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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Chp 19. what happened.

Lots of stuff happened the past few days.

One of the most remarkable incident was when i bought a bean bag! Sidhu, PGP 2nd year, auctioned his bean bag on bracket. Bracket is our internal communicator here in IIM, where students actively take part in all the various discussion forums like Sports, Buying n Selling, Request, Technical etc… and also act as a messenger service (à la yahoo messenger).

Below is the transcript of the bid process….

Sunil: 100 bucks
Sundeep: 125
Allen: 200 bucks
Sundeep 225
Gawir: 250
Sundeep: 275
Gawir: 325
Sundeep: 350
Sidhu: Auction closes midday Monday.
Gawir: 400
Sundeep: 425
Gawir: 475
Sundeep: 500
Gawir: 550
Sundeep: 575
Gawir: 625
Sundeep: 650
Gawir: 700
Sundeep: 725
Gawir: 775
Sundeep: 800
Gawir: 850
Kima: 900
Anirvan: 901
Peeyush: 950
Kima: 975
Peeyush: shut up kima “1000”
Kima: I can do this all night “1025”
Sidhu: going once.. going twice… sold to kima!

And here’s the beauty of it. Guess what’s the original price of the bean bag I bought? 2400 bucks! It was only after I bought it that Monu, Amra and all the other guys found out about it, and they were all like, “damn, if only I knew there was a bidding going on, I would have definitely bid for more”. Phew! And Monu was even ready to bid for more than 1400 bucks! he he he. I thank the almighty God for not letting them check that particular Forum while the bidding was going on


Today I was watching “Joey” episodes 10 to14 which I have just downloaded over the LAN, while relaxing on my new beanie. And I truly enjoyed that moment. Gawd… it is sheer Heaven to just relax and sit comfortably while watching one of your favourite comedy sitcoms. I always used to say that “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” was way better than “Joey”. But after watching those 4 latest episodes today, I really felt “Joey” was as good as “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. Maybe those episodes are more hilarious than the earlier ones, or maybe it’s just the bean bag talking. But bottom-line is, I really had a great time its not everyday that you sit all alone watching a comedy flick and still end up bursting into laughter. (Believe me, u try this urself. Its really difficult to burst out laughing when ur watching something funny, no matter how funny it is, as long as ur watching it all alone. You may be laughing your ass out deep inside, but physically, one normally do not laugh out when there’s nobody around. Its Human nature. Ask Freud.)

From today onwards I swore never to play “Armies of Exigo” again. It has taken too much of my precious time. Agony Aunt asked me whats with guys and playing video games. I think I will answer her here. Dear Agony, first of all, its not a video game It’s a PC game. Strategy. It involves building your own town and managing the various resources, and then creating an army to destroy the opponent’s army and town. Its something guys love doing. Ask Bush and also, I guess boys will always be boys. We never grow up deep inside. The child in us will never die no matter how many hair falls down or how many times we get married. That’s a fact. I will trade anything just to go back in time and re-live those innocent days.


Last Sunday, one huge gang went to Indie Joe’s again for the buffet lunch. This time we made sure we booked our reservations way in advance. We got our tables immediately the moment we reached there. All together there were 14 of us. Had a blast. I didn’t know about the lunch buffet plan before that, so like a fool I had a heavy breakfast around 10am. Therefore I could not eat much at Indie’s Joe’s. But ofcourse I had my share of fun taking Monu’s trip.

Below are some of the snaps I took on my phone cam.

[ Lucky tiger! : Shubha nad Amra ]

[ Girish, Andy and Iyer ]

[ Nidhi and Arushi ]

It was fun taking Monu and Amra’s trip. He he, even together, I don’t think they can come up with any retort to counteract mine after all, they don’t call me “the king of trips” back in engg college for nothing and poor monu had to bear the brunt of my mockeries. Coz my favourite targets Amol and Tommy did not come that day bcoz of personal commitments, so it was just him that I could pick on

And very slowly he took his revenge. Monday night. Yesterday. 10pm. We all went to PVR, Forum, to watch the movie “Black”. Two cars. Monu, Amra, Rubber and his girlfren in the first car. I drove the second car. Suddenly he zoomed out of the campus without waiting for us ) I didn’t suspect anything at that time. It was only when I reached Forum that I realized what his evil scheming plan was all about. Those guys coolly bought tickets for “Page 3”!!!!!!! Aaaaargh. Not only am I pathetic in hindi, but I have also read the review about that movie “Page 3”. But what choices do I have then? So there I was, actually sitting down and watching a hindi movie. Trust me, even back in Coimbatore I went for a hindi movie just once, wit my ex, and that too after she nagged and nagged me to go for a hindi flick (I wrote this line purposely bcoz today she called up to tell me she has started reading my blog )

Well, for the first 30 minutes or so, I was cursing them. It was such a fucked up movie. Everywhere they only showed how the socialites of mumbai party the nite away. Hell, I party way wilder than them. But slowly I got into the groove. It was only when Konkana Sen switched her role from being a Page 3 correspondent to a crime-beat correspondent that the story finally started becoming interesting. In the end, well, I frankly did not regret seeing the movie. It wasn’t like one of those typical hindi movies, running around the trees singing in the rain etc. This movie is very realistic.


Another highlight of the past few days. Someone very special from Hyderabad came down here just to catch up with whats going on. Kini ofcourse. Model, compere, V.J., D.J., R.J., u name it, she’s been there done that. Right now, Hyderabad’s “WOW!” magazine has named her the hottest eM Cee in town. She hosts around 3 shows a week, including the wednesday Karaoke Nite at Bottles and Chimney, one of the most happening Pub in Hyderabad. It was so nice to spend some time with her again. She filled me in with whats happening in all my frens’ lives back in Hyde. We talked about the movie she’s acting in, which will be released soon. We talked about the latest Hiphop releases and popular numbers being played in the various discs. We talked about basketball, our favourite game. We also discussed about Arsenal’s loss to Manchester United the previous day. We are both hardcore Arsenal fans and anybody who criticizes Arsenal infront of us is dead-meat. She is indeed my bestest fren, and maybe more. I dropped her at Kalasipallyam bus-stand on Saturday nite. And guess who was there on the same bus? Tara! She’s her ex boyfren’s current girlfren. We said hi to her. I frankly do not see why everyone I know in Hyderabad finds her so hot. I mean, ofcourse she has the hottest ass I’ve seen in real life. And I guess this is what gives my kinsipoo an inferiority complex. Comon. I think we should all grow past that. Many girls still think guys go only for the hot ones. I mean, yeah we do go for the hot ones, but hot is not the only thing we look at. There are so many other factors involved, which I prefer not discussing right now coz this blog is becoming too long

Kini and I had a wonderful time together. I copied all the latest songs playing in the Hyderabad discs currently from her. She was the one who showed me that Mylo’s “Drop the pressure” is actually in English. And all these time I thought it was in some foreign language. The whole song is actually just one sentence repeated over and over again.
“Mother fucker’s gonna drop the pressure”


One last interesting thing that happened. I finally removed my Christmas star from my ceiling and also from my window outside. 45 days after Christmas and its finally gone. But I did not have the courage (or energy) to dismantle my Christmas tree. It was decorated by my close frens here : Amra, Ankita, Amol and Monu. Somehow I cannot just remove all the decorations and throw away the tree. So I just moved the tree to one corner of my room. I will let it be as it is until the term ends


The Agony Aunt said...

I’ve heard people laugh out loud while watching tv by themselves in a room, so I’d have to disagree with that theory.
Your PC game (thanks for clarifying) sounds a lot like Generals; it’s all about strategy? All my guy friends are hooked onto that game
you have a bean bag! oh so jealous!!

illusionaire said...

Well, personally speaking, i prefer watching anything funny in the company of frens. It is so much more fun then. I ofcourse laugh out when i'm watching alone, but its much easier (and satisfying) to laugh out together with frens.
So people, together, at the count of three... 1...2...3

Yup, Armies of Exigo, Generals (or any of the other "Command and Conquer" series), Warcraft, Starcraft, AOE, AOM etc etc are all similar games. Its hazardous to your social life if u get hooked on those games!

Guess what? last nite i slept* on my bean bag! :))) And this morning i woke up completely relaxed. its amazing.

*actually, i passed out on my bean bag :)

Anonymous said...

kima, u ass ,just bcoz lots of ppl who dont know u r readin the blog, u neednt dupe them "both of them togethr cannot counter my ....wht ws th again? king of trips"...indeed
and abt page 3...was feeling guilty.. bt now :HAH..gotcha :)
bt nice blog:)
and nice pics

illusionaire said...

If only there was a mizo movie running somewhere in Bangalore. i'd definitely take u guys there! :)

Monu said...

Kim u bastard...serves u rite :))
And oh btw, even I believed in the theory of not laughing out lout unless company is present...but that just vanished when I saw Russell Peters :D

illusionaire said...

Russell peter is GOD!!!!! he's too bloody good.

Chop-Sung-Bong rox! :D

didi said...

Hate to sound prissy but pls b careful when describing certain parts of ppls anatomy...u dig? -ur moral police

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