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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chp 292. Goafest 2010 - Webchutney wins three!

A bumpy ride back to Mumbai only to be welcomed by the sweltering heat wave, and I immediately felt guilty complaining about the heat back in Goa. At least there was the clean pristine blue ocean right in front of our shack ready to replenish our body, soul and spirit any time. Here in congested polluted hectic Mumbai… Juhu beach? Lolz.

Goa stretched out her hands for webchutney again this time, at the same location as last year - Big Fish @ Palolem beach. But this time, I got the best shack in town overlooking the entire beach. You open the door, and voila - you have the entire beach right below you with sunbathing foreigners and beach beauties of various nationalities greeting you with a warm smile. A voyeur heaven.

Last year, the buzz around our Goa trip was fenny. This year, there’s a new high. Yup, I’m talking about Foursquare. Rather than enjoying the idyllic surroundings or music around us, we were more concerned about “checking in” on Foursquare at various locations on the beach. I eventually became the Mayors of Café del Mar, Chattai Beach Huts (where some of our colleagues were staying), Honeymoon Island, Big Fish, Cavelossim beach, AdVillage and Big Bamboo. Our AVP of Technology Saket (aka Vulturo) and our ACD Meghana too checked in and Mayored a couple of places. Even our CEO Sidharth (Hon’ Jury chairperson at Goafest) managed to become the Mayor of Café del Sol!

Yeah, I know. Not only were we technogeeks, we almost bored our colleagues to death.

Anyhoo, at Goafest 2010, WE WON THREE BRONZE!

Although you may think winning bronze is not a big deal, let me tell you that this year there were no silver and gold in the three categories where we won bronze. So technically, we came first in these three categories (except 17G that had one silver).

It was not just the digital advertising category but others like print, film, outdoor, radio etc that didn’t have any gold or silver. This year, we saw just a handful of metals won by a few agencies because the grand jury decided that the quality of work and creativity were not up to the mark. After all, due to recession, clients didn’t spend that much on advertising; hence Ad Agencies could not execute many of the grand ideas conceptualized.

I saw at least ten extremely creative “concepts” by webchutney being shot down this year – the clients loved our ideas and approved everything, but sadly we couldn’t come to an agreement regarding the cost.

The three bronze we won were for –

Webchutney Award list Goafest 2010

Download the entire list from afaqs HERE

Only three other digital agencies won the same amount of metal as us – Tribal DDB, Hungama and OgilvyOne. No gold across the entire category of digital marketing and advertising. In fact, there were a lot of categories in the entire Award ceremony where there were simply no awards – no gold, silver or bronze.

But with clients more likely to splurge on digital campaigns this year now that the recession is finally over, expect to see amazing work from us and sweep the awards next year.

The after-party was AMAZING too, and there are so many things I’d love to talk about regarding GoaFest 2010, but I want to keep this post as short as possible. So I’ll just leave you with a couple of pics.

Some pics taken from my mobile phone (click for higher resolution) –

Webchutney Goafest 2010
Palolem beach and shacks, view from Chascha bar.

Webchutney Goafest 2010
And that’s where I was staying – right on the beach baby!

Webchutney Goafest 2010
Breakfast at Café Joy, watching tourists getting new tats.

Webchutney Goafest 2010
Lunch with the big bosses @ Papillon. Serves the best food on this beach.

Webchutney Goafest 2010
Shack party at Café del Mar. Good crowd. Food & service? Not so great.

Webchutney Goafest 2010
Liar, liar, pants on fire…

Webchutney Goafest 2010
Broke? Don’t worry. You can always trade your eyebrow for some cash here.

Webchutney Goafest 2010
Chattai Beach Huts. 4 in the morning. Sometimes… fairy tales do come true.

Webchutney Goafest 2010
Just before entering AdVillage – Goafest 2010 venue.

And that’s all I captured with my mobile phone. I’ll update this page later with the photographs some of my friends have taken. Some of those pics came out really well, as our guys are really into photography. Till then, cheers.


Anonymous said...
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Banno said...

Hey, your shack on the beach looked great. I've never been to Palolem. Looks like it's less crowded than Baga. Cool way to work in the heat. Congrats on all the awards.

illusionaire said...

Yup Banno, it is not that crowded. Love the peace and serenity. You and your family should definitely go there. Plus it is quite cheap compared to other beaches :D And thanx about the awards :)

Pixie said...

nice nice!! :D

congrats on the 3 bronze too!! :D

Palolem looks ideal! I don't like Goa too much these days because its become so much more crowded and weird!!
but, Palolem looks like old Goa :) :)

illusionaire said...

Its in the south, so maybe thats why it looks Old Goa'ish :D

Lucy In The Sky said...

I miss Palolem Beach. The best in Goa. Ate at Pavillion, nice place.

Did you go up to Patnem? There a restaurant called Magic View. They have the best Spaghetti Pesto..Yummy.

illusionaire said...

Yup, Pavillon is the best place here definitely. I had Shark and Pork combo BBQ here and it was amazinggggg! Will try Patnem next time.

Ditto said...

Goa chu va nawm hmel ve mole........ nupui te theihnghilh hial khawp a zin chi mole.

chhangte_ll said...

A nawm hmel khawp mai....Mumbai boruak lum uap zet ai chuan a nuam ngei ang :D

illusionaire said...

@ Ditto: Hahahaha! Nia, theihnghilh chu a awl hmel khawp mai. lolz!

@ chhangte_II: Mumbai ai chuan a zia feeeee zawk :) Mumbai traffic jam a tang phei phei hi chuan a at theih a lawm le. :)

dr_feelgood said...

Goa hi chu ka kal chak ve khawp mai,mahse kan nu hian tui a hlau tlat mai a, a buaithlak. Engtik ah emaw chuan ka la kal ang.
Congrats for winning the medals.

Almost Unreal said...

So, have you traded your eye brow? :P

looks fun....

i tlangval thianghmlimna i ron von him zel ka beisei :D

mesjay said...

Congrats on the award and the great time! You really work hard and play hard--way to go, kid! And ah, Goa! I've stayed in Donna Paula a coupla times but not in shacks, they were more sober sedate ones. But bootiful is Goa,na?

illusionaire said...

@ dr_feelgood: "kan nu" i ti jaih jaih zel a nangma thil hlauh te hi... :D hihihi... thanx.

@ Almost: Ah yes, I did :P eeeee vawn him tak ka ni kei chu :P

@ Mesjay: Thanx Pi mes. And yes, bootiful indeed Goa is.

thinchhia said...

wow!! nawmhmel ve..mahse camera tha tawk nen a kal awm a lawm :), tin nula thlalak a tlem mah mah hehehe

lehkhachaih nen a tlan duai duai ka chak

illusionaire said...

Ka thianten camera tha chuan thla an la nual. A proffe ve hlawm lutuk, photography ah an tui bawka. Post dangah ka rawn post ang thlalak collection ho chu.

dr_feelgood said...

Illu..I'm an aquarian, I love water!! Student excursion lai in ka thian pakhat nen chuan Bombay Juhu ah khan kan cheng ve vak tawh. Mahse pool a chen ang ngawt chu ani lo,tlem chuan ka hlau deuh.

Chicco said...

Congrats on the bronze.
Great pictures too.

Irene said...

Winner! Congrates.... nuam awm hle mai winner han nih bik reng chuh...

Shack vel a nawm hmel hle mai a...

Lovely photos... planning my next holiday there...

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Looks amazing, glad you had a good time!


Anonymous said...

Nice staf, men! Mama love Googlez!

Winstrol said...

I have heard a lot about Goa and about huge quantity of Russians there