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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Chp 17. Unmaad

Oh My God…
I was extremely busy the past 3-4 days with Unmaad, our college annual cultural fest. The last time I logged into my blog, the number of visitors were around 870. Now it has reached a cool 1090 even though I haven’t updated anything! This is so cool! People, frens, brothers. From today onwards, the “Blog of Kim” is active once again

Where do I start? Hmmm…..

Unmaad ofcourse!

Seriously, you guys should have come. It was 3 days of non-stop fun and action (and ofcourse binge drinking ). By non-stop, I definitely meant non-stop, bcoz we have parties till dawn, followed immediately by the day’s events again.

(Before I begin, let me warn u that this is my longest post so far. So brace yourself! )

Lets start with 27th evening.

My sister’s ex husband’s sister was in town. So I had to meet her. In between I had to go shopping for Amol’s bday gift. To cut a long story short (and also bcoz it has nothing to do with Unmaad), I had dinner with my sister’s ex-husbands mum and sis, and later I went back to hostel where we celebrated dear Mane’s bday that night, with lots of ass kicking and cake smearing. We made a fantastic bday chart too which we displayed at our cafeteria (hostel tradition). Around 2 in the morning, when all of us took bath and cleaned ourselves from the cake and tomato sauce (whose freaking idea was that anyway? The stain on my favourite jersey is not coming off even after washing it ) We went out. I was like quite high already… and a bit sleepy. But never-the-less, it was fun as its not everyday here in IIM that we go out at 2 in the morning to have fun with frens.

We went to “limelight”, an all night restaurant near Club-X on airport road. The place was great. Club sandwiches was what most of us ordered. But unfortunately, no alcohol served. Had great fun there. We reached hostel by 4am I think. I knew at once that I will be missing Unmaad’s first day event that I’m taking part in : Tee shirt designing.

28th January: Unmaad Day One.

I was right. I missed my event. Got up only at 12 in the afternoon. By the time I had food and was ready to go to campus side, it was already 3. Anyway, Amol and I roamed around the various stalls and I must say, there were more people than I expected. That evening we had the Unity Concert. Strings and Indian Ocean. Frankly speaking I am not into fusion kinda music. So we watched Indian Ocean from the Executive Block terrace, and entered the concert zone (aka our football field) only after Indian Ocean left. While we were watching from the EB terrace, the guys were really concerned about me coz I was already quite high on vodka shots and they were afraid I’d fall down. Lol. Nice of them to be so concerned, but I assured them it will take more than a couple of vodka shots to make me wanna jump from the 5th floor .Then came the Pakistani band “Strings”. They were awesome! Even though my hindi is pathetic and I never listen to hindi music, I was actually tapping my feet and head to their music. I had no idea what the lyrics meant, but I must say, their music was really good. Its like rocking away to Rammstein. You have no idea what he’s saying, but you just love the music.

We left the concert around 10pm and got ready for Amol’s big bday treat!!!! Even the dancers Tommy and Shubha had finished their practice and ready to join us. Somehow we managed to convince Ramya to join us and eventually, there were eleven of us. Shubha, the last one to arrive, looks really hot n quite a bit over-dressed, which prompted most of us to change into a more appropriate party wear, causing further delay. Hence, from a nice dinner party plan, we changed it to a noisy Pub/disc plan.

Took two cars. We went to this place on Infantry road called Hypnos. Had an AMAZING time there. The place was really nice. DJ played trance and club hiphop, and we danced most of the time until they closed the dance floor at 12. All the girls danced – Amra, Ankita, Shubha and Ramya. Momo, she… slept But from the guys, only Monu, Tommy and I danced. Amol son of bitch gave his two left foot excuse, GV was not drunk enough yet and Amra’s cousin was shy. I think the best part of the evening was when we ordered for the hookah (sheesha in Arabic). sigh*… Brings back such wonderful memories of Hyderabad when me and my arab roommates used to smoke it almost every night. I asked for my favourite “Peach” flavour (nak’ha in Arabic) at once. The food was great too. But I frankly don’t remember much what I ate Monu and I had a pitcher each. And I was already high before coming here. Gawd… I definitely had a blast that night. Our table made the max noise, but frankly, who cares at that point. Truly it was a remarkable bday party.

We left around 2 or 3 I don’t remember. GV drove one car while Amol drove the other. Monu was out I think I slept around 4 or 5.

29th January: Unmaad Day Two.

Got up around 1 in the afternoon…. Lunch was lousy so we went to monu’s favourite joint – KFC. After that I bought a couple of PC Strategy games from landmark. To my utter disappointment, they didn’t work as my comp did not have the basic Video-card requirements. Damn!!!!

Around 4pm I went and picked up “she-who-does-not-want-to-be-named-on-my-blog” and brought her back to hostel. Showed her around the campus, and even though I could not make her participate in any of the events held, she had a good time. I had a good time too. We watched the fashion show together. Nice. Some of the girls were really hot, and I’m sure some of the guys monu would categorize as hot too We ended the day together after that, and I dropped her back at her hostel around 9:30pm… came back just in time for the dance competitions.

All the dances were extremely good. Especially a Michael Jackson solo by one guy. Hey even our college dance was awesome this time! They came third. Not surprised at all, considering the amount of time they’ve sacrificed for all their practices. “Black Magic” was performed again by the same troupe that won the Cul-Ah dance competition. But at the peak of all the excitement, the police came and played spoilt-sport. They said the volume must be reduced as it is past 11pm. Freaking, we couldn’t hear anything from the back after that, so we left after our college performed.

Drank in my room… since I was like really tired and drank quite I lot, I passed out around 12 mid-night! But guess what? There was an L^2 party that night. For some of you who don’t know what this L^2 party I’ve been mentioning many times in my past blog is all about, well, it’s the hostel party that we have here. It starts from 12 midnite till breakfast time. It happens like once in 2 or 3 weeks and generally, its our way of unwinding from a really really tough week. It has been proven that, after working really hard at a stretch for days and days continuously, if people party even harder at the end of the week, they will tend to be more refreshed and work hard again once the weekdays start. People dance till they can dance no more, to the sound of loud blaring music that resonate from 9-10 thundering 10,000+ watt speakers and disco lights surrounding the dance floor.

I woke up around 4am because my bed was vibrating from all the sound that the speakers were producing, as the L^2 party happens right outside my room! So I got up, freshened up and joined junta at the party Danced and drank till 7am. Passed out for the second time after that…..

30th January: Unmaad Day Three.

Got up at 12 in the afternoon again But this time I had a bad hangover and a lousy stomach. Went to campus side and promised to be more active in my college’s cultural fest, atleast on the last day. Better late than never.

I got myself a volunteer’s badge to show the people that I was interested in helping out :)
Went with Tommy and watched the western song competition. St.Joseph won hands down! Those guys were amazing. They had sopranos, tenors etc and you really gotta experience it if you wanna know how good they really are.
I went to the concert ground after that coz I could hear some Led Zep playing on the loud speakers from there, and I was pretty sure nobody was DJing anything in that section. When I went there, guess what? Parikrama was there, practicing. Man they were really good. Watched them close up. And later I went to the canteen to get goldflake cigarettes for them! Yay, I did something useful today, that too for Parikrama

Later on, Nitin the Parikrama vocalist was hanging out near the canteen so I took a pic with him

The Mr. and Ms. Unmaad started around 5pm. But me n my frens were more interested at the B-School of rock competition going on. Those guys were really good. Pro level I must say. They played a lot of Maiden covers. And soon the much awaited Moksha-Parikrama showdown. Most of us did not see the Moksha show bcoz we had a heavy case reading to do for the next day’s strategy class. But everybody came when Parikrama got on the stage. All the IIM students occupied the VIP gallery. They sang so well, but I must say, Parikrama was way better then Moksha. Towards the end, Tommy, Amol n I were head-banging right below the stage. Floyd, GnR, Deep Purple. They really know how to rock the crowd. And the guitarist Sonam, is God! He’s just too freaking good. Makes me proud to be a chinky The show ended around 11:30pm. Cops again played spoilt-sport to the entire function, telling the technical guys to lower the volume to a barely audible level. Luckily we guys were right next to the stage infront of the speakers so it wasn’t so bad. But for those at the back, I really pity them…

After the rock show, most of us PGP1s went back to our rooms to read as much as we can about the next day’s case study, before the L^2 started. I finished reading the case just before the party kicked off…

Man, it was one of the best L^2 parties we ever had. Lots of people, and the crowd was really hep and cool. I watched my alcohol consumption, because of the next day’s class. Tommy, Monu and I danced our brains out. Now and then others like Shubha, Chu, Tenny etc joined us. Nike played amazing music, mostly hiphop. I slept by around 5am. Set my alarm for 7:30am. It was a bit difficult to sleep with all the noise, but then I started thinking about some boring mathematic formula, so I slept within no time. When I woke up, the party has just closed down. There were still some people loitering around the dancefloor. Took a chilling bath and went to class. Surprisingly there was a high attendance turnout. The class went off well and after that many of us slept…….

Looking back at these past 3 days, I must say, it was indeed a successful cultural festival. I just wished I had taken a more active participation in it.

Some of the snaps i've modified....

[The fashion show]

[The dance competition]

[Moksha and Parikrama showdown]


Anonymous said...

AMAZING PICS dude.....

those three pics more or less described the whole event itself. You did them urself?

illusionaire said...

did them using Paint Shop Pro 8.

Photoshop is too complicated :)

Anonymous said...

Sexy photos dude...good job with the merging. Keep up the good work!


Didi said...

My dear baby bro, this is ur moral police again...i fear that even if u survive IIM-B, your liver may not so slow down on the drinking

Anonymous said...

dear illusionaire
was just doing a search n got ur blog , the pic is amazing thanks i look cute, atleast my back does:-) i am obviously from dayanand sagar , do upload the snaps if u got some more snaps of us , i love ur blogs
keep it up

illusionaire said...

Well, that certainly took you quite a while to come across my blog huh? Almost 10 months! :D
Mail me ur ID with proof ur that person, and I'll mail you all the snaps you require from that night :) These days one gotta be really careful, u know, what with lots of horny little pervs around putting up decent women's pics in a cheap indian porn site. Sick.