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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Chp 718. The Adventures of Tubby - season 4

Finally, the Adventures of Tubby is back! In this belly-hitting mouth-watering Season 4, there are two new elements added to the series. The first is that, all these pictures were taken with my new OnePlus 6 phone, with a good depth effect using its dual camera feature, so the photos are looking even more scrumptious than before.

The second is the inclusion of our Roasted Mizo Chilli Flakes in all the dishes. I carry them to work every day now so it has become an integral part of this series.

For those of you unaware about Tubby, you can read the previous seasons to know about her origin, her topic, FAQs etc:

So without further wasting your time, here is the fourth season of The Adventures of Tubby!

Season 4: Episode 1

China Toss, East Avenue, Mulik Palace, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

Crispy Chilli Baby Corn: ₹ 199
Chicken American Chop suey: ₹ 289

First up is this delicious Chicken American Chopsuey from China Toss. Funny thing about this dish is that it is actually an Indianized version of an Americanized version of an authentic Chinese cuisine, lolz. And in America, an American Chop suey and a Chinese Chop suey are completely different, but here in India, they are both similar and the only difference is the sauce used (red sauce on American and white sauce on Chinese). Well until I get to try out a real American Chop suey, guess I'll be satisfied with the one we get here in India.

Season 4: Episode 2

Salad Grills, Hermes Parai, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

Classic Caesar combo: ₹ 375

Got the above combo for 375 bucks (plus taxes), which consists of a healthy Caesar salad with delicious Caesar dressing, butter, 2 bread sticks, 4 garlic breads and a Chilli-Guava Ice Tea. Not bad, considering Salad Grills has one of the highest ratings on Zomato here in Pune. It is a great place to have healthy and dietary food, and I promise myself to order from this place at least once a week, though it looks like that is happening once a month only.

Season 4: Episode 3

Taste Of Hyderabad, 5th Avenue, BS Dhole Patil Path, Pune.

Chicken Dum Biryani (Full): ₹ 260
Roasted Papad: ₹ 20

My favorite place in Pune when it comes to authentic Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani. And I just loveee their side gravy as well. I don't know why so many restaurants out here serve a hyderabadi biryani without the onion gravy. That's what makes the biryani even more awesome, IMHO. I planted the roasted papad on my biryani to get a better depth effect on the photo, lolz.

Season 4: Episode 4

Madras Coffee House, Amanora Town Centre, Hadapsar, Pune.

Rocket Masala Dosa: ₹ 135
Medu Vada: ₹ 70

If you want to have freshly prepared dosa, it is best to have them at a restaurant. Don't get it delivered home, because by then, it will be all sorry and done. It is no longer a do-sa, it is now a did-sa :P I ordered Rocket Masala dosa, which was supposed to look like the image below, but instead, what I got was a sad ol soggy dosa. It was tasty nonetheless, but still, the presentation also adds to the appetite.

Season 4: Episode 5

The Burger Barn Cafe, Sanas Corner, South Main Roan, Koregaon Park, Pune.

WTF Chicken Burger: ₹ 600

Aptly called WTF burger, this monster of a burger consists of different layers of multiple ingredients. Trust me, you won't be able to finish this alone! Burger Barn Café even has a "WTF Challenge" - if you go to their outlet and eat this burger along with some Fries and Oreo shake under 30 mins, your photo will be put up on their "Wall of Fame". So far, only a handful of photos are up there as of now. The only complaint I have about this magnificent burger is that all the meat are just Chicken, ranging from Chicken ham to Chicken salami, Chicken sausages, Chicken patty etc. It would have been even more awesome if they had mixed it up with Bacon, Mutton, Beef etc. Yummmm.

Season 4: Episode 6

The Coconut Tree Bar & Kitchen, Konark Icon, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune.

Egg Appam (2 sets): ₹ 160
Pullimunchi Ghee Pomfret Curry: ₹ 575

I have posted pictures of Appams in my previous Tubby seasons. This one is an "Egg appam". Yeah that's right, golden fried egg right in the middle of an appam, it is sooo good!!!! And the Pullimunchi Ghee Pomfret Curry was yummy as well. They all went together so well with my roasted mizo chilli flakes. I may sound like I am biased towards Kerala cuisines because I was brought up in the South, but trust me, you gotta give them a try if you haven't yet. You won't regret it!

Season 4: Episode 7

Skadoosh, Ganga Arcadia, Kharadi Bypass, Pune.

Chicken Thukpa: ₹ 175
Chicken Classic Momos: ₹ 110

Ahhh a Chicken Thukpa meal with Momos as sides. Slurrpppp. I sprinkled some roasted mizo chilli flakes on top of the Thukpa and all I tasted was Heaven! It was that good. My friends recommended me to try a Mutton Thukpa next time, but unfortunately Skadoosh doesn't have that on their menu. I will keep looking for one and update you in my next Tubby series :)

Season 4: Episode 8

Gurunanak Dairy And Sweets, Deepak Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Tikki: ₹ 20
Samosa (2): ₹ 24
Kanda Bhaji: ₹ 20
Sabudana Vada: ₹ 15

Tubby was delighted to meet a few light snacks as well, since heavy meals all the time can get boring. I tried out samosas, kanda bhaji, aloo tikki and sabudana vada and they were very filling. I think this was the time I went to office with a hangover and didn't feel like eating a heavy meal for lunch, lolz.

Season 4: Episode 9

Alfa Southinn Café, Silver Oak, Florina Estate, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

Dal Fry: ₹ 55
Egg Bhurji: ₹ 40
Aloo Jeera: ₹ 60
Paneer Mattar: ₹ 70
Chapati (5): ₹ 25
Paratha (3): ₹ 36

Here is an extremely economical meal from Alfa Southinn Café. This entire ensemble of egg, aloo, paneer, dal, chapati and paratha all came under 300 bucks, which is a really good deal for the amount of variety involved. In fact I was so happy with the VFM that I made a heart sign on the dal with my roasted mizo chilli flakes, and hopefully one day I will become a renowned Latte art designer :D Also, this is probably the world's first mizo chilli flakes heart sign on a dal fry! Yes I'm famous now, where do you want me to sign my autograph? :P

Season 4: Episode 10

Vasant Family Resto Bar, Kamla Nehru Hospital Road, Mangalwar Peth, Pune.

Egg Paratha (2): ₹ 100
Chicken Masala: ₹ 160
Paratha: ₹ 20
Masala Papad: ₹ 25

This order was a mistake. This is the risk I take every time I order from a new restaurant for the first time. I really felt like having yummy Egg Parotta that day, you know, South Indian style. These were what I had in mind that day…

But instead, what I got was scrambled egg stuffed parathas. Not the same! I mean it was ok, not that bad, but still, when your mind is set on something so strongly and a completely different thing arrives, it is very disappointing. This is why we need images on the online menu, and I love it that Swiggy and Zomato recently started doing that on their apps.

Over all, this was a great season, and be sure to join me on season 5 of The Adventures of Tubby this coming week itself. There's a whole range of different cuisines with awesome depth photography awaiting you. So until then, cheers everyone! Live to Eat! :)