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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chp 52. Kamanahalli

Kamanahalli. Yup that’s my new address.

Kamanahalli, an interesting part of Bangalore… I mean Bengaluru (Damn, I even had to program my Word document to recognize this word).

The first impression I got when I first landed here was, man, this is some really rural shit. But OMG, how wrong I was. Kamanahalli had everything I needed. Right from shopping malls to places where I can buy contact lens solutions. Carpenter shops selling wardrobe, utensils market, mattress shops, hardware outlets, groovy restaurants, electronics shop, you name it, its all here. They even have vigilant night cops (who by the way trashed one of my roomie “Jupiter” coz he was drunk while speeding on a bike). Pork shop, junk food outlets and hundreds of liquor bar, man, this is sheer Heaven!

Its not even 3 weeks since I got here, and I’ve already signed an unwritten mutual tie up with one of the bar owners here. He is willing to sell me a bottle of Old Monk rum for just a mere 115 bucks! Plus a discount of 10% on Jaguar beer if the total cost exceeds 300 bucks. How cool is that!

Our house warming party was a blast. More people than we ever expected turned up. It was one of the best parties I’ve ever had. It went on till 5 in the morning.

And here’s the best part I like about the place. The locality where I live is almost 70-80% Christians. I am not trying to draw a religious line out here, but all my life I’ve been in places where I’ve been waken up at really odd hours in the middle of the night by a nearby Mosque’s prayer blasting on the loudspeaker or can’t sleep in the night because of one of the many Puja celebrations breaking the sound barrier in a nearby field. Here, everything was all peace and quiet.

The only problem is, it’s very difficult to find an auto that’s willing to take me to Kamanahalli from, say Koromangala or even MG Road, especially after sunset, coz they don’t usually find a customer back from here. Hence, if I don’t have any transportation, all I do is stay at home like a desperate housewife. Its fun though, in its own way.

Lots of “small eyes” brothers n sisters reside in this part of the town too. From my frens, I’ve found out these people are Koreans. Have no idea what Koreans of all the people are doing here, but yeah, I’ve seen a lot of them when I go shopping at MBO’s like Nilgiris. It’s really strange but yeah, we can make out if a “chinky” is an Indian or not. Many of my non-“chinky” frens have asked me so many times how I’m able to differentiate such people because “we all look the same”. I dunno how to explain this; I guess u’ll just have to understand. To us, its Childs play to identify which one is from North-east India and who’s from South East Asia.

Anyway, I’m really looking forwards to a swell 3 months here in Kamanahalli. It maybe quite far from the more urban part of Bengaluru, but as long as the Bloody Mary is served with the right content of tomato juice, I don’t mind having it without the glass that is rimmed with celery salt.