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Monday, October 31, 2016

Chp 631. Twin Outfits

From what I have learnt so far about the fashion world, apparently it is quite common for couples to wear "twin outfits". Matching clothes in a way make the couple look cute together, and it is also a subtle way of announcing to everybody else that they're together :)

Celebs all across the world have done it. David Beckham and Victoria did it, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did it, and so did recently divorced Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. (Ok ok, I really don't know if they all wore twin outfits or not, I'm just bluffing here, but if you're unfamiliar with the fashion industry like me, just nod your head and continue reading :P )

So here's our attempt at wearing twin outfits :)

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I went to Mumbai to celebrate my dear friend Abi's birthday. My girl too flew down from Mizoram to attend the birthday party. And then she fell ill because of the sudden change in climate (and probably Sunny's awesome cocktail concoction), so I looked after her until she was well enough to travel back to Mizoram.

I know, sometimes since our Mizo community is small, people love to gossip about other people. We initially planned not to post any pictures of her visit on social media, but since Abigail was going to post the photos of her birthday party anyway, people were going to find out. So I guess I should mention that the main reason why she came down to Mumbai and Pune was not because of Abigail or me, it was to buy new stock of clothing material for her couture.

She has her own fashion design studio back home, where she serves quite a large clientele. And from what I have learned from her, what differentiates the many designers in Aizawl, is the material they use. Most of these fashion designers, especially the ones who graduate from renowned fashion institutes, are more or less on the same level of expertise. They are all good in coming up with new and creative designs to making really fancy and unique clothes, and so what sets them apart from each other is the material and type of fabric they use. And for that, they don't usually buy their fabrics from Mizoram, as it has become "common" (also, they are sold at an expensive rate in Mizoram, leading to lower profit margin for the designers). Some travel to Tiruppur to get new supply of fabrics, others go to Surat, and many even travel all the way to Thailand and China to buy their fabric materials.

And that was why she was in Mumbai and Pune. To refill her material stock. And as luck would have it, it was also the perfect time to wear our twin outfits together :)

All the twin outfits mentioned below were personally designed by DP herself, unless stated. What makes her creations stand out is that she not only designs them but cuts them herself. She also seldom creates flashy and ornamental decoratives, and instead likes to make simple, classy and elegant designs.

First up from our list of twin outfits was this really cute couple T-shirt. The two T-shirts read "Together Since 2013" when we stand together :)

Twin Outfit 1

Fabric: Two plain black T-shirts purchased from ZARA.

Me: Round neck, with customized digital print at the back "Together 20".
She: V-neck, with customized digital print at the back "Since 13".

DP got them printed from Khatla before coming down to Mumbai. And I must say the print quality was very good.

After that, since we had to dress according to Abi's birthday party theme, DP and I changed into our Black and Gold color theme clothes that she herself designed.

Twin Outfit 2

Me: Round neck, full sleeve, black single jersey fabric with leather patchwork appliqué on the shoulders. Khaki pants from Westport. Casual shoes from ZARA.
She: Reverse appliqué black sleeveless dress, stretchable cotton and synthetic fabric. Heels from Addons.

Back in Pune, I booked a table for us at The Flying Saucer Sky Bar, one of Pune's renowned restaurants. It had an awesome roof-top view of the city, and the food was equally amazing. This was where we wore our third twin outfit :)

Twin Outfit 3

Me: Louis Philippe slimfit blue shirt from Import Hut, Zodin Square, which DP brought with her from Mizoram. Blue denims from Pepe.
She: Inverted pleat blue dress, stretchable twill cotton. Bag from Forever 21.

My friends recommended we try the Prawns tempura, and it was the best we ever had.

Twin Outfit 4

Fabric: Single jersey grey fabric made of wool, cotton and synthetic fibre, imported from China.

Me: Normal T-shirt with front open round neck piping and button. Casual shoes from Marvel.
She: Same design, with longer knee length cut, binding roll up sleeves and bow at the back.

So the one day we had to ourselves together, we spent it on shopping. Went to various malls buying stuff and having fun. I really like this T-shirt because of the comfort.

Though it was extremely tiring shopping the entire day, the attire was so comfortable that it felt good wearing it while taking a break from shopping :)

Twin Outfit 5

Me: Maroon slimfit semi-formal shirt from Van Heusen. Black denims from Lee. Shoes from Ruosch. (All purchased earlier the same day :D )
She: Same material as the earlier blue dress but with different design and cutting, pleated sleeves and gold chain along the neckline and netted appliqué. Shoes from Charles & Keith.

Malaka Spice. The perfect place to have our last dinner together. I think our outfit theme too blended well with the restaurant's ambience. The food was delicious as expected, though a little bit expensive.

As the restaurant was just walking distance from my apartment, we strolled back slowly together, hand in hand, under the romantic street lights.

And with that, our twin outfit journey came to an end, for now.

Looking forward to many such journeys in the future. As I have mentioned in my other posts, if you want to get such wonderful clothes made for you, you can always contact DP. Her address and contact number are given below

The Colney Select,
H/No E-19, Top Floor,
Opposite RTZ Sports Goods,
Khatla Peter Street,

Contact number: 8731001838

Monday, October 03, 2016

Chp 630. Abi birthday bash

After 2 years in Pune, you kinda tend to forget how life in Mumbai used to be, the fast-paced life, a life of hustle and bustle across jam-packed rush hour traffic, followed by 12+ hours rigorous work in front of your workstation, only to end the day with a long night of partying and merry-making. Ahhh the Mumbai life :)

I'm sure glad I got to taste a bit of that again, recently.

Last week, my friend Abigail invited me to her birthday party at Mumbai. Abi throws one of the best house parties that I know of, and it was at one of her parties that I even met my girlfriend, and we have been going on strong for 3 years now ever since! :)

And so, there I was, on my way to Mumbai from Pune, all excited about Abi's party and even more excited to see my girl who had flown in from Aizawl to attend the same party.

It was raining on the way to Mumbai, and the Expressway was quite slippery. But all I looked forward to was reaching what I once used to call home sweet home. Mumbai meri jaan :)

Went directly to my old apartment. Saddam was excited as ever to see me. Oh how I miss the little brat!

My former flatmates now have two more dogs – A German Shepherd and a Labrador.

Though they were both just around a year old, they were already thrice the size of Saddam :D But from what my flatmates told me, he was the alpha-male, bossing the two giants around :D My former bedroom had been converted into their playroom as well.

I wished I could spend some more time with them, but time was of the essence, and so I bid them goodbye and made my way to Abi's pad.

Her apartment was decorated really well for the occasion.

Soon, more invited guests started arriving. The theme of the party was Black and Gold, and everybody loved the large banner that was placed in the living room.

The birthday girl herself, in her fabulous dress for the night.

Reunited with my special one, at the place where our story started (though technically, it was at Abi's old apartment :P ).

Fiona too flew down from Delhi, as she's Abi's niece. It was great meeting her again, and she enthralled everybody with her wonderful voice (video below). At first I thought she might feel a little bit out of place, considering who she is, you know, renowned for being a Gospel singer, but she was a great sport and didn't judge any of us (now that is what I consider true Christianity).

It was nice to finally meet Effy in person too, though we had been friends on Facebook for so many years. Her sister Maria is a very close friend of mine, but unfortunately, she wasn't in India, and so only Effy came to the party.

Lolz, Effy was exactly like her sister, the way she laughed and talked etc., or as we used to say it down South, "Same to same" :D

Cyndy Khojol was another familiar face that didn't make me feel like a stranger among such a glamorous guest list. But I think I shouldn't have introduced her to my girlfriend because they bonded so well that I was spending most of my time trying to separate them :D

Took a few more pics with the birthday girl.

Pa Zaia came with Charlie, and it was great to see Kuri again too. It felt like a reunion of the old Mumbai crowd.

Fiona entertained all of us with great covers.

Birthday girl Abi too joined in on the karaoke, performing a couple of great numbers and duet with Sushant.

Sushant by the way, was India's Mr. Gay India 2014, and won many awards and accolades that year. He's a really fun and lively person to meet in real life.

Here's a video I took of Fiona and Sushant performing Adele's "Rolling in the deep" together. By the way, this was the first time the two of them met, and yet they synchronized their duet so well!

Wonderful performance indeed!

A few more pics here and there, courtesy of Sunny who not only volunteered to take pictures with his digicam, but who also made the meanest badass spicy cocktail I've ever had :)

I did click a couple of photos of Sunny, because you know, being the cameraman, you're never there in any of the pictures taken…

In fact, if you are the cameraman, the only way you can be in the photo is to take a selfie like this… :D

Gotta love Sunny for that. I still remember that incident when it was the grand opening night of "Club Uzo" and Sunny was running all over the place managing orders and people, and suddenly, there was this commotion about the gent's loo being locked, and all of us thought some drunk fool must have passed out inside, and so we knocked and banged on the door, and finally we kicked the door open, only to find out the locking mechanism of the door was faulty and there was nobody inside :D :D :D

I went around taking a couple of pics here and there…

Hehe the above pic, Sophia's gonna kill me for posting it :D

You know you're having fun when you spend half the time searching for your girlfriend :D Here she was, at the verandah with Cyndy. Sometimes she was in the bedroom chatting with aunty. And a few times, I swear I saw her climbing up the walls of the neighboring apartment :)

And of course when the girlfriend tells you, "Ninawm, Temple of the King leh Soldier of Fortune lo request ve chhen suh", you know the partaaay's about to staaaart! :D

Cyndy photo-bombing our couple pic :D :P

Finally it was time to cut the birthday cake. Happy birthday Abi :)

The "Before" and "After" of the poor cake :D

Here's a video of the entire cake cutting episode above, courtesy yours truly. I was the video-cameraman cum birthday cake candle :P

I think it was Kuri and gang who brought out another cake after most of the guests had left, and so we had yet another round of birthday celebration :)

The next morning (technically, the same day :P ), we cleaned up the house and flowers…

And of course what do we Mizos love the most, in spite of all the Glitter and Glam? Kuhva hring! :D

You can take the Mizo out of the Mizoram, but you cannot take the Mizoram out of the Mizo :P

I am extremely proud to announce that I single-handedly worked on the betel-nut below and peeled it to perfection :)

After that, it was breakfast time. We made a few Mizo dishes, along with leftovers from the previous night's dinner…


One last look at the birthday banner.

That "awweeee" moment, as DP and I wore our "Together Since 2013" couple T-shirts. Thank you so much my love, for the awesome T-shirts and the magical moments :) 

The above pic might remind some of you of the "Don't Dead. Open Inside" scene in TWD. :P

Fiona joined us a bit late, because I think she was in her room praying all this time…

She even gave me a couple of Psalms to read before I left. Such a sweet child she is. 

And of course I will never understand youngsters today. Apparently, it is the latest fad now to wear two different footwear at the same time! :)

If I tried the above stunt, people would think, "Heh, look at this old man, he forgot to wear the same pair of shoes today".

I slowly made my way back to Pune again… In a way, I was a bit relieved to get back to my slow mundane life in Pune again because… like I said, I'm old now. But it's good to party like this once in a blue moon.

Thank you Abigail for the AMAZING party. You sure know how to rock. Until the next party in Mumbai then... Cheers.