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Monday, March 08, 2010

Chp 287. Happy Women’s Day

First of all, let me say – I HATE WOMEN’S DAYYYYYYYY!!!!

Wooooo boy, that felt great.

Now things are starting to look much better. My head is feeling lighter, and I am starting to recollect why I automatically try to run away when I see sniffer dogs…

I don’t hate every Women’s Day. I just hate today’s Women’s Day. Nothing to do with sexism or whateva –isms. I hate today simply because I work at a digital Ad Agency. Women’s Day means making hundreds of Women’s Day offers for our clients – emailers, newsletters, online offers, webpage maintenance, banners, soshkeels, virals etc etc.

And this year is worse because Women’s Day falls on a freaking Monday.

When it comes to creating campaigns for our clients (like 20% discount at blah blah blah), there are always last minute changes here and there. Other years, it’s ok because Women’s Day was on a weekend or some other day except Monday. So we always had enough time to make the changes before D-Day. But this year, all the changes that had to be made came in on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. And since we don’t work on those days, our work kept accumulating and accumulating. Monday morning, reached office… kabooom!

That’s why I hate this year’s Women’s Day. I was soooo damn busy the whole day, Satan didn’t even bother to tempt me with any dirty thoughts.

Now that I am finally done with work, It’s time to visit my blog and wish you all a Happy Women’s Day, late as it may be.

And to show that I really really really mean it when I say “Happy Women’s Day”, well, I’ve just spent almost 48 hours during the weekend making a collage of the profile pics of all the female Facebook fans of our Mizo community site – is currently one of the most popular Zo sites today, and run by a dedicated team of admins. We don’t get paid, hell no. We are just doing our community a favor because we believe it is our duty to do so. The other admins are in charge of the tedious work of collecting, editing, verifying and scheduling articles, while I mainly do the social media part. It’s a great place to practice what you learn at work, and I’ve already covered it from blog feed aggregator and weekly updates to mobile integration to Facebook fan-page management. Currently we have 720+ fans on FB.

So this weekend I collected around 300 of our top female FB fans, went through each profile, selected the best pic from their album, edited every single pic so that one could look their best (side profile from a low angled shot looks amazing at 50x50 pixel size) and arranged them all on one huge banner. The banner of course covered the entire main screen of, but it was just a one day thingie, so everybody understood.

And yes, even though people had to scroll all the way down because of the huge banner covered with pretty ladies, none of the guys complained. I wonder why.

I won’t be posting on my blog any of the pics/collage I designed because of the way things took a completely different turn at – Guys started voting for the prettiest profile from the collage! Lolz. Eventually there was even a winner declared. Haha, we men!

Anyway, we tend to keep Women’s Day all week long as our theme, so there won’t be any such events unfolding again.

I really hope all you wonderful people had a grand time today, and that we can cherish this special moment by trying to make everyday a Women’s Day (except when it comes to professional work!)

Cheers, and a big hugz to you all.