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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Chp 353. The June Pledge

Hello June! Today is my cousin Dr. Mash’s birthday. Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. Day after tomorrow, I have a Facebook wedding invitation from a Facebook friend I’ve never seen before in my life. Life is indeed full of events.

This June, I too have my own special event.

Before I say anything further, let me just say it was the CEO of my company who inspired me to do this. He, along with our VP of Technology swore to get in shape and pose in their underwear by December 31, 2011. The name of their site is called Underwear model or bust. Great initiative. Go check it out.

So coming back to this post, this June, I have decided not to touch a single drop of alcohol. That means “drink” for all you smartasses out there. I call this The June Pledge.

Studies have shown that in today’s world where people are connected with different strangers and share even the most intimate or frivolous details about their personal lives, it is indeed easier to fulfill a promise when announced online, like this.

What is so special about The June Pledge, you may ask. Nothing. In fact I made it up.

I can come up with reasons like, hey, its June Pledge because June was named after the Roman Goddess Juno, and we all know how much the Romans like to drink from Asterix & Obelix comics. But then sometimes, not having a reason can be the greatest reason to do something too.

Cutting down on alcohol is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. But with such a hectic life in the ad industry, I find the sweet beckoning of an Old Monk rum at the end of a tiring day too tempting to pass. If you’ve seen Mad Men, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

But of course, that’s no excuse for my vice.

Even though alcohol has never interfered with my work or social life, at the end of the day, it is my health that takes a hammering, especially when I’m pushing past the 30 year boundary. So, this June, yes this ENTIRE month, I’ll be abstaining from anything that leads to the slightest intoxication. And please feel free to join me in this quest by taking the same pledge.

If you have the habit of drinking every night, then do take this pledge. If you want to make a change in your life, take this pledge. If you want to break away from the bondage of alcohol and stop being a slave to it, take this pledge. If you are a social drinker, then this pledge may not be for you. But you’re always welcome to join me nevertheless. The more the merrier.

I’m not being preachy or trying to act as if I’m better than anyone. I’m so not. And I’m not even asking you to quit drinking for good. All I’m saying is, give this one month dry period a shot. See if you can last one month without alcohol, beer included. After that, it’s up to you. But trust me, this one month will make a lot of difference in your life.

I will not bore any of you regarding this Pledge on my blog again. If you want to join me or read my “private journal” for the next one month about this, do catch me at

If you want to join me in this pledge, please enter your name below or in the comment section:

Being the techno-geek that I am, my phone is filled with alcohol related apps. You can find them easily on the android market.

App name: Drinking Games - Has a huge database of simple, silly and yet extremely fun drinking game list. I’ve done a lot of them with friends in our most inebriated state, and it will make you ROFL throughout the night.

App name: DrunkBlocker - You can set a time duration using this app when you start drinking, and once you’re drunk and the app is activated, you cannot make any calls or send smses during that duration. Very useful *grin*

App name: Drunk Tracker - It tracks and records your movement via gps, so that the next morning you can see where all you’ve been the previous night during your drunken stupor. Lolz a very useful app, but drains battery life due to gps.

App name: AlcoMeter - Based on your weight and sex, it calculates your blood alcohol level. All you have to do is enter the drink you’re having and how frequent you are drinking.

App name: AlcoDroid - Similar to the app mentioned above, but I prefer this one. Better interface, and it records your entire history from the time you’ve installed this app. Also has a huge list of different types of alcohol with their alcohol content (% vol.)

App name: Today’s Reason to Drink - lolz this is my favorite. It has 365 reasons why you should drink (so you don’t feel guilty about drinking every day, haha!) Like, today, June 1 – The reason why you should drink is because today is National Go Barefoot Day! lolz. It also has a link telling you more about this event, and also a recipe for a cocktail called “Barefoot on the Beach”.

I guess these are the five apps I will not be using this month.

Alright – 30 days dry period, here I come! And do join me!