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Monday, February 21, 2005

Chp 25. Shubha

Arrrgh! I’m being victimized out here. All my so called frens are ganging up against me.

Shubha suggested it, and now they are all doing it…. They are taking my trip on their respective blogs!!! Shubha has already written about me on her blog. And after everything that she’s written, she even ended her post with a “To be continued”
Monu, Ramya and Amra will follow very soon. Thankgod Tommy has stopped blogging, and Amol and Ankita don’t blog at all.

If Shubha wants war, all I can say is “bring it on baby!”

Shubha, a very very close fren since coming down here, we hang out most of the time together with our other frens (except when she’s busy with “sports” ). I knew her even before coming to IIMB thru orkut and also her much popularized

She was popular then, she is popular now. A day-0 summer placement offer, she doesn’t lack brains. Neither does she lack beauty and charm. If my mother is reading this, she would definitely ask me why I’m not going out with such a girl The truth is, I know secrets about her that others don’t know…. muah haa ha…

For instance, she has a certain thing for german dudes. There was this exchange student called Philip… ouch* I can already feel Shubha running down to my room and twisting the bejeezuz out of me!

So I mailed her a certain picture of hers which I was planning to put on my blog. She threatened me with dire consequences if I do that!

See, this is exactly what I call “unfair”. You can always take your guy fren’s trip. After all it’s a guy thing and he will always take it in a good spirit. But the moment u try to take a female’s case, she either lunges at you in her wild banshee scream, her sharpened finger nails digging deep into your manly flesh, or even worse, she will emotionally blackmail you… “Kim, I never thought you were like that…” or “I am hurt, kima, truly hurt… plz don’t talk to me again…” and I will be like “I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry… it will never happen again. I should have never mentioned about you eating a double cheese burger with extra mayonnaise. Gosh, what was I thinking then? I am pure evil. Please forgive me”.

That’s the difference when you make fun of a guy and a girl. With a guy, this is what usually happens:

Me : Hey, I’m gonna put that up on my blog.
He-friend : Bastard. Do that and you’re dead.
5 minutes later after putting it on my blog.
He-friend : Bastard… so whats the plan for dinner? Lets go to KFC na?

Whereas with a female fren.

Me : Hey, I’m gonna put that up on my blog.
She-friend : Do that and you’re dead.
1 day after putting it up on my blog.
She-friend : Your Honour, I swear I did not mean to stab Kima 10 times on the chest and throw his body parts to the dogs…



Anonymous said...

Oooh!! he’s the KIlling MAchine!!!

KIMA and the art of tripping.

cmon man! i did read that blog where the above mentioned lover of norse gods made a futile attempt at trippin on u. she could have as well climbed up to the terrace and shouted at the top of her voice sayin "look at me! im the idiot!!"

Pallavi said...

tit for tat !! :) LOLOL

Tenzing said...

Damn cool.....esp. the last conversation...female talk...haha...c'mon monu and amra waiting for u to blog now....and shubha c'mon girl.....write more about kima...:)...

illusionaire said...

Thanx Anonymous :)

@ pallavi: whats a "tat"? never seen one before. :) just kidding... :D yeah, tit for tat indeed. Anyway, i've made my peace with madame shubha and we have decided not to make fun of each other on our blogs again *ouch, my arm still hurts* :)

@ Tenny: Yo Welcome to my blog dear! And don't encourage them to write about me, otherwise i will start writing about YOU and what u did on that Unmaad L^2 party.... be nice to me girl. :)

Monu said...

yo Nigga boy,
We should have taken some pics yaar..would have been an interesting addition to the post :)

illusionaire said...

I do have a lot of really good pics of shubha which i'm itching to put up on my blog... but alas, me dont wanna die so soon :)