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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chp 206. Age is NOT just a number

Remember decades ago when leather jackets and bell-bottom jeans were considered hep and clicking your fingers was all you had to do to be a great dancer? Ah… those magical years when our version of today’s gangsta hiphop was MC Hammer and how we would end up jumping every time the song "Jump" by Kris Kross was played? Remember how you just couldn’t stop listening to NKOTB’s "Step by step" and "Happy birthday"?

Now it is no longer considered cool to moonwalk or have a poster of Smokie or Madonna covering your wall (I’m not talking about this Jewish Kabbalah Madonna, I’m referring to the Like-a-virgin Material girl). But no matter how time flies by, certain things always remain. Like that song "Happy Birthday" by NKOTB –

Happy Birthday to you
You´re still young
Age is just a number
Don´t you stop having fun

Ah, doesn’t that song just makes you wish it’s true? Age is just a number? Reality is soooooo different from the things that we try to believe in.

I’m a guy, and I definitely do feel the sharp fangs of age digging deep inside of me every passing day. Every morning I spend more and more time in front of the bathroom mirror because the "surface" I’m washing is gradually increasing daily. Places where I used to apply shampoo a couple of years ago, I now apply face-wash

Growing bald is not my intention, believe me

And this is why I envy women so much. First of all, this baldness gene is from the XX-chromosomes, meaning it is because of my mom that I am bald. Likewise dad can blame grandma.

Secondly, signs of ageing for women show mainly on their facial features, which can easily be altered with the help of "advanced technology" like liposuction and botox, or even painless procedures like cosmetics.

A couple of days ago, I came across this site by OLAY which was extremely impressive.

There’s a neat viral there if you click on the "Click here to make your skin look younger in minutes" link.

OLAY, unlike brands like Fair & Lovely, position their brand on Anti-ageing, whereas Fair & Lovely seems to convey the message that "being fair is beautiful and dark is ugly". I am in the Advertising field, and if there’s one thing I hate more than corny stupid and careless Ads, then it is an Ad that seems to strengthen stereotypes and exploit discrimination. I once saw an NDTV interview where Prahlad Kakkar said he would never do a Fair & Lovely commercial because it goes against his ethics. RESPECT!

So here’s the really cool thing about this OLAY viral. Kudos to the Agency that executed this masterpiece (Hope it’s not one of our competitors here in Mumbai!!!)

Upload your own pic or use the existing ones, or if you have a webcam you can even take your picture directly for this app.

Once your pic is up there, you will receive information on the signs of ageing etc. If it was not for the metrosexuality hype, I would have never uploaded my pic in the first place

Start olay-fying your face!

With the built-in app, you can actually remove some of the wrinkles and lines etc. People familiar with photoshop might sigh "No big deal" but it’s quite a different thing to execute this online.

Caution though! Don’t over do it.

I wanted to see how young I could get and repeated the procedure a hundred times.

This is what I got.


I even registered for the free trial version!!! lolzzzz

How much more shameless can I get!!!! Hehehehe.

Comon, I’m an Indian. Anything I see labeled as "FREE" should be grabbed immediately Here’s the link: Free OLAY 8gms sample pack!

The best part is, for Mumbai and B’lore residents you have the MCOUPON option. I registered my mobile number and I received a code and instructions on how to redeem the sample pack immediately.

Let’s see now if I can really redeem that free pack… Or maybe they’ll reject my code saying I am beyond repair!

Whatever be it, it’s great to see good virals once in a while (The last time I saw a really good viral was the one on Gillette Mach 3. Dunno who did that but I really loved it!!!). And since this is my field of profession now, I have to keep an eye out for these things, and hey it’s good to have stumbled upon it so that I could tell my dear visitors about the site.

So knock yourself out, dear ladies and gentlewomen. Go register!

(sheeeeesh, the last line sounds like I am actually advertising the product! Damn, being a copywriter, it’s so hard to turn it off sometimes! I was with my girl the other night and I actually said "Honey, exclusive offer for you tonight! Avail of a fantastic surprise gift package by simply clicking here! Hurry before this multiple offer ends!"

hehe just joking. Who am I kidding? I’m a copywriter = I can't find a girlfriend.

Still, it was fun. Cheap thrills indeed!)


Anonymous said...

huuu huuu. 1st one 2 read the new post... hehehehe.......... zualdula

Calliopia said...

Haha the extremes guys will go to to make themselves pretty :D

Seriously, I once read on some online site somewhere that a male's single biggest fear is going bald. Sounds like they were bang on target there. Personally I never really liked very hirsute guys so it's no big deal to me whether a guy has a few bald spots on his head. If it gets that bad though, you can always get a hair transplant - the male equivalent of a woman's facelift, I guess :P

mesjay said...

If you're worried about aging, it means you're still young. I've stopped minding it once i really grew old, he he!

illusionaire said...

@ zualdula: lolz! :) Thanx for being the first :D

@ calliopia: Ah the embarrassment of reflecting headlights in the night or sun rays during the day... you have no idea what us guys have to deal with, but then, some of us deal with it in style :D

@ mesjay: lolz. Words from the wise indeed! I am not worried about aging. I'm just worried about my receding hairline :D The politically correct word for that would be "folliculary challenged"


DayDreamBeliever said...

oops! Someone's feeling his age, eh? Well, you're not alone. But then they do say you're only as old as you feel. I do sympathise with you over the receeding hairline. Would a wig help? As for that last photo...all I can say is, "Oih om loh lutuk!!!" lolzzzzzzzz

JesseTheCat said...

Hi!! Saw on your Twitter that you had blogged a new post,tried (but failed) to be the first commenter,sigh....

Listen,this is one funny post,I see you did get extremely young after applying the rejuvenator too many times...luckily you stopped where you did,or you may have had to be re-born ALL OVER AGAIN!!Your mother might have something to say about that.In Heavens name,I implore you, enough is enough,lol.

I totally agree with you that some companies are always telling us how bad it is to age,or to be dark,ugly,blemished etc.Its sickening.Still,you have brought some humour into the whole business of aging,and its about time too.Awesomely fun reading :)

Zr-i said...

Hey! Kim, how much are they paying u for this? lolzz! u said sth about getting bald..cnt see that at all,not even with my lenses on .

illusionaire said...

@ daydream: I swear the last photo is genuine! lolzzz. I kept on clicking the OLAY function until I became a toddler! A couple of more clicking and I was a foetus! I clicked for the last few times and my pic became a torn condom.


I have now changed my hairstyle and got back to the old Mizohican hairstyle! hyuk hyuk hyuk.

@ Jesse: Like I mentioned in the previous reply above, I became a foetus and a torn condom when I clicked further. It was not a very pleasant revelation :P

Anti-Aging marketing I can understand. But I hate those that go by the brand image that fair people are beautiful and dark-skinned people are not. I am yellow. Does that mean I am average? lolz. Here in India most of us are soooo hooked up on being fair that Ad agencies will do anything to exploit that pathetic mindset.

@ zr-i: Its strategically covered! Thats why I try not to walk under a fan or stay away from windy places :D

Mariuca said...

Sandman!!! Ha ha ha, thanks so much for making me laugh today, love ya! :)

And you have nothing to worry about yet, wait till u turn 30, then u can start worrying abt balding and what not he he! :):):)

Philo said...

I like the after-olay shot, Bruce Lee hairdo and all. I turned my receding hairline into a permanently bald pate. Only problem is that it burns like hell in the sun! Any tips on that?

Eveline said...

Our hero is well and truly bothered on the looks front. Welcome to my world, kima :P

Sekibuhchhuak said...

hahah..Bald is GOLD :D.
Blog Directory a ka pic i dah saw ka en chianga, ka chhip sam saw ka tran lutuk..dum tha ve hlap hlap lutuk a..Thanks! :D. Khawia mi nge i lo hman ni aw :)

Lungngai suh Kim-bawih, kan kum zat i rawn kum ve hunah chuan, i sawi i sawi peih tawh lo vang :P

By the way, tunlai hi fakna lam pang post atam riau mai ka ti! :)

Pixie said...

LOL!! Loved the last pic more!! :P
You could always try hair grafting for the baldness!!
(Did I get the term right?)
The ad is very eye-catching and the product is damn expensive!! (That's what I felt when I checked out their products and prices...)

Anonymous said...

as long as theres botox and toupee, why worry??!!

-pi blacki

illusionaire said...

@ mariuca: hihihi! My pleasure to make ya laugh :) Its not the balding that I am worried about. Its just that my head is terribly out of shape so I cannot go for that cool bald looks! :)

@ philo: Yeah i know how that burn feels like! It not only burns my head but also slowly burns a hole in my confidence! :)

@ eveline: You're bald too? :D just kiddin. Its not a very pleasant world, I feel :)

illusionaire said...

@ Pixie: Yes it is expensive, but I hope you registered for the free item! :) There is nothing expensive about free stuff :)

@ Blackmagicwoman: Hehehe. You look like you are speaking from experience :) you use both those items? *BIG GRIN* If people like you dont find anything wrong in ppl like us, then I am a happy content man ;)

@ Sekibuhchhuak: HAHAHAHA! Nia, Blog Directory a i pic kha chu Hmai idea a nih kha. i sam lem photoshop in kan siam a, kan nui nasa khawp mai keini pawh kan modify lai in :D

Anonymous said...

nia hei botox ka ti nasa lutuk a, ka nui leh ka tum a in ang reng tawh!!

-pi blacki

apatea said...

Dude, i seriously believe that this...olay (or whatever its called) is giving u some kind of monetary benefits (or even prmoising u a GF!!!) to mention their brand...

There!!! (ive said it). Inst it great to speak out what u beleive in. hehe

Tharax said...

Hehe... I wish I were "16" forever and that "age is just a number..." as the song goes. But, we are born to grow old, older & older otherwise die an "untimely death" although there is no "timely death" in a true sense. Age, on the other hand, also brings forth wisdom (untill what we Mizo calls "tar at") :-)

Chuan, advertising lampang hi i til thenna kawng khat chu a nih hmel riau mai... lolz

illusionaire said...

@ pi black: Nizan Jay Leno a sawi dan takah, "botox helps during inflation, because we cannot frown."


@ apatea: Hahahaha! I only wish they were!!!! I wouldn't mind at all, seriously!!!!!!!! :)

@ tharax: Advertising industry a thawh chuan til thenna lam a nilo theilo a lawm :D

I wish I was still 16 too, but my body prohibits me! :(

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