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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Chp 313. My five stages of grief., a Mizo community blog that my friends and I run, will turn 5 years old tonight! Yay *self congrats* Five years is a long time. As for me, there will be no anniversary celebration because the only five in my mind are the five stages of grief.

Three days ago, I lost my mobile phone. Samsung Omnio Pro B7320

My baby Samsung

Three days ago on a wet Sunday evening, I went grocery shopping. On reaching home, I had around 15 plastic bags filled with food and other stuff from a supermarket and I barely managed to pay the auto driver. It was dark and drizzling too. By the time I dragged all the stuff to my pad on the third floor, I realized my phone was not with me! Aaaargh.

Called my number from another phone. Son of a bitch who must have found it had already switched it off.

And here’s what stings the mostttttttt!

My Samsung phone came with an Anti-theft Mobile tracker technology. All I had to do was activate the feature and submit two phone numbers. Hence every time somebody inserts a different sim card in my phone, a notification will be sent to these two designated phone numbers. From there on, we can report the numbers to the cops who will do the rest. It’s just a one-minute task.

And guess what? Yeah you guessed right. I didn’t activate this freaking feature.

Big lesson learnt. Shoot me.

13,000 bucks down the drain. And it’s not even 6 months old. My friends used to ask me why I didn’t buy a Blackberry Curve instead as they cost almost the same. And a Bberry is highly recommended in my line of work as we have to stay connected all the time. But there were a lot of things I loved about my Omnio Pro (*sigh* it hurts speaking about it in the past tense). I visited all my favorite blogs and social networking sites using this phone all the time. In fact I stopped reading newspapers in the loo (a habit that I had since school days) and instead browsed news sites on my phone right from the loo.

I was so used to this phone that even after losing it, I would grip an imaginary phone in my hand. And then that imaginary phone would have a weak signal, so I would shake my hand to get better signal. All went well until a female colleague slapped me and later sued me for sexual harassment.

Anyway, here are my five stages of grief. Some people express grief through poetry or prose. Here is me doing this through a comic strip!

This is also my first attempt at comic stripping. Many of my favorite bloggers have their own comic strip series running. I really find this genre of bloggers interesting and maybe I will do it again later.

Mizohican 5 stages of grief - 1

Mizohican 5 stages of grief - 2

Mizohican 5 stages of grief - 3

Mizohican 5 stages of grief - 4

Mizohican 5 stages of grief - 5

For my next phone, my mind is already fixed on an Android phone. I’ll most probably be going for the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica. It costs around 12K and is something I can afford right now. But I also fell in love with the 30K range of Android smartphones. Right now I am stuck between the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire. Both look formidable and are the clear champs in this category, even giving the new iPhone4 a run for its money.

I so want these two phones, either of them, and I have done loads and loads of research on them. I’ll most probably buy one of these 30K phones on EMIs. Or, if you really like this comic strip or enjoy visiting my blog, I really wouldn’t mind if you donate some dough towards my “Android Smartphone” fund

Galaxy S and HTC Desire
Image source: Shripad @ TechEnclave