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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chp 225. Valentine for the Lone riders

Lovers all around me, hand in hand, with fresh red roses and whispers of sweet nothings straight out of a cheesy love song. I realize I am living the lyrics of song writer’s dream, eating every word from the pain to the overwhelming passion.

Every single line is personified, every punctuation magnified. The melodious tune renders me immobile, transporting me beyond an astral plane within my head. Love – a realization that it conquers all. No matter how much one tries to deny it, in the end we all succumb to its consummate Power.

The methodology may differ – be it a chubby young cupid in pink diapers shooting its red arrows of love, or a sultry blonde siren with blood trickling down her fangs amidst a dark gothic ambience, eventually we all fall in love with the person made for us.

The difference sometimes, is that some people have too many people made for them. Such consequences are disastrous. The casualty figure is higher than all the wars put together, after all, we die not just once when it comes to Love.

Then there are those who still haven’t found the one made for them. Like cowboys we roam the planet, whistling our song of sadness as a form of escapism. Ridiculed by those who are in love, we are like the pariah of Paradise. The wind is my only companion, and memories are all that I have of what it feels like to fall in love.

The journey ahead is still barren, like a parched land of paddy where the root refuses to sprout, not because of the lack of water, but because the farmer refuses to care for it. I’m a potter without the clay.

When Pygmalion created the statue of Galatea and fell in love with it, Aphrodite gave Life to that statue. As for me, I have already sculptured my Galatea in my head. The problem is, she comes to life and then dies again, many times. And every time she dies, a part of me dies. Others may resurrect again like the magnificent Phoenix in all its fiery glory. Me, I zombify, mentally.

And yet in spite of all the forlornness and empty talks, there is also that great freedom and euphoria about being a lone rider. The call of the wild is enticing, and like the mighty river Amazon, we cut across unexplored parts of our emotions slowly, but steadily.

Maybe in that journey we will come across a new Goddess to worship again. A new religion to follow. Someone who can make us change everything that we stand for and believe in. Never underestimate the power of a woman.

And when that day comes, there will be lightning and thunder battling with each other inside my head again, celebrating the highest achievement of mere mortals. A fusion between the darkest inhibition and the purest of all sins. An avatar of completeness. A ridiculous melodrama of never-ending bicker, yet perfectly fine and acceptable.

But until then, us lone riders will keep riding. Alone. From one sunset to the other, occasionally sending out smoke signals to reassure each other that we are not alone. An acknowledgement. A universal understanding.

A testosteral bonhomie.

Meanwhile, a happy Valentine’s Day to the rest of you.

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Pixie said...

Errr... Happy Valentines Day to you too!?!

I really don't know what else to say except that I could picture you walking into the sunset wearing cowboy boots and a hat, whistling a tune with a cigarette dangling from the corner of your mouth!!

Anyways, true love waits for no one and when it hits you, you will know that everything else was inconsequential in front of what you have and the past can never truly live up to the poetic present!

*heh! I think it's all the cheese cake which made me give u all this gyan!*

Andy Varte said...

Interesting; you have got be the only one out there who wishes people a happy Valentine's Day about 30 minutes before it's too late. It makes no difference to me though; I slept through most of mine :-D This parched land that I now call home affords me not the time nor the inspiration to pursue the desires of the heart, and I'm beginning to doubt if I still have one at all.I agree with your observation, "Sometimes there are too many people made for one person..." completely. Another thing that bothers me is that people nowadays tend to assume that Valentine's is for partying, upon which I greatly disagree!

Anonymous said...

Saw your post on Andy's Blog.. it read "1 hr ago" and its an hour past 12.. Meaningful post, and I hope your day was as meaningful.. :) cheers !

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Though I'm not a big fan of Vanlentine's day, Happy Valentines day ! :-)

CRP mut reng mai zawng , ka ning tawh e mai..tih hla kha i sa dun teh ang ! :-)

By the way, Big Boss, i post content chu ka chhiar peih tawk vel chiah ani e :-)

Puii Colney said...

Happy Valentines day !!

Mariuca said...

Sandman, I loved every word, thanks for such a beautiful post. This is why you are one of my favourite writers. :):):)

You just gave hope to all the singles out there (I am thinking of a certain friend right now) to continue waiting for their one true love and not give up hope! Love and hugs from Malaysia.... :)

illusionaire said...

@ Pixie: haha, yeah my frens called me up too and they all said I've been watching too many western classic videos these days! lolz.

Yup true love waits for no one, and its something no one can hide from, no matter how hard we try. And yes, I thank the cheese cake for making you give me such great advices :D

@ Andy: lolz, yea I managed to post this just before V-day was over, with just 15 mins left. Better late than never. hahaa.

For inspiration, sometimes we dont to look for it in the physical surroundings around us. It comes from within in most case. Look within your self, and you'll be amazed at what inspires you.

@ Blackestred: Yes, like I mentioned above, this post was just in time. lolz. Hurriedly wrote down my feelings while racing against the clock! :-)

illusionaire said...

@ Marzie: I am honored by such kind and sweet words! *hugz* right back at cha. :-)

Malaysian love and hugs dont come easy these days, so I treasure yours deeply! :) And of course single people you know and a single person like me should meet one day so that they are both no longer single. lolz :)

@ Puii Colney: Happy Valentine's Day to you too :-)

@ Seki: bwahaaha, nia hei chu ka post ho zinga tawi pawl aniang. :-) A lawmawm e min lo chhiar sak a hotupa. Happy Valentine's Day to you Big Boss...

快樂情人節 (traditional chinese)

快乐情人节 (simplified chinese)

Zorami said...

I don't believe this!! Sb who doesn't believe in Valentine's Day squeezing in all his efforts to make it on time? :)) I was only joking....u can put down ur 'pistol' *hehe*
I love the post! Glad to know that I'm not the only lone rider :-)
Happy belated valentine's Day!

Zorami said...

* squeezing out.... LOL!!!

illusionaire said...

ahermmm... squeezing? pistol? language, my dear. Under 18s visit my blog too!


Miss Moneypenny said...

@ "a chubby young cupid in pink diapers" : is he (cupid) a girl? ;-)

@ "sultry blonde siren with blood trickling down her fangs": Are you Bobby Revell's writing Doppelgänger? ;-)

@ "we die not just once when it comes to Love": Well said and so true!

Very captivating perspective on Love... hopefully you'll find your one true love and experience 32 years of married bliss like me! ;-)

Happy belated Valentine's Day :-)

Zaia said...

It is a bit 'muskil' [U know hinglish?? :D]not to really dive into your writings 'coz you have that uncanny knack of making your readers curious about what your message is. This post is truly a beauty.

Hotupa, nang hi chu single reng mai la, thu tha deuh deuh hi ziak reng mai teh. Nakinah, a buin i la chhuah dawn nia.. Pu Seki te nen kan lei ngam var2 ang. :)

aduhi said...

oh....I think somebody's remembering Valentine days of yore and getting all senti....

Don't you worry, as they say - there is someone for you somewhere. Keep on sending out those smoke signals and who knows it might be picked up by some lone cowgirl and together you can ride happily into the sunset.

(insert here - images of two people on horseback riding towards the sunset, and becoming smaller and smaller while credits roll)

Puibawiha said...

A nice post, hotupa.
we all fall in love with the person made for us. Because, there is a heart inside us.

illusionaire said...

@ Miss Moneypenny: 32 years of married bliss? wow, that is so impressive, and something I definitely am looking forward to! I sooo envy you right now! :)

@ Zaia: Thanx for the compliment hotupa. And hahahaha... no way am I planning to remain single forever just to write something good. lolz. Hotupa chu rawn rawt mak thei e. Boss Sekibuhchhuak te hi single forever zawk se, a inhmeh feee zawk a lawm kei ai chuan :D

@ Aduhi: Now that was one clear description!!! Yes I'd love to meet my cow-gurl, with tall leather boots and the entire works, looking for her cowboy, me. *GRIN* And what is it with sunsets in a desert horizon and western characters that is so romantic when put together? Strange na? ;)

@ Puibawiha: Thank you, hotupa. Sometimes it is tough not to envy those who already found a life partner. But just when I lose all hope, I think of some of my frens like BW and know deep inside that there is definitely hope for people like me too! :D

Evangeline said...

Hey great post..I think it makes me feel not so bad about spending it alone seeing this 'smoke signal' :)..

illusionaire said...

See!!! Me sending out smoke signals was not in vain after all! wooohooooo!!! :D

Lize said...

:'( mwah Kima...

illusionaire said...

mwah Lize :)

Anonymous said...

i admire the way u love the idea of 'love'. u are so completely saturated with the thoughts of falling in love..haha
in the end we all end in breakups yeah..
but its gud to see that u have not given up..
u believe in something and u hang on to it no matter how hard it hits u..
u inspire those who have given up on a thing called love

Mosa said...

basically what sandman in a nutshell is saying is that he is unable to get laid nowadays :)

illusionaire said...

@ gkhiangte: I can summarize all that you've just said with this favorite line of mine: "Crazy little thing called Love". :)

@ Mosa: Hets, that was uncalled for.

Eveline said...

'Then there are those who still haven’t found the one made for them. Like cowboys we roam the planet, whistling our song of sadness as a form of escapism. Ridiculed by those who are in love, we are like the pariah of Paradise.'

Damn! This sounds like me.
Oh well, i need to get me a unicorn now, dont ya think?? ;P

Smoke up a signal if you ever do visit my dear city, would ya? (wink wink)

toy soldier said...

I post thlahrang kha a thui ltk a, ka chhiar chhuak hman lawk lo a, ngaihnawm khop..thui uchuak trep..sawisel:)

Been busy lately n never really got time for myself these days...tats y the late wishes...
Ny way, belated happy independence day..Life wont b the same after a "she" enjoy and keep writing stuff for us, the boring romantic ppl:D

illusionaire said...

@ Eveline: hehehe... of course I will definitely send out my smoke signals with the sound of war drums in the background (and mebbe a lil fire dance) when I come to B'lore. Miss the place like hell!!! :( And yes, I must admit, falling in love in B'lore with someone special is easier and less stressing than it is here in fast-lane Mumbai!

@ Toy soldier: Thanx, and yes, I did get a lot of "Independence Day" wishes on V'day too. lolz. I have a lot of mean friends and thats all they do - make fun of my single status. But then, what to do... hmu zo lo kan ni tlats sia. Soon I might give up on this entire thing called love and move to a secluded hill-top to become a hermit.

vana said...

Bro, i luangliam ltk lo e, ka ngaihtuah thin chu, ka nau kima hi a pawnlam landan ai hian a "kur" e :). Chhuril a no tlat.

vana said...


illusionaire said...

lolz, bro, I am like this only :D

Cowboy lam ziah pawn chhungril a la no tho chuan cowboy chu a va "man" awm lo ve :) Client Eastwood ang hi ka ni duh :)

LTP said...

va luck loh thlak ve aw. "Follow me,and I will make a women's man out of you". Mizo tawng chuan "Hmeichhe man tu ah ka lo siam ang che"

Anonymous said...

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