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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Chp 624. Reunion Videos

And so that was it. Our batch reunion concluded, and it wasn't easy writing about them! Here are the links and the number of word count for each reunion post I have updated the past 3 weeks -

Chp 619. The Reunion: 1273 words, 19 photos.

Chp 620. Reunion Day 1 + 2: 3529 words, 142 photos.

Chp 621. Reunion Day 3: 2055 words, 175 photos.

Chp 622. Reunion Day 4: 2465 words, 152 photos.

Chp 623. Reunion Day 5 + 6: 1949 words, 50 photos.

That's a total of 11,271 words and 538 photos uploaded!

Dayyymm I should have submitted my thesis or something for that :P

Anyway, enough words have already been said and more than enough photos have been uploaded, so in this post I will just put up two videos, taken and edited by the awesome Stapp, who also played a huge role in organizing our reunion and pumping up different people and finally convincing many of them to turn up for the reunion.

Just enjoy. And cheers :)

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