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Friday, April 05, 2019

Chp 752. Montfort Mizo Reunion

During my recent vacation in Mizoram, I managed to find a free evening to have a reunion with my Mizo classmates of Montfort School, Yercaud, TN.

Ahhh our 20th year reunion!

Time flew that fast! It seemed just like a few years ago when we were all just playing football together at our school playground in Tamil Nadu, hanging out and having fun while trying to experiment on all sort of weird stuff.

That was us. Paul, Tlawmlova, Francis, Azuala, Notea, Byron, Hminga, Rempuia, Stephen and me. The 10 wicked Mizos of our Talofian batch of '99.

Much credit to Hminga (Mama) who planned the whole reunion in the last minute. He reached out to everyone and arranged the reunion venue at his own restaurant, Pemarin, at Millennium Centre.

I happened to forget I was in Mizoram time, so I reached the venue right on the dot, 6:30 sharp, and nobody else was freaking there yet!

Really nice of Hminga to book the private room of his restaurant for our occasion. I broke the rules and brought out my booze since nobody was there yet (kids, don't try this at home).

Just to be clear, this was my own doing and Hminga had no role in this and he wouldn't have appreciated of it. But I just feel like putting this pic up since Mizoram is now currently back to Prohibition. Wicked me :D

As soon as Hminga turned up, he was like, "Get rid of those damn bottles, the source of all evil and perversion, how could you stain the good name of my restaurant!" And so we broke all the bottles right there and no alcohol was consumed that night.

After Hminga, Azuala was the next to reach.

And then came my bro Stephen.

Notea too turned up, surprising everybody since we all assumed he would be more interested in playing his PC games :D

Tlawmlova and Rinpuii soon joined our merry crowd.

And finally, the red carpet for our much much beloved Paul!

And so, that was us that night. Hminga, Azuala, Stephen, Notea, Tlawmlova, Paul and me.

Francis was terribly missed as we talked about all the good times we had with him, may he always rest in peace, see you soon on the other side brother. Rempuia, now known as Edward, was super busy with his glamorous successful career and none of us had actually any idea on how to reach him. It would have been great if he could have been there as well. And then there was Byron, who could have made it for the reunion except he had passed out and didn't see Hminga's messages until the next morning. He regretted so much the next day for not being able to make it for our reunion. Typical By-a :D

The food and service were awesome that night, probably due to the fact that the owner of the restaurant was in our group :D :P

As Hminga mentioned, he had recently acquired a new Italian chef (to be precise, an Indian chef who specializes in Italian cuisines :P ) and even though he was expensive, it was worth the investment because the dishes he made for us that night were absolutely amazing!

Notea brought along his small digicam and the pictures came out really well.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, my dear cousin BTi got married the previous day. Her new home was just a stone's throw away from where our reunion was held, so I briefly left the restaurant and visited her. She and her in-laws were busy unwrapping all the wedding presents.

Like a good relative, I helped them shift some of the stuff up to their bedroom. :D

After that I went back to Pemarin restaurant and re-joined my bros. I don't think they even realized I went missing for a couple of minutes :P :D :D

We talked so much about our wild days back in School, all the crazy things we did, how we used to travel together by train (Coromandel Express) from Kolkata to Chennai and vice-versa, our holiday trips to Bengaluru, the surprise dormitory raids from our wardens, the most embarrassing stuff each of us did, bunking classes and even sneaking out from hostel, smuggling contraband back into hostel and so on. What a memorable night indeed.

One last group pic together before leaving.

We all went to Hminga's house after that, where we could finally drink. :P

We continued trading old stories there as well, while laughing our asses out most of the time.

Before leaving, Daduhi gave us all this really awesome detox concoction made from tamarind and lemon.

And as we all bid each other an emotional goodbye, I walked down to my rendezvous point below Hminga's house, where my other partners-in-crime Esther and Joe Mualchin along with Goosh came to pick me up…

We went to many places that night, but that is for another blog post :P

Even though I had a very tight window frame, it was such a momentous occasion to have a reunion with my bros after 20 long years. So many things had changed between us, but what remained strong even after all these years is the bond that tied us all together. Looking forward to our next reunion again.

Take care everyone, peace out. Cheers!

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Stapp said...

It was.a pleasure reading this Kima. emotional too.