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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chp 105. Pics: KTP Bial Conference

[Warning: Post content- 40 pics. Page load time may be slow]

For the sake of my dear non-Mizo visitors, let me explain the concept of “Bial KTP Conference” again.

KTP stands for “Kristian Thalai Pawl” which literally means “Christian Youth Group”. Every Presbyterian Kohhran (Church) has a KTP. A Bial (circle) consists of a couple of Kohhrans headed by a designated Pastor. Hence a KTP Conference is an occasion (3 days) when all the KTP members of different Kohhrans belonging to the same Bial interact with each other by going to the same Church, having discussions, fellowship programs etc.

As mentioned in my previous post, Chaltlang Bial consists of Chaltlang Branch (1954), Laipuitlang Branch (1986), Lily Veng Branch (1988) and Chaltlang South Branch (2002). It was indeed a great experience for me, considering the fact that this was my first KTP Conference since I’m never in Mizoram during this particular time of the year.

Some of the photos I took are displayed below.

Girls will be girls. I spent most of the morning waiting for them to get ready.

L-R : Mawizuala, Terema, Thangvunga, Pianpuia, Mary, Madina, Mahlimi & Me.

Ushers of Lily Veng Branch (the host branch for this year).

[ Variety Program – Saturday Afternoon ]

L-R: Marly, Mawizuala, Hriatpuia, Engkimi, Maruata & Hriatpuia.

Laipuitlang Branch dancers!

L-R: Rintluangi, Marly, Ma-i, Mami.

Chaltlang South Branch Quartet Band.

The DOXOLOGY gospel rock band, Chaltlang Branch.

Item numbers from renowned gospel artists.

Gospel rock band SARABANDE from Laipuitlang Branch.

Our (Chaltlang South Branch) very own gospel band – The ALTARS.

Laipuitlang Branch KTP members performing a worship dance.

On our way home -> “The ALTARS” unplugged.

[ Sunday 28.01.07 ]

Sunday Afternoon Church Service, again at Lily Veng (the host Branch).

A close friend of my close friend -> Lal Hmai, Chaltlang Branch.

Laipuitlang Branch Choir.

Chaltlang South Branch Choir. The conductor is Madina.

Blessing the offerings given during the service.

Narzhoc, a regular misual.commer.

Dancing in His praise.

Sunday night service: Bial Choir in action (the best from all Branches)

A view of Lily Veng Church from the balcony.

After Church -> fellowship program. Note the time. And it just started!

Chaltlang Branch members performing a devotional worship dance.

Various gospel artists from different Branches.

On our way home, around mid-night. Streets are completely deserted.


My cousin posing, and me in front of “Almost Unreal’s” house .

One of my friends said that “Bial Inkhawmpui” is also a perfect time for single guys and girls to keep a lookout for a probable partner! No wonder whenever I was introduced to a girl, the first thing the people who introduced us always mention was, “nula fel a ni” (She’s a good girl). Lolz.

One thing I have noticed is that, many people regard anyone who regularly participate in KTP activities to be “good”. Evangelist Zairemmawia gave a very good sermon on this topic too. We need to change our mind-set regarding this notion. Ofcourse taking part in such activities is a noble deed when it comes to devotion, but there are a few individuals who do nothing in life, don’t help out with the house chores, waste their time the whole day, and when it is time for the KTP service, they are the first ones to reach the Church! All they care about is their public image. Being a good Christian is not just about the Church service alone! That’s just the icing. Duty to family and parents are also a part of duty to God.

Ah oh, I met a couple of KTP members from different Branches who came up to me and asked me if I am Sandman! Lolz. I just grinned and cautiously asked them why first Anyway, I did get quite a number of handshakes that night, from people I’ve never met before who read my articles online. Here’s to all of you out there -> lots of love and prayers. Hoping to meet you all again on next year’s KTP Bial Conference. God bless.