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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today is January 18, 2011. Many popular sites like reddit, Wikipedia (English), boingboing and others have declared today a BLACK-OUT day, in protest against SOPA and PIPA. I for one, am a staunch supporter of this protest.

But eventually, there is a possibility that my blog may be blacklisted by the US Government for merely voicing my support for the protest. Which can eventually lead to my blog being blocked in the US and many other countries it has influence on, and my blog posts never showing up on any Google, Bing and Facebook search results ever! Which means loss of pagerank. And my Google Adsense account can be terminated, denying me of my part-time income, however measly it may be. All this is possible if SOPA has its ways.

Of course nobody’s going to do any such thing to this extremely insignificant blog of mine, but still, the very thought that it can happen to all the popular websites I frequent and find resourceful is not a very  comforting thought.

And as many experts ask: Will SOPA and PIPA really stop internet piracy, which is after all the main reason why these laws were created… Many conclude it will not stop Piracy and merely make life difficult for the rest of us free citizens of the online world.

We live in dark & difficult times, my friends.

Well, anyway, to end this very short post, here is a small comic strip inspired by my friend Goldmember. A little humor side of SOPA. :-)


Gracy said...

Why do they always interfering with our small online happiness? Irritating!

Anand Kumar said...

US congress trying to change the meaning of internet which is against the vision of the founder of internet. I believe the basic idea of internet is to share ideas and thoughts without any Restrictions. "Please Do not try to impose a threat to this ocean of knowledge"

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

hahah it all ends at the prison cell, eh?

claytonia vices said...

Governments and large organizational bodies with nearly unlimited power (or in the quest of it) are always paranoid of little oases of freedom!! :(


caribou said...

Torrent download hi kan uar hlawm hle a, hei hi an khap dawn tihna nge, a site hi an block hmiah hmiah zawk dawn?

icyhighs said...

Hate to be the token killjoy but guys think about the artists too - they have a right to charge what they think their output is worth. I certainly don't agree with the SOPA, but we need a neutral solution.

Mizohican said...

@ icyhighs: I agree. People definitely do not deserve to get ripped off just because of piracy. But a different solution to counter this is needed. SOPA is way wrong. As rightfully describes SOPA, "It’s like dealing with lions that escaped from a zoo by blasting kittens with a flamethrower." :)

@ claytonia: True dat! :)

@ Anand: They will not succeed. The voice of the interwebz is too loud :)

@ Gracy: hehehe... the problem is, most of those who framed or supported the law, don't understand the internet. They are blindly lobbying for this act after the RIAA etc funded them.

@ claytonia: A site kha an block hmiah ang :(

@ Aduhi: hahahaha... You really love the prison and soap thingy, don't cha :D

mnowluck said...

haha.. dude join me on demonoid.. :D . I can send you an invite

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