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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chp 184. Like a thief in the night...

Too long I’ve been standing out in the cold now, wondering when she will open her window to lighten up the night around me. I’ve grown accustomed to the darkness, the shrill sound of weensy insects around me hunting for prey, and the sharp slicing sensation of the icy night breeze that seems to paralyze every last bit of sensitivity within my limbs.

Still I wait.

Up above, the solitary moon shimmers meekly. A subtle reminder that I am not the only one who is lonely tonight. But the one difference between the moon and I is that lovers worldwide use the moon as an expression for their love, like a symbol of inspiration consecrated to immortalize their love, whereas the only people who would use me as an epitome are the brokenhearted... the derelict... the woebegone... the departed.

Even with her window still closed, I can already smell the sweet alluring scent of her perfume, as if the Heavens itself is opening up right around me and embracing me with its glorious palm.

Every night I come here, hoping that one day the hands of fate will show mercy and compassion towards me. I pray with all my might that she opens that window, for the window opens up to a whole world much bigger than that which merely lies outside; it opens up to my soul, my life, my everything.

Like a stranded man marooned on a secluded island in the middle of a cruel ocean waiting for a ship to pass by, I await patiently for her to come in sight. That window is my ship and she is my captain. Countless nights I have spent fantasizing about where that ship would take us both.

Maybe across the sunny Acapulco bay, sunbathing around the seamless golden sand. Or maybe to romantic Venice, holding each other on top of the wobbly gondola. Our ship can take us wherever we want to go, but first, that ship needs to be built. That window up above must open.

And then suddenly, as if the Angels finally decided to answer my prayers, a soft creaking sound... a slight movement from above... the lights silhouetted behind the window slowly expands and opens up to full view!

There she is, looking just as magnificent as I’ve always imagined. Her resplendent hair flowing down her neck in all its splendor, radiating such breathless beauty with complete ease. She cannot see me because I am well hidden behind the trees, but just looking at her makes my knees go weak and my heart beat like an African bongo drum.

Now the only left to do is to wait for her to turn out the lights and go to sleep. Let her sweet subconscious travel across the shores of dreamland filled with romance and chivalry, of gallant young knights bowing down to fair maiden in corsets, of dearly departed and bitter sweet goodbyes.

The memorable photograph of two lovers lost in each other’s embrace, encased in a befitting priceless gold frame...

The romantic painting of a sunset boulevard sketched by a penniless heartbroken artist praying for his mistress to come back to life...

The exotic china vase moulded by a Prince who lost an arm fighting in a battle that won him his Queen....

All that will be mine soon, all mine! Too long I have waited for such an opportunity as this. Burglary is indeed a lucrative profession. Time to lay my hands on all that I can steal!

Ah my ship, here I come...


p&b said...

jesus christ on a pogo stick! you sound like a love-sick puppy drowning in your own puke.

get over it!

don't expect emotionally sensitive comments from us if you write such sappy, saccharine, sugary sentimental heartaches.

good luck.

illusionaire said...

I don't expect "emotionally sensitive comments" from anyone, especially from somebody angry with the world and expressing that Jesus raped her...


Ironic though, that you mentioned in your latest post:

"Some people do not understand what blogging is about, moreover they do not understand that it is a space where people can be their own weird selves to express whatever opinions they want, especially those that cannot normally be expressed in the public of the real world. We don’t force anyone to read our blogs, let alone digest what we post on our blogs"

And yet here you are, being exactly the person you condemned... ever thought about that dear anne? :-)

This post was supposed to end with a twist had you read it till the end and not stopped mid-way. But whether you grasped the objective or not, in the end, hey, its just me trying to be weird in my own way. :-)

cheers to freedom of speech, aye?

Jerusha said...

Well..I have to kind of agree with p&b up there - I'm not at my mushiest best :P Hmangaihna lama ril deuh chhiar chi anih hi.

"All that will be mine soon, all mine!" hmm now why does this put an image of an evil, crazy old scientist gleefully rubbing his hands!

illusionaire said...

"Hmangaihna lama ril deuh chhiar chi anih hi."

sheeshhh even you didn't get the gist of the post... its not a mushy romantic whateva post!!!


aduhi said...

I like the style.I had expected an unexpected ending and I was right!!

Lucy said...

Haha… When I read the first paragraph I thought "Ah...this from the perspective of a stalker" Next couple of paragraphs and I thought "A broken heart" and next “desperate ex-lover”, continuing down until I came to the very last lines where the twist appeared.
And you were just leading us the whole time!

The thief makes my skin crawl, however….

illusionaire said...

@ Aduhi: Thanx for the visit. Well are you happy or sad that the post was up to your expectations? :-)

@ Lucy: Imagine I stalk you like that? hehehe... I'm just trying to find the difference between being romantic and being creepy here... and I just discovered there's just a very thin line separating the two. :-)

p&b said...

hahah, i didn't write that comment. and neither did i write the jesus poem. those were all written by my boy. but then i guess that's what you get for having a joint blog.



luliana said...

eheu..min va bum chiang ve a..haha

Calliopia said...

Sorry to sound yet another negative note, Kim, but this kind of writing isn't quite your niche. The confused flowery prose as in "the solitary moon shimmers meekly", or "the sweet alluring scent of her perfume, as if the Heavens itself is opening up right around me and embracing me with its glorious palm" puts me off somewhat. Not something I'd expect from the #1 Most Promising Student in my creative writing class, sorry.

Lucy said...

That's super creepy... :)

feddabonn said...

ROFL. that was like wading through shit to find a daisy! i went through disgust at the style, disgust at the creepiness, and then, just when i was about to change webpages, voila! nice!

aduhi said...

Being right always makes me happy

illusionaire said...

@ anne: Its okhay. Its nice to have a good conversation, regardless of who wrote it. And having a joint account is very romantic. But then I guess your boy won't admit to such cheesy emotions... :-)

@ luliana: Bum theih hian awm awm tawh suh. Putling i nih tawh hi. Ti hi chuan nula in an bum thlu thuai ang che! :-P

@ calli0pia: Thanx for the criticism once again. I tried my hand in such flowery prose because my main intention here was to give a sudden twist in the end. This is not my department of course, but wandering down paths that I never take is what keeps my engine running, and the only way to go through this smoothly is with the help of criticism such as yours. Thanx again.

@ Lucy: or... romantic. :-P

@ feddabonn: lolzzzzzzzz! I know! And it wasn't exactly a walk in the park for me either to come up with such cheesy lines. Hehehe. Thanx for getting the crux of this post.

My main intentions here were for readers to either go "awwwwwwee thats cho chweet" followed by a sudden "WHAT? bastaaarrdd" in the end. Or they go "ewwwwwww... so freaking cheesy" followed by a sudden "huh? hahah". Thats what I'm trying to deliver with this post... :-)

@ Aduhi: But sometimes we have to be wrong to be right... :)

toy soldier said...

Thot of asking you,"this kind of guy ever exist in real??":) and at the end,was like"akekeke".Nice work..

VaiVa said...

I'm sorry guy, you have enough and I think enough is enough! He he.:) didn't find it amusing yet I still finished at one go :) hope 2 read some other wonderful post soon! Show them that you have a brain full of second opinion, whether they're able to digest or not, let their head spin! :-)

illusionaire said...

@ toysoldier: I'm glad I could make you go "akekeke". I feel like a young boy who had just ginished winding the key to his toy robot and released it, making it walk akekekeke... :-P

@ Vaiva: lolz, what do you mean I have enough already? :-P I wish I had as much as my friends do, but what to do... nice guys finish last :-P

Puia said...

Ekhai angaihnawm narawh e hotupa.. sawi belh vak tur pawh ka hre lo.. i ril hi a ni tawp mai.. nula lam nen..:)

p&b said...

Mmmmm, dear Kima, we didn’t mean to shoot you down. We do not mean to disrespect you. We are going to treat you with velvet gloves from now on. We will be more polite like Jerusha in the future. We do not wish to inhibit you. We do not want to make you feel like we are pushing you to be defensive.

Happy blogging.


Also, dear Kima, since you quoted what I (ZSa, the “b” of p&b) wrote, I’m speaking for only myself. I don’t think I contradicted myself. Now I sound defensive, hahahha, I just don’t want to be misunderstood by an ardent blogger. Does not being free to express ourselves in cyberspace also mean being free to dish out criticism, both negative and positive? I should have included that readers are free to comment in their own weird way too. Sorry about that. I’ve taken a lot of criticism in the past; some of it has been down right insulting. You might have noted I got some negative criticism recently. It’s the freedom of the reader to comment, as it is right of the blog owner to moderate.

And, yeah, I’m an angry man/boy. :)

Hahah! This bit: “But then I guess your boy won't admit to such cheesy emotions... :-)”. This made me crack up!

Amen and Aye to freedom of speech! Hahahha (not a sarcastic laugh, but a positive laugh from my belly).


Anonymous said...

Great! I enjoyed "Like a thief in the night...", finally, something different from your end :)

Still I wait, :) didn't notice the slight shift of colors in the oaks and maples, nor did see the aromatic pines pregnant with their geometrical on...LOL...Good job :)

oh yeah :) When faced with criticism unawares, our first reaction usually is getting defensive. Next may be denial, thinking we are not guilty of what we are criticized about. Then the feelings of anger at our critic and a counterattack may follow. Worse yet, we may withdraw and become despondent.

No matter what our internal or external reaction to criticism may be initially, it is important to understand our critic’s intention, so his words do not hurt us or make us react in a destructive way. Intention is the most important clue behind anyone’s behavior. Once the intention or the motive behind any action is understood, an appropriate response is easier to come up with.

Some of the motives of a person who criticizes may be negative. After all, we are all human beings and most of us do carry emotional baggage around. Then, we look for a convenient place to unload, even if momentarily and at someone else’s expense. It is necessary to evaluate the delivery of the criticism and try to see beyond what the criticism may appear to be, so we may enjoy improved personal growth and relationships and enhanced performance.

So I say let criticism run like rain off the umbrella while we stay dry underneath. Ignoring the critic, however, may not be the correct thing to do in some situations because we may need to learn from his criticism. Also, when ignoring is the path to take, it may not come too easily to some of us, because taking and giving criticism requires great tact and tact needs to be learned, as actions need to be trained and instilled inside behaviors.

So remember, winners learn to accept criticism gracefully :) Cheers!

illusionaire said...

@ Puia: huisss Hotupa! Lo luangliam suh hetah... :) Thil ril lampang hi chu mipa leh mipa in han sawi dun a nuam chiah looo :-P

@ p&b and anonymous: Forgive my previous minor outburst, but I was a little bit peeved because of the kind of criticism and NOT the criticism per se. Look at how calliopia criticized me up above. Thats constructive criticism.

But when you (ZS-a) mentioned in your comment about "not to expect you to write emotionally sensitive replies blah blah blah" it clearly shows that you did not read my entire post. This post is not about me expressing my feelings, or pouring out my emotions. It is about me making fun of all things that are cheesy and ridiculing it. It is one of my creative fictions which has an unexpected twist in the end, yet you just read the first few paragraphs and just assumed its one of those "sappy saccharine, sugary sentimental drowning in one's own puke love sick" post...

Thus to be criticized harshly for something that was not even what this post is about, ticked me off a bit. Of course if this post was about me expressing my true feelings this way, I would have welcomed your criticism with open arms.

Tell me frankly, won't you too get pissed if people only briefly read what you wrote and then jumped into their own conclusions and start criticizing you for something that was not even what you wrote about?

If you have read some of my previous articles, it is because of the criticisms that I am where I am today. I ALWAYS welcome criticism, including yours, except that when I first read your comment, I kinda reacted foolishly.

Hence I apologize for that because now I know a criticism is a criticism, regardless of whether it is related to my post or not. There is obviously something wrong in the way I wrote to lead you (and Jerusha) on to a completely different story, and I must do something to change that. Thanx for the comments, and please do keep commenting.

Azaia said...

nia Apa leh pa in thil ril lam sawi chu chivak lo ka ti khawp mai..

So true , we don't force people to read our blog , it the place where we expressed our feelings, it your choice to read it or not..

p&b said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sekibuhchhuak said...

Hmm...ka zin haw chau deuh chung in ka chhiar a,min ti chau nghulin ka hria..hhehe.Takin, a touching ka tih vang ania.Mahni hun tawn mek kan ziak chu ani lo maw aw..:-PP

mesjay said...

Naughty twist after a deceptive build up, i enjoyed the trick! Have you read Saki's short stories? One of my favourites is 'The Open Window.' O Henry does it too.
Once i sent a piece of this type with an unexpected end to a friend. He was so upset with the first part he couldn't read it through! I had to re-ask him to read up to the end. He laughed only then.

thinchhia said...

i comment form hi siam tha toh rawh.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi sandman! i enjoyed reading yr article, as well as the comments here. :)

oh, btw, i've got awards for ya! :)

illusionaire said...

@ p&b (anne): I guess there was a miscommunication there. And yes, its kinda hard to tell the difference between dry sarcasm and serious criticism when we don't know each other that well (I mean, our style of writing, our sense of humor, our peccadillo etc) No harm done, everything is sweet and happy and gay. yay! :-) cheers to the both of you.

@ Ms Yummylicious: Thank you thank youuuu :-) That is so sweet of you Jean. I have so many awards pending to post here, which I promise I will do once my new PC or laptop arrives. As of now, coming online from a cyber cafe with no image editing software really limits my ability to reply to such awards! :-(

@ mesjay: I have read one of them, way back in School. I love such type of stories. But as you mentioned, sometimes people don't read till the end, where the twist actually lies. Its like watching "The sixth sense" and then leaving the movie hall just before Bruce Willis realized he is dead :)

I called up my good friend Jerusha and she too confessed she never read the last paragraph of this particular post because she was online when I posted it and I was "pressuring her to read it, read it, read it" :) So she read till the second last para and just assumed its a cheesy post. Hehe.

@ thinchhia: thin thin, eng comment form maw????

@ azaia: haha... niang tiang ang thil chu mipa leh mipa in han discuss dun vel a brokeback mah mah.. :)

@ seki: i tawn lai nen a in ang viau i lo ti a mi a? khawilai tak nge inang i tih chu? lolz.. :)

Inaj said...

Interesting...but weird

Anonymous said...

Sense of humour is a must! "It is MORE IMPORTANT to HAVE FUN than to BE FUNNY, isn't it?" :)

Having a sense of humor does not provide you opportunity to sling sarcasm or vent feelings of hostility, anger and resentment by using negative come-backs, insults or putdowns.

I was coding a lotus note and stumbled on an unpleasant comment ”puppy puke…Jesus…pogo stick…blah blah..” lol…I checked the source of origin, surprised! It was from Mizohican blogspot...beep beep! LOL…” Google Alerts :) I had observed you are drawing insane number of web traffic hits attracting thousands of potential global visitors to your blog :) excellent job!

Bro I am so sorry however, you like or not, I am not going to forgive you because you have done nothing wrong :) really like your latest post…days back I had already credited my fair share of comment for this post :D keep working! Expecting more from you in future…perhaps better than this... More power to you!

Ok dokie “Two eggs are in a frying pan and one says to the other, "Gosh it's getting hot in here." The other one screams, "Oh my god, it's a talking egg!" lame joke :)

Humor is meant to improve the quality of our life, and bless others, not to cause harm. Before you can use humor safely and effectively with others, you have to first define it and refine it within yourself.

I’m not talking about going through life and laughing things off. Nor am I talking about the fact that you ignore a problem or don’t take it seriously. I am talking about first dealing with the problem and then putting a positive spin on it.

When you look at things with a sense of humor perspective, it enables you to have a remarkable capacity to control how you see the things that are going on in your life. An important part of a developed sense of humor is the capacity to take yourself lightly, even though you may take your work or your problem very seriously.

In other words, creating or understanding humor is essentially a process, and a practice of lateral thinking. (Lateral thinking is a way of attacking problems from other angles, as opposed to the more traditional linear and logical ways).

Hey! is it really true that a man with a sense of humour can attract women easier? LOL….hehehe…women feel attraction for a very different set of reasons when compared to men. Psst! tips to my folks, while men focus more on looks, women tend to focus more on personality, self-esteem, confidence level, and other intangible characteristics men possess...dont know! :)

Cheers again! God Bless...keep posting! We love it :)

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