like before anymore (remember what I told you about my little experience?). But last week was a very special ocassion and it was hard not to take part in the celebration. Plus I wasn't sloshed or anything but tipsy just enough to come up with a poem like this! :-)

@ almost: lolzzz. The background didn't change. I'm telling you, it must be the vodka :-)

@ chhamanator: Haha love the cartoon strip on that weblink you gave me. Will come up with other ode too :) Time is a bit difficult to find these days... :-)

Henry said...

Hi Kim Anna...M back blogging after toiling my ass with engineering stuffs. Nice to see you still running the #1 Mizo blog. Cheers!

Lucy In The Sky said...

Lolz..I'm yet to get over my stage fright. Why do you think I'm working my ass off here?? Bleh!

And please let me know how to subscribe to your blog because I still don't receive updates.

Mizohican said...

@ sercop: Welcome back tambi! :-P Looking forward to visitng your blog and seeing what all you're bringing to the table. You've been gone a long time my friend.

@ Lucy: huisss. Did you sign up first like I told you before clicking the comment page? I dunno whats going on, wait a sec, lemme check it...

Anonymous said...

Thiam thei eeeee, ka * che!

Mizohican said...


Azaia said...

I'm waiting on bacardi Silver version..lolzz

Sekibuhchhuak said... chuan traffic a van siam nasa ve..:-)keimah chuah lo pawn an hmang teuh anih khi ..

Mizohican said...

@ azaia: lolz, will try coming up with that version soon :-P

@ seki: hmang ngaihna ram atanga mi rawn tlawh hmen ve hram te hi a lawmawm khawp mai! :)

Illumination said...

Hahaha nice!! En leh chiah la ka blog chu~ car of the future a tla hniam modern day car ah a chhuak ta daih mai. The finish version i just uploaded it!!

Mizohican said...

Just checked it out! Its amazing!!! Wish I could come up with something like that too! Well done man.

Naupang^Fel said...

From the southern part of India, we quote "SUPER"

Blue Floppy Hat said...

This is funny! Vodka was the first alcohol I ever ingested large amounts of (heaven knows which of my college seniors were responsible for the urban legend that it doesn't give you hangovers..liars!) I like the background picture you chose, too...

Mariuca said...

Love da poem Sandman! Great to see you at my place the other day! :)

Mizohican said...

@ Naupang fel: hehe. "super" would be an apt word! :-)

@ Blue floppy hat: lolzzz in MY college it was RUM that was supposed to be a hangover free drink. Yeah, my seniors too told me that. hahaha.

@ mariuca: Thanx for visiting too dear Marzie. I miss my comp. Because I cannot visit your blog and Janice's blog from this Cyber cafe comp as the entire browser just hangs whenever I visit your blogs. I guess this cheap machine cannot handle all the extra widgets and applications the two of you have added to your respective blogs :-)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PnB said...

and oh! please delete the comment, too :)

internet is full of stalkers :(

Mizohican said...

As you have requested, I have deleted your previous comment. But regarding your request in that deleted comment, I am sorry to say that is something I cannot do right now.

I am currently in Mumbai, so I come online from Sify cyber cafe, which is the only cyber cafe near my house. And for some strange reason, all Sify computers hang whenever I try to edit that particular page (Mizo Bloggers Directory) because it has a lot of html and css scripts. Sify comps hang even when I try to visit two of my blog friends mariuca and janice because their blogs have a lot of external widgets and applets.

It is really frustrating because for the Mizo bloggers directory, I have already created a new (working) registration form and there are many many Mizo bloggers who want to register, but I just cannot open that damnnnn page from here. Aaaaaarrrgh. Hope you understand what I am going thru here. Planning to get a personal connection at home soon. Once I do that, all additions/deletions to the Directory will be carried out immediately. Sify sucks!

Mariuca said...

Awwww really Sandman? I hope u get to visit me again soon because I have something for you at my blog, congrats! :):):)

PnB said...

ah, okay.

Mizohican said...

@ marzie: Thank you dear! Just read your blog post from my bloglines RSS reader. Thank you so much for all those awards (minus the first two) :-) Greatly appreciated. I promise to return the kindness as soon as I get a new connection at home. Right now it is out of the question to even try visiting your blog (or Janice's) Stupid cyber cafe... seriously, you do have a lot of widgets and scripts running on your page! :-)

@ p&b: aite.

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