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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chp 370. Dream interpretation, anyone?

Got this really crazy ass dream/nightmare last night. I for one, am not one of those bloggers who rant about their dreams… but this time, I just want to pour it out here because it was so realistic and… intriguing as hell.

The thing about dream is, no matter how realistic it feels then, by the time you sit in front of your computer, everything had become hazy and blurry. So when I woke up suddenly this morning at 4am, I immediately took my trusty Android and started writing down what I just experienced quickly in shorthand.

Now as I sit in office typing this, if you are the type of person who’s really into all this dream interpretation (and the paranormal), maybe you can explain the meaning of my dream…

In my dream, I was asked by Arsenal FC to play for the team since most of the players were injured . So there I was, playing my first match for Arsenal.

Ok, so far, I’m sure it doesn’t take a Jung or a Freud to deduce the meaning because after all, I am a hardcore fan of Arsenal.

Now the strange parts begin…

First of all, though I love Arsenal FC, when it comes to playing, I am more of a basketball player. I have indeed dreamt many times before about dunking over Yao Ming or Shaq, or scoring a buzzer-beater on game 7 of the Conference Finals. But last night was the first time I ever dreamt about playing football (as far as I can remember).

Secondly, yes, Arsenal is my favorite team, but any football fanatic knows Arsenal is performing extremely badly this season. We are close to the relegation zone due to the loss of important players, and the last minute players we bought don’t seem to be working out at all. So how come I’ve never dreamt about playing for Arsenal during our glory days. Why now?

Thirdly – this is the strange part – I scored four goals! We were playing against Newcastle United, and the full time score was 4-3. We won because of me! But what’s really strange was – all the four goals I scored were just very simple and ordinary. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time, and none of my finishings were awesome or outstanding… the ball slowly and meekly rolled into the goal, just inches beyond the goalkeeper’s reach.

Now this is my dream we’re talking about. How come I didn’t tackle through 4-5 defenders as Messi would or score a goal with an unbelievable back volley shot or even a long range goal from beyond the centerfield? Why such simplicity? Yes, when I dreamt of basketball, I was the superstar. We do the impossible in our dreams, right? …flying over people and having superhuman strength sometimes. But last night, everything seemed to be really humbled.

Fourthly – now comes the strangest part, the reason why I woke up sweating at 4 in the morning.

So there I was, with my Arsenal team mates, hugging and rejoicing. Arsene Wenger too shook my hand and said something to me in French. I nodded. After I took a shower, I quickly went online from my mobile phone, looking forward to what the press would be saying about me…

But… there was nothing! and hadn’t updated the match highlights yet. So I went to, and a short notice read: “Arsenal beat Newcastle 4-3!” But no details of the game were there.

So I went to, and even there, nobody was talking about the match or my four goals. I thought some of the people there would be talking about how an admin of the site scored 4 goals for Arsenal and that it was a proud day for every Mizos across the world. But NOTHING. Then I called up my friend Amos, another admin of and a hardcore Arsenal fan. I knew he would definitely be watching the match.

I asked him if he was watching the match and he said yes. So I excitedly asked him if he saw me, and he said his TV view had been zoomed out so he couldn’t make out who the players were or who scored the goals!

I screamed.

I hung up and went to from my phone (damn, that visual is still SO clear in my head right now, as if it actually happened!). With trembling fingers, I typed, “Arsenal Kima”.

The only results I saw were of my blog posts where I have blogged about Arsenal.

Then I typed, “Arsenal Newcastle match Kima 4-3”

No result!

It was then that everything became more distorted and my whole world started spinning around, and I woke up sweating and breathing heavily (and a bit angry too). Even after I woke up, it took me quite some time to realize it was just a dream… but damn, it was so freaking real.


Now comes the interpretation – what does the last part mean?

From my own deduction, it looks like I desperately want attention. Or is it that I merely want to be recognized for things I have done? Things that I deserve to be appreciated for, but sadly ignored and swept aside? Am I being suppressed? Or is it that I want something more out of a relationship or in my life or even in my job, but I’m not able to get more no matter how hard I keep squeezing? At the end of the day, yes, I know it was just a dream. But sometimes, it makes you wonder because some of the reasons I mentioned above may indeed be true.

Like I said before, I don’t blog about things like this… but this one… this one is different. Eerily speaking.


KymBawi Khuptong said...

:D ----> "...With trembling fingers, I typed, “Arsenal Kima”....Then I typed, “Arsenal Newcastle match Kima 4-3”" these lines are just so hillarious. No wonder its Mizohican's dream.

About dreams interpretation I have no idea but one thing I do know is running in a dream is quite difficult. So must be even the ball rolls slowly to its almighty glory of Arsenal. It might be interesting if you have depicted this post in picture. :)

Vishnu Menon said...

According to Freud, "You were dreaming about sex."

dolly dollz said...

hahahaha......min van ti nui nasa, pum na vek a kan nuih chu le

Shualiiiii said...

Okay, I'll try to break this gently. the first parts of the dream are simple enough- Football is traditionally regarded as a man's game, right? So, you have always sexually considered yourself to be a straight man, and you rate your own performance quite highly too (4 goals!)
Now comes the tricky part.
The lack of acknowledgement reveals your own subliminal feelings of lack of enjoyment in the "game" youve been playing; to be precise, the "side" youve convinced yourself that you belonged to.
The fact that you dreamt about Amos should more than make that clear. Foot'ball'. get it?? OMG! Need I say more?

Mizohican said...

@ Vishnu: According to Freud, everything is about sex :P

@ KymBawi: lolz I wish I had the time to depict this post in pictures, but alas... work work work :(

@ dolly dollz: lolzzz i pum na vek a bawn zia tur ka ngaihtuah a, keipawh ka lo nui nasa ve tawp :D

@ Shuali: Haha shuali chu i shual ngai in i la shual reng a ni maw? :) Amos a ka mumanga ka hmuh vang mai in min lo thik suh... Grrrrr.... :D

Pixie said...

no clue about dream interpretations!!
but, this dream was eerie! and kind of funny as well! :P

how have you been?

Khabezuma said...

Smells lik

H.Vangchhia said...

Sorry dude, Football ka en khat em aniang e. I ziak erawh a chhiar anuam thin ngei mai.

Mann-a Pautu said... PimPom kha ka ni e, ka blog chu hi ani a, Blogger latest ah khan min lo telh ve leh mai ta che. Ka lawm ngawt ang. ka blog link hmasa kha a link ka change a.

Putarte said...

probably seeking attention and recognition LoL

MyWorldStuff said...

Good dream.. Happened with me too. I had this similar kind of dream of playing football for England after watching the movie GOAL 3 late night. Boy!That was refreshing.

Mizohican said...

@ Pixie: Heyyyyy... So are you back in India yet? I'm sure your three weeks in NY must be over by now. Looking forward to your photo updates! :)

@ Khabezuma: lolzzz... Attention Deficit indeed :D

@ H.Vangchhia: hehehe... thanx anyway :)

@ Mann-a Pautu: Added :)

@ Putarte: lolzz yeah... but then again, I think most of us do :D

@ MyWorldStuff: lolzzz... that sounded interesting :)