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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chp 242. Mizoram 2009 A.D.

On Sunday morning, the hills are a quiet

only to hear the lull broken by the chimes of bells a ringing.
Hither exists virginal peace & a serenity
transfused from the angelic voices of the church choir a singing.

In a distance, melody yields a rhythm
The beating of mighty drums, conveying to the masses a calling.
A time for penance, erstwhile a routine,
now replaced by iPhones & iPods, their prayers went a stalling.

The gathering soon concocts a mixture,
from toddlers in new dresses to geriatric faithfuls a ranging;
Yet everybody’s so technologically a driven!
A subtle reminder of Bob D crooning - times they are a changing…


Pixie said...

Mine is the first comment! :P

Lovely poem... :D

Just a grail said...

That was really beautiful!

Mos-a said...

that's prolly your best poem evar :P

illusionaire said...

@ Pixie: Yay my first commenter. hugz :) And thanx.

@ JustaGrail: Thanx :)

@ Mos-a: awwweee... thanx, you. That is so sweet. *Muaaah*

...I figure thats what you wanted :D

faka said...

That's a lovely one! Lunglenthlak deuh ruiha ka'n hriat chu!

dr_feelgood said...

'technologically a driven' How true. The speakers use mikes and FM mikes, the choir sing to pre recorder 'track' music, we use keyboards and electronic drums. In our church, we sometimes use projectors for power point presentations on special occasions.Wont be long before songs and Bible verses are displyed digitally. What next? All local churches will have their own FM channels, and Tv channels, pod casts etc, and we can all stay at home and watch at our convenience. Then you can donate your offering through electronics transfers to the church's a/c. Really frightening.

gkhiangte said...

i dont know but i feel like our mizo commnunity changes and adapts to new things easily in this case technology. i remember the old big television set days, the tape/walkman, the cd players, the white boring computers..
now they are gone because "we" let them go. why cant we stick to some of them just a little longer?
i am amazed at how rich people are back home! they are able to buy the latest tech gadgets that i just saw on tv.
times are changing indeed, but is it for the better? arent we just letting the 'goodies' control our freedom?
i hate it when people carry mobile phones in the church. its not like the Chief Minister is going to need your help in a highly secretive mission. ok, so you can't live a moment without your cell phone, the least you can do is switch it off while praying. imagine God puts you on hold when you badly need Him? you don't want that, do you?
if my pc makes me miss a family dinner, then i guess its not a good change.
sometimes people change for the better and sometimes they suck..
and when that change is triggered by technology, it can really suck big time..
"use it, dont abuse it"
is my motto...
thank you for the space here..
come to think of it, i hope im not abusing this blog space?hehe

chhangte_ll said...

A 'Techgiri' went to Aizawl a and came back as a 'Poet' :D

Varte said...

Van phuah tha reuh.. Sunday zing Biakin dar ri ka hriat lohna a rei ta hle mai. Helamah chuan dar zu vaw ngai hauh lo a..!!!

blackestred said...

Nice poem, liked the words you used, very poetic too.. Guess you get nostalgic very soon after reaching home, but I stay there a few more weeks and I crave for the noise.. :p
And yes, mizos love technology since the first laptops appeared which were about as thick as present CPUs, and the owner would carry it with him everywhere, flaunting the REALLY thick machine which he has no idea what to use it for, except play games, in B/W.
We love showing off, yet we like to act modest, we buy the latest gadgets, yet we say we don't have money.. Something's wrong.

zualbonez said...

than kher mai...sandman

David Ralte said...

Nice Poem.

norrbu said...

we can still be solitary reapers despite all the noise.

OpaHmar said...

Keichu sunday zing inkhawm ka peih lo cos i have never been enrolled in puitling sande sikul properly ever.

I missed the sande sikul of my childhood....back in the retro days where we wud watch HeMan first the scurry off to church

Just a grail said...

Hope your dad is doing well.

illusionaire said...

Thank you all for your comment. I'm coming online again after a week. Thats how busy I am. Recently, our Chaltlang South Presbytery hosted the NEICC (The North East India Christian Council) Annual Conference so it was a great honor for our locality. I was involved in the function as much as I could whenever I wasn't looking after dad (evening services), and we had great pastors from all over the North East delivering great sermons and the word of God. Thank you all for your comment again.

@ Just a Grail: We are awaiting dad's test result. If it's serious, we'll be flying him to Kolkata for treatment, otherwise I will be going back to join work (Mumbai) Thanx for your concern.

makima said...

I could sense Dylan even before I got to the last line. Very nice one!
Imagine what our parents' generation must have gone through. I think we'll eventually get used to change... not just this change but to CHANGE itself

Lucy said...

Lovely poem, Sandman.

I hope your dad's medical test come back good.