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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chp 551. A picnic on Valentine's Day

For the past so many years, my friends in Mizoram have been raving about one thing - PICNIC.

Yeah, Picnic spots started popping up across the state a couple of years back, and it was a huge success because Mizoram does not have that many facilities for its people to unwind and relax at. Pubs and discs are out of the question because Mizoram is used to be a dry state. House parties way beyond sunset are discouraged and looked down upon by both the card carrying members of the Church and the YMA.

Malls are starting to become clich├ęd and boring, especially when almost every shop within the same Mall sells the same exact identical stuff. Movie Theatres are almost non-existent, and the few outdoor activities like para-gliding, paintball and ATV racing are either too exclusive/expensive or available only seasonally. In fact one of the most renowned and infamous hangout in Aizawl… is a stretch of road! :) World Bank Road they call it. Ahhh… what happens at World Bank Road, stays at World Bank Road. Or so they say.

Hence for the general public, a picnic not only serves as a way out from the usual monotonous life within the city, but is socially accepted by our society as well.

I have never been to such a “picnic” in Mizoram :( And to make matters worse, I see my Facebook friends posting various photos of their picnic events all the time. One friend even joked that I was probably the only 30+ dude in Mizoram to have never gone on a picnic in Mizoram. Of course I’ve been to a picnic, in fact I’ve been to many picnics, but just not the type of picnic we have in Mizoram.

The picnic in Mizoram that I’m talking about here, happens at a private resort, and usually comes with a swimming pool. People have to make their bookings in advance, and also bring their own food to cook. Most of the picnic spots provide utensils for cooking and eating. You can also order food in advance from a catering service, but in most cases you yourself will have to collect the food from the caterers because such picnic spots are located at the outskirts of the city, hence beyond delivery. This is the picnic that I have never experienced before.

And so this Valentine’s Day, my family threw a special picnic for me and my girlfriend. It was my first ever picnic in Mizoram. Yay. And more importantly, it was a moment for my family to finally meet the much talked about DP Colney :)

The name of the picnic spot was called “Millions Resort”. It was a fairly new picnic spot, so many of us haven’t been there. It took us around 3 hours to get there and we even got lost a couple of times along the way.

The roads were extremely bad once we were close to the resort. We explored the place as soon as we reached, and it was beautiful. Surrounded by hills on one side with a scenic view on the other, it was indeed a paradise worth reminiscing.

Click on all photos to enlarge to a new tab.

We took a couple of photos together as well, including romantic shots which were photobombed by one of my naked nephews! :D

The better half soon got on her work before more people arrived. Here she’s doing what she does best - “zawngtah ziah” which translates into English as, “Skinning the damn Crying Monkey”. Ouch.

Millions Resort had a good stock of utensils for guests to use. The only bummer was that most of them had oily stains, so we had to wash them all over again.

My cousins, nephews and nieces had a great time with DP, along with Didina who managed to arrive in the last minute. As the popular saying in Mizoram goes, "where there is booze, there is Didina" :D

Time to soak up the sun and dive into the chilly water!

Kiddies pool section. Cute.

Didina looking for alcohol near the pool...

She who shall not dive into the pool but pose by the poolside frequently

A few more photos from my niece Ruati's phone. Her phone cam is actually really awesome... almost as good as my Oneplus One :P

Oh and they had this music system with large speakers and gigantic woofers by the pool, so while some of us were relaxing in the pool, the kids played a couple of Tiau Trackx songs, which was fine. But then they shifted to K-Pop and I was like, "Hell no!" and took over the DJ and blasted Steve Aoki, LuvBug, AvB etc at max volume, and suddenly the whole place came alive and felt like one of those rave poolside parties, minus the drugs.

While we were frolicking in the pool, other cousins and their wives/husbands prepared dinner...

Soon, it was sunset time... Everybody left the swimming pool as it was starting to get really cold!

A very "spiritual" cousin of mine decided to pray while the sun was setting...

He "prayed" for a very long time indeed :D

And then it was dark. The poolside was lit up beautifully. Very romantic indeed. Perfect place for a Valentine's Day event.

The awesome pics above were taken with my Oneplus in HDR mode :)

Other cousins continued cooking. Without them, this picnic would not have been a success.

Finally it was dinner time. All the kids ate first, followed by the adults. The beef roast and smoked pork were HEAVENLY. One of my cousins u Siama marinated the beef for an entire night and gently roasted them the next day. Initially, he said he won't be able to make it to the picnic and that he'll only just make the beef for us. But as he kept making and making it, it smelt so good that he eventually came for the picnic too :D

The caretaker's two dogs had a feast too, gobbling up all our leftovers.

And as all good things must come to an end, it was time to say goodbye to all my dear cousins and their family. They definitely showed us a wonderful time, giving me my first experience of what a picnic in Mizoram is really like. An unforgettable Valentine's Day indeed.

Hoping to have such a great picnic in Mizoram again. Thank you so much u Lapuii, u Ngura, u Dinpuii, u Chhuanawma, u Siamliana and all our cousins for this. Cheers to family! :)

Ps. For those who are interested, if you want to make a booking at Millions Resort, you can contact them at +91 9436151452 and 0389 2326164.