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Monday, March 28, 2005

Chp 35. Church on Easter

I love my community. Its not everyday that you post a message on a public forum and ask the people online if any of them can take you to a place you’ve never been to before, and people actually responds and volunteers to take you there, people you’ve never met or known before.

That’s what I did on Easter Sunday. As I have posted before, I have no idea where the mizo church is, or who the mizos here in Bangalore are. But there’s always this feeling of bonhomie among us, and everyone’s ready to help out anyone.

Jupiter, my new fren at who I have never met before, told me to come to Koromangala. I did that. He came on his bike, and I followed him all the way to Frazer town, to this church called Wesley Church. Man the place was filled with mizos, young and old, hip and smart. It was like a miniature Mizoram. Anyway, Jupiter and I introduced each other formally, and I met the other ppl who come online at

The Church was already filled up, so many of us sat outside. Its then that you realize, most of these guys come to the mizo Church not for the devotional experience, but rather to socialize with all the other mizos who are spread out all over the city.

Met a lot of mizos. I am definitely not going to remember all their names. After the Church service, we had our traditional tea time. We mizos just love drinking tea, don’t we. I surprised “P”. She was indeed surprised to see I made it I met her sister, mum and dad. They were really nice people. After that we went back together. Stopped at Corner House for a brief chocolate mousse on cream, and then back to my hostel. Had a great time together.

Dropped “P” at her PG hostel around 10 in the nite and then I was supposed to join Monu, Amra and Anita for dinner at LaCasa. Wasn’t that hungry. Anyway, I called up
Citrus a fellow blogger who I have never met before to wish her a happy Easter and she happens to be free. Decided to meet up as we have left comments on each other’s blog for so long and its Easter after all: we might be able to share the message of Christ. So there I was zooming all the way to Cunningham Road from Jaynagar 7th block (One end of the city to the other) in the middle of the night.

After MG Road, I missed a turn and ended up somewhere completely alien to my much limited knowledge about Bangalore roads. Kept on driving here n there but everywhere all I see were hoardings and buildings I’ve never seen before in my entire life. Started panicking!

Finally stopped an auto-wala n told him to go to Cunningham Road and that I will follow him (this ofcourse after telling him that I’ll pay for the service). Its all Citrus’ fault. Trust a woman to give directions

Reached Cunningham Road shortly. Rendezvous point was at Infinitea. Waited outside for them to arrive. After many minutes and two cigarettes later, dear Citrus came out from the Tea Joint and said they’ve been sitting inside all this time! Aaaaarrrggh

Met her frens Marlene and Gareth. Nice people. Marlene was extremely sweet. Tried out an exotic tea (Kawana Arabia something something). It was… exotic After that, we decided to go to Church Street, since the night was still young (hardly 1 in the morning). Gareth had his bike and I followed Marlene’s car. Went to Java City and hanged out there till we kinda ran out of things to say I guess

You know, I’ve never had this kinda experience before. I mean, I can handle blind dates or spend time with someone I’ve never met before. But spending time with a group of frens who knew each other so well and whom I’ve never met before was an entirely new thing. I think I handled it pretty well.

But ofcourse there are minor complications when you hang out with a group you’ve never fraternized with before. Small doubts creep into your head. Like “should I offer them my cold coffee just like how we always share when I’m with my frens” and “well we’ve just met, how far have I penetrated within their defensive barriers” or “If I crack that favorite joke of mine, will they consider me a racist?” etc etc… As a matter of fact, sometimes it feels like those Group Discussions we had inorder to get into the IIMs. Coz everybody around you are strangers and you’re looking for a part in the conversation where you can join in, and once you do that, you have to make eye contact with everyone. LOL. Ok I made it sound so inanimate! Frankly speaking, it wasn’t that bad that night, and those people quickly became frens of mine.

In the end, Citrus n Marlene were really sweet to hug n kiss me goodnite.

To sum it all up, guess I socialized with two groups of people I’ve never met before today. A year ago, I don’t think I would have done such a thing. Guess IIM has changed me.

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