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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chp 69. Melodies of the Great Divide

I swore on my blood that I will not blog again for a long time until I get over Eve. Well I got news for you. Swearing on bad blood is just as loyal as Fredo Corleone promising never to betray the family. So says my inner conscience.

Blogging has become more than just a passion to me. I may not be the type who likes to share every intimate incident with the whole wide world. But one thing is for sure: I love to write about my life and share it with people around me who care enough to know about the various cultures and mindset of people in this vast diversity of an entity that we call India.

Why did I decide to start blogging again? Because I realized that shutting myself out will not help me at all in making me get over Eve. I am a complete music freak. I always relate myself or people around me to a particular song that I am listening to. Right now I am playing Fort Minor’s “Where’d you go”. The more I listen to it, the more I miss Eve. So I switch to a more “house” kinda music thinking it won’t remind me about her and then there was Dirty Vegas’ “Days go by” singing “You… still a whisper on my lips, I feel it up my fingertips… Days go by and still I think of you, days go when I couldn’t live my life without you”. Every song that I play, I couldn’t help stop thinking about Eve.

It’s amazing how many songs are out there that’s about people missing people. Every great band that has left a legacy behind has atleast composed one song that’s about separation. Recording Labels know such kinda songs sell coz everyone falls in love and gets hurt atleast once in their one time lifecycle.

My friends say I get too sentimental when it comes to love. I guess that’s just the way I am. Coz we are no longer teenagers experimenting with love and infatuation. People in our age group feel it’s time to stop fooling around and start searching for that one special person you’d want to spend the rest of your life with. I’ve found mine and yet I lost her. Nothing explains how I exactly feel about love right now more that Bryan Ferry’s “Slave to Love”. Guess I will always be the sentimental kind… the type that wants to get serious in a relationship and see beyond a simple one night thingie.

Love is a crazy little thing. Sometimes it gives you a glimpse of Heaven and sometimes it is pure Hell. And who says it better than Chris Norman who sang “Some hearts are diamonds, some hearts are stone…” It’s one of my fav classics that I just can’t stop listening to right now. Speaking of classic, another fav song of mine is Don William’s “Shot full of love”. When I first started becoming serious with Eve, all my closest friends were surprised. Kima you’re not the settle down type. Kima this is a long distance relationship, are you sure about it? Kima the two of you are poles apart, how did she ever like you? But I changed completely and managed to make things work. It’s as if the entire song has been written just for me.

“Once I had a heart cold as ice, love to me was only for fun.
I’d make a mark for each broken heart, like notches on a butt of a gun.

Once I had a trick up my sleeve, and a reputation all over town.
I was heartless and cold, wherever I go, I shot down every young girl I found.

chorus :
Yes I used to be a moonlight bandit; I used to be a heartbreak kid.
Then I met you and the next thing I knew there I was.
Oh shot full of love.

Well who would have thought someone like you,
Could take a desperado like me…”

Moving on to another favourite band of mine, Smokie. Similar to Air Supply, most of their songs are about love and separation. The song I would select from their collection right now is definitely “Needles and pins”.

“I saw her today, I saw her face, it was a face I loved.
And I knew, I had to run away, and get down on my knees a pray.
That they'd go away, but still it begins

Needles and pins,
Because of all my pride, the tears I gotta hide.

I thought I was smart, I stole her heart,
Didn’t think I’d do, but now I see,
She’s worse to him than me.
Let her go ahead, take his love instead,
And one day she will see...”

The wrong songs to listen to right now are songs like Firehouse’s “Love of a Lifetime”, The Law’s “Miss you in a Heartbeat”, Warrant’s “Heaven”, Van Halen’s “Can’t stop loving you”, Journey’s “Faithfully”, Reo Speedwagon’s “I can’t fight this feeling anymore”, White Lion’s “Till death do us apart” and Saigon Kick’s “I love you”. The rock songs of that era that best suit me are songs like Damn Yankees’ “High enough” -

“I don’t wanna hear about it anymore,
It’s a shame I gotta live without you anymore.
There’s a fire in my heart, a pounding in my brain, its driving me crazy…

We don’t need to talk about it anymore;
Yesterday’s just a memory when we closed the door
Don’t say goodnight, say you’re gonna stay forever, all the way…
Can you take me high enough; don’t fly me over, yesterday…
Can you take me high enough, it’s never over, yesterday’s just a memory…

I don’t wanna live without you anymore,
Can’t you see I’m a misery, and you know for sure.
I would live and die for you, and I know just what to do,
When you call me baby…
Don’t say goodbye, say you’re gonna stay forever…”

And ofcourse there is Cinderella. For bands of that era, I think they stand above everybody else when it comes to mushy break-up songs: “Heartbreak Station”, “Coming home”, “Don’t know what you got (till it’s gone)”, “Nobody’s fool”, “Somebody save me” and the list goes on. Incase you ever go through such a phase as this, I do recommend you listen to Cinderella.

Heartbreak Station:

“Waiting at the Station, tears filling up my eyes,
Sometimes the pain we hide, runs like a fire inside.
Look out my window, sometimes its hard to see,
The things you want in your life come and go so easily

She took the last train, out of my heart.
She took the last train, now I think I’ll make a brand new start
She took the last train, out of my heart.”

Madonna need no special mention. Every song from her album “Something to remember” is about separation and heartbreaks. “Take a bow”, “This used to be my playground”, “I’ll remember”, “You’ll see”, “Love don’t live here anymore”, “Forbidden love”, “One more chance” etc etc.

What I really love about the above-mentioned songs is that there are parts of the lyrics that I can really associate myself with, as if it’s exactly about what I am going through right now. Other such songs that my speakers seem to be automatically churning out are:

White Lion - Broken heart
Damn Yankees - Where u going now & Silence is broken
White Snake - Here I go again
Ozzy Osbourne - Changes, See you on the other side, So tired & Goodbye to romance
Judas Priest - You got another thing coming
Pearl Jam - Last kiss
Winger - Headed for a heartbreak
Great White - Once bitten twice shy
Chicago - If you leave me now
Reo Speedwagon - In my dreams
Poison - I won’t forget you
Bad English - The price of love
Tesla - A lot to lose
Def Leppard - Have you ever needed someone so bad
Nazareth - Love hurts
Motley Crue - Driftaway
Firehouse - No one at all
Kansas - Dust in the wind
Soul Asylum - Runaway train & Promises broken
Queen - Love of my life
Wet wet wet - If I never see you again
Eagles - The sad café
Del Amitri - Always the last to know
La Bouche - Do you still need me
Nana - Lonely
Wyclef Jean - Take me as I am
Macy Gray - I try
Jars of Clay - Lonely people
BeeGees - I started a joke
Kd Lang - Constant craving
Billy Ocean - Love really hurts without you
Rod Stewart - Some guys have all the luck
Sasha - I feel lonely
The Drifters - There goes my baby
Everly Brothers - Bye bye love
Barenaked Ladies - It’s all been done
Nick Cave & The bad seeds - Where the wild rose grow
Hootie and Blowfish - Goodbye
Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow - Picture
Bon Jovi - Heart breaking event
3 doors down - Here without you
Green Day - Give me Novocaine
Stereophonics - Maybe tomorrow
Moist - Breath
Todd the wet Sprocket - Dam would break
Eric Carmen - All by myself
Lionel Ritchie - Stuck on you
Angela Ammons - Always getting over you
No Mercy - When I die
Boyz II Men - End of the road
Akon - Lonely
Joe - Alone
The Streets - Dry your eyes
Johan - Chhingmitthla
Gnat - i tello chuan & Ngaihzual
SPi - Ban zai ka rel mahna
Eli - Hringhun palthiam a har
Ramthianga - Her chhuak leh se
Tracy - Ka di, ka bawihmampui
Lalramhluni - Awmkhua a har
Janie - A dam ngei ang
Plastic Coated - Boralna

No matter what mood you are in, there will always be a song that best fits you. Happy. Sad. Gloomy. Cheerful. Lovelorn. Horny. It’s all there.

I guess I will end this post with my favorite Poison song: “I guess every rose has its thorn, just like every night has its dawn, just like every cowboy sing his sad sad song. Every rose has its thorn.” How true indeed. Atleast I had the honour of facing both the rose and the thorn. I pity those who had not face such a thorn in their life. People say the first cut is the deepest cut. Well, I say, if you really really love that person, then every cut is just the same. This is my second cut and it bleeds just as much as my first. The more the cut, the deeper the wound goes. Until you can’t take it anymore and you just… fade away… poof…


Nirav said...

good to see you back quickly
Maybe the world cup will cause enough distraction :)

virgochhas said...

miss u .... miss u..... miss u....

wen do we poor souls get ur new number???

enjoy da World Cup...

and do keep on listening to songs and cry and wail and do wateva....this is the time....ur not gonna be down like dat foeva....

and gawdd....i just can't wait to see u back in full spirit...

take care....

No Hidden Depths said...

I swore on my blood that I will not blog again for a long time until I get over Eve.
No comments. :P
Good to you have back in the blog world. WC back!!

No Hidden Depths said...

Pages: 5
Words: 1782
characters (no spaces): 7373
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Lines: 205
Dude, I'll continue reading this from My friends say I get too sentimental....

illusionaire said...

@ Nirav : Thanx dude. Yeah the upcoming greatest show on earth will hopefully distract me. Who u rooting for? Me France all the way because of the heavy Arsenal connection.

illusionaire said...

@ virgochhas: Thanx dear. Yeah I got a new number. Will give you a ring sometime today. Thanx, yeah me too miss coming online a lot and taking part in various discussions. You too take care...

illusionaire said...

@ no hidden depths...

Thanx bro. And for the upteenth time, will you plz stop word counting my posts????? Grrrrrr....

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Thanks for the list. (of songs).
The feeling of lonely, missing someone is very special.

illusionaire said...

You're welcome Bro. I have many more such songs in my comp. When are u returning to India?

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Starting 1st July From here.

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Don't try to stop thinking. Think thing think...actually thats very nice. You get into a deep state of thought. I once considered myself lucky to have atleast someone in mind.. always.

That brings us to another song, dunno if you have in it in the list.

"Always on my mind"

You find that ppl have written all kinds of songs for you and you don't even have write it yourself. You only have to do the thinking part.

Actually thats easy instead of having to start writing songs from scratch and then the thinking part and reason to think so much.

Finding someone to think about so much is itself another problem for many.

Anthony said...

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