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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Chp 18. updating

Day before yesterday i bought this computer game called "Armies of Exigo". Its created by the same makers of Warcraft. Its AMAZING! Cost me a cool 1.4 grand too. And then when i installed it, guess what? My freaking video card does not support the game! So there i was once again shopping for a Graphics Accelerator card. I bought the GeForceFX 5200 which cost me another 4.2 grand :(
I've been playing this game non-stop now. Hence i don't think i'll be updating my blog for the next 2 days or so. The game is too f*cking awesome. You should check out the graphics. Left me utterly speechless when i played my first campaign.


Anonymous said...

oye machan,
how the heck do u find time to play such games while studying in IIMB??????? you're my god!!!!!!
very good blog you have. Army of Exigo is also my favourite game. Runs only on GeForce cards.
you rock dude. keep on posting.


illusionaire said...

Yo saravanan dude, whassa!
ok forgive me, but the only two sarvananas i know are C.Saravanan and K.Saravanan, both my classmates from school. Have we met? Anyway dude, thanx for that almost spontaneaous reply.
by the way, its "ARMIES of exigo" not "Army.." :)))

Keep on visiting.....

The Walrus said...

if my memory serves me right, uyou'll be MUCH too busy over the next few days to even play some arbit computer games :) :) :)

Mihir said...

That was below the belt Kinks :)

illusionaire said...

Kinky is SOOO dead!


saby said...

Hey i like u ...
ur cute

illusionaire said...

awkward thanx.

Anonymous said...

Kim you sly son of a bitch!

so guess ur having a ball out there in IIM huh?
Amazing blog you have there.

hey, our class forum is up again!
do start posting there too.
everyone's wondering what ur up to nowadays and whether you have over-dosed or something like that LOL!

by the way is Bei still in B'lore or back in Thailand?
visit our class website bitch....
and keep in touch!

talofa- we rock! :)

illusionaire said... is up again?

i'm definitely checking it.

miss you guys so much!

- Kim : a talofian foreva.

The Agony Aunt said...

What is it with guys and video games?? I don't get it!

illusionaire said...

ur question answered in my latest post :)