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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chp 226. Valentine Post – The sequel.

Ok I will make this post shorter than usual.

Just to answer many of my kind friends and visitors who asked: "Why don’t you just ask a girl out?"

Well, frankly speaking, which girl would ever wanna go out with a guy like this?

[All photographs taken on Feb 15th, 2009]

And of course the priceless one!


So that’s what I was doing on Valentine’s weekend - Playing around with Nicola’s MacBook "PhotoBooth" application. Jobless me!

Next Post: Trip to Daman and Udvada, Gujarat. Hope you visit again to read that. And don't stop loving each other just because V'day is gone. Peace.


Pixie said...

Dude! what's wrong with u?!!

those pics are enough to scare away the bravest of the lot who actually might want to go out with you!!!! :D

Pixie said...

also, why would anyone want to distort their already distorted faces like that?!!


Zorami said...

U handsome Lone rider !! *hahaha*

vana said...

NIce, cool, sexy eh! you naughty boy

VaiVa said...

Inkhawm hman lek lo in hengte hi a ni maw i lo tih a?

A pawi reng reng lo. V-day tih ang reng te chu kum dang bawkin a lo thleng leh thin anga, angai te bawkin thlir liam leh thin anga. Tuak 226 in tiam tlat e an tih hunah chuan i mal leh tawh ngai lo ang. Chutih hunah chuan hmeichhe tin in an zuam tawh em em ang che!

Boss, kei zawng Ram Sene leh Shiv Sainik ho hian v-day a kal dun rawl rawl ho hi 'Mangalsutra' emaw 'Rakhi' in sawi rem zel se, lo thlawp ru i la, Pink Chaddi tal chu kan hlawh ang chu te ka lo ti mai mai! LoL

LEon said...

You must be having a good time during valentine time. :)

illusionaire said...

Oh thank you all for such sweet words!!!! :P

Sekibuhchhuak said...

HAHAHAHA..I van ho mai mai e awww , BIG BOSS ! :-)

aduhi said...

a va han hman thlak mai mai

Zaia said...

Hihi!!! Instict told me that all of us got two different sides..

I can't wait for the next post.. c'mon, hotupa.. next post chu...

emMM said...


emMM said...

remembering love ones on's a lil something for my beloved brother

They can take tomorrow and the plans we made,
They can take the music that we never play
All the broken dreams, take everything,
Just take it away
They can never have yesterday
They can take the future that we'll never know
They can take the places that we said we would go
All the broken dreams take everything
Just take it away
They can never have yesterday

I thought our days would last for ever
But it wasn't our destiny
'Cause in my mind we had so much time
But I was so wrong
No I can believe that
I can still find the strength in the moments we made
I'm looking back on yesterday

illusionaire said...

Dear Emily, check your mail...

Lucy said...

Son of a gun..I couldn't log-in from your page.

Nice photo. You look absolutely super gorgeous :D

Been traveling around too. Will post some photos on my Blog soon.

By the way, Sial ain't no Ox. It's Gayal. Just so you know.

Lucy said...

Happy V-day.

Puibawiha said...

hahaha.. ka nui nasa kher mai!!

chhangte_ll said...

Ha ha ha ha...Maybe some ET from a far far away Galaxy :D

LTP said...

I call it "The height of desperation"

Kanidar said...

Haha.. desperado ve :-)

Anonymous said...

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