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Friday, July 28, 2006

Chp 83. To Call Center or not to Call Center

Content :
  • Shocking news
  • My great misconceptions about Call Centers
  • An independent zoman
  • Beware of the Organization quicksand
  • Changes implemented in Call Centers
  • Some possible changes that might take place after the unfortunate Tania murder incident
Another Call Center employee murder incident making headlines across the Nation. TOI reported that she’s an Aviva employee while the Mumbai Mirror said she works for 24x7. Both are more or less correct actually as “Aviva 24x7” is some sort of a joint venture (Aviva contributes nearly 25% of 24x7 Customer’s revenue). But the name Aviva is definitely more popular among my IIMB friends, while the other name 24x7 is much more popular among my Call Center friends.

(Just a passing thought. My ex-roomie works at Convergys which handle calls for Microsoft, HSBC, JP Morgan, Sedex and Cisco to name a few. He’s in the Microsoft division. But he’s known as a Convergys employee, not a Microsoft employee. Was TOI wrong in saying the victim was an Aviva employee?)

My two roomies back in Bangalore work at Call Centers. Atleast 70% of the Bangaloreans I used to hang out with are all Call Center employees. And most of the people I got to know over the Net are also working in various Call Centers. Some of them don’t even handle calls, yet they all come under the Call Center umbrella (Many people still make the wrong assumption that all BPOs are Call Centers handling calls)

Thanx to my friends, I got to know a lot of Call Centre jargons, like incoming process, outgoing process, daylight savings, ACD, ASA, screen name etc. Sometimes they even use these in their daily vocabulary. Once, me and a couple of friends were sitting infront of the TV waiting for an EPL match to commence. It was 9:30 pm already and the match was supposed to start at 4pm in UK. That’s 9:30pm here in India as we are 5:30 hours ahead. But nothing was showing on the TV. Later we found out the delay was due to a light rain that formed a puddle in the field. But while we were waiting, one of my Call Center friends nonchalantly said the delay was due to Day light savings . And then there are my two Call Center roomies who would actually use “LOL” and “BRB” when they speak! (Before this, “FYI” was the only chat jargon I’ve ever heard people use while talking).

Six years ago, midway through my engineering college course, I knew a squat about Call Centers. Back then, my World was still very small. I thought people who work in Call Centers were those women who answered the phone when you dialed those 1-800 numbers. Lolz. Ok sorry but hey, it’s not my fault. I blame AJ’s bro who would come back from America with a suitcase full of Playboy and Penthouse magazines. Hey don’t give me that stare! Those magazines had pretty good articles about the Presidential Election . On those mags, there were a lot of advertisements, always with a see-through lingerie clad model in the background. The Ad usually goes like this “Wanna have a good time? I can satisfy your inner most desire and fantasy. Call me at 1-800-246-SLUT-67”.

Ok fine. So now you know where I got the inspiration for my Bangalore mobile phone number . I fought tooth and nail to get the particular number 9845554625. All because, when translated into the letters corresponding to your key pad, you get 9845-5-KIMA-5.

Anyway that’s what I thought Call Centers were all about. But when I started meeting the elder sisters and brothers of my College mates, they didn’t exactly seem like the dirty sex talk type. So I said to myself, “Kima you narrow minded perverted freak. Call Centers aren’t just about sex calls. A Call girl is given that name not because she works in a Call Center. They can also be those Suicide help-lines where people call if they are feeling depressed or have lost all hope”. I even thought Call Center employees were also those people who work in those outdated switch board machines, connecting pins here and there while answering all the calls with people on the other end of the line saying “Operator”.

Anyway, I finally got to know what Call Center employees really do towards the end of my Engineering course. But I never actually got to know anyone personally, until I moved my ass to Hyderabad after Engineering College. I met Ashley, an Anglo. Along with some other basketball mates, we soon formed a small gang like thingie. He was a voice trainer at a Call Center. When he first told me that he was a voice trainer, my first impression was, boy he must be a really good vocalist, probably playing for a cool rock band in the city. Hehe. How wrong was I. He told me his job was to train Call Center employees on how to improve their voice modulation, enunciation etc. Well, I still thought it was a pretty frivolous occupation then, but during a game of basketball when I had the ball and am surrounded by the opponents hustling and shuffling all around me, I usually blind-pass the ball to him as his “extremely modulated” shouts for “pass” was the most audible among my teammates

A year later, I was in Bangalore. Met a lot of new people, new friends, new brothers, new habits. Most of them were working at Call Centers. I even read “One night at a Call Center” by Chetan Bhagat. Finally got to know the real life of a Call Center employee, especially after dropping out from IIMB as these are the guys I started spending my entire time with. I love their lifestyle. So relaxing, except for the odd working hour timings. But then, there are also Day shift employees working during the daytime just like regular people. And then there are those who can actually choose anytime of the day to show up for work, just as long as they put in 8 hours of calls a day. And so many of them work in a non-voice process that does not involve a telephone. Boy what a misconception I initially had about Call Centers

They have monthly team outings, team parties, team road trips, and the salary they get is more than enough to make ends meet. They have incentives and appraisals of all sorts. Their network of friends through the various Call Centers is extremely wide too. After dropping out from IIMB, my friends told me to apply for a Call Center job. But I refused. It looks very inviting indeed and I can still have a good time in Bangalore without depending on my parents anymore. Finally I will be an “independent zoman” . But, something in me just couldn’t do it. I need to think of the long run. I always had this dream about joining an Organization at the middle management level. I know, I know, one must start from the bottom to reach the top. But life is short. I want to find the shortcuts before I am too old to do anything. Yes a wise sage once said there are no shortcuts in life. But the IIMs came and proved him wrong

The only thing that does not appeal to me about Call Centers is when it comes to climbing up the executive ladder. A year in IIMB has completely brainwashed me into being a complete target-oriented growth-committed position-motivated ambitious wannabe manager. My goal is to climb higher and higher, without ofcourse jeopardizing the Company’s interest or my own social career within the Organization.

In most Call Centers, one usually enters the Company as a Junior Agent. From there, they go up to a Senior Agent, a Team Leader and then a Supervisor. The terminology may differ from Company to Company. Another Company has a Junior Agent, Senior Agent, Focal, Assistant Manager (equivalent to a Team Leader), Operation Manager, Senior Opr Manager and so on. I just don’t see myself working as one of those designations for the rest of my life. I need a more stable, higher wage, daytime job once I start my own family. I’ve heard of many couples who hardly see each other because they both work at different Call Centers with different shift timings . Recently one such couple had a baby (my frens “N” and “G”). Can we call that a Process Result baby? Lolz. After all it was the result of N’s incoming that led to G’s outgoing. Haha. PJ!!!!

Anyway coming back to the topic, that’s not the future I want. Maybe as a part-time job, I don’t mind working in a Call Center for a short while. But I know so many guys who initially planned to work there for a short time, but are now so attached to the job that they just can’t seem to leave the Company.

Working for an Organization, especially after your Graduation, is like getting sucked into a Quicksand. Once you’re in, it’s mighty mighty difficult to come out. Unless you are completely dissatisfied with the salary or the working environment or the location or there are other job opportunities available etc you will remain shackled to that Company for the rest of your life. I once asked my friend “Dude, you’re an Engineer. Are you planning to work at a Call Center for the rest of your life?” and his reply was “Man, you have no idea how hard it is for me to leave. I am satisfied with my paycheck, my boss is a great man, I have made so many friends in the Company, and I lead an easy life. I know I can’t do this forever, but you gotta be in my shoes to know how hard it really is to leave.” Well, a definite 5 star rating to the Company’s Retention Policy, while my friend there sink, deeper and deeper, every passing day.

Being in Bangalore, I have seen with my own eyes the changes that have taken place. People once complained that Call Center Cabs drive too recklessly. Immediately there was a change and most Cabs now have a bumper sticker “If this driver is driving rashly, please call up this number to report this incident”. Ofcourse if the driver was driving that fast, there was no way we could have taken down the number, but it was indeed a good effort from the Call Center’s part to reduce the number of complains (I find it a bit funny and ironic that some outsourcing Companies actually rely on other outsourcing companies (Cabs) to pick up their employees). A close friend of mine, born and raised in Bangalore, even told me “Before it was fun. We used to drag race with these Cab drivers in the night. Boy they really throw a mean competition. But now, not one of them will take up your challenge for a race”. A part of me was extremely relieved. “D”, who never go below 140 while driving through Intermediate Ring road, will now have to drive like normal people. Phew.

And then came the ghastly news about the rape and murder of Pratibha, a Call Center employee. Immediately the Companies made serious changes in their policies, like the first pick-up and last drop cannot be a woman and if there is a change of Cab drivers, they must first confirm this with whoever is in charge of the Cabs etc. These Organizations cannot afford another scandal like this.

But now, with this latest unfortunate incident, once again, I’m sure there will be a flurry of changes again. I won’t be surprised if it will be made mandatory for all Call Center employees to use the Call Center Cabs unless they have their own transportation. They might not be allowed to come and leave as they like using taxis, autos or friends anymore. I know so many employees whose shift timing ends in the evenings and then they go directly to a Pub or disc if their break was the next day. And I know people who decide to stay over at their friend’s place for the night/day instead of returning home at the end of their shift.

If it is made compulsory to use the Cabs provided, then it won’t be possible to do all that anymore. You’ll have to be at your house during the pickup and have to return to your house after your shift ends. Then only can you go where you please from there, even if you had passed your destination on your way home. You will always have to be in time for your Cab (My roomies used to take an auto to their Office whenever they wake up late and miss their Cabs). You cannot make short stops on the way to have tea, coffee or buy cigarettes anymore.

Boy, this is definitely a Call Center employee’s nightmare. But seriously, this might happen one day, especially if the employees’ folks hold the Company liable for their son or daughter’s safety from the moment they leave for work until they return home safely walking through the door. In the current scenario, 24x7 might say they are not responsible for Tania’s murder as none of their Cabs and Cab drivers were involved in this (unlike the Pratibha rape and murder case where the bastard responsible for that was her own Cab driver). But if enough voice is raised by concerned parents, especially those who are out-stationed, there might be a possibility of implementing this draconian strict Cab rule where it is mandatory to be picked up and dropped by the official Call Center Cab.

Because this is not like a School/College or other day time offices. At those places, one ofcourse cannot expect the Institutions and Offices to provide transportation for the students and employees. But a night shift Call Center is different. During the day, even if your so called “friend or colleague” had picked you up or dropped you, there is a high chance that he won’t do anything else, like stab you 32 times. But under the cover of darkness, sometimes even someone who you trust with your life can be the very one who takes that away from you.

I shuddered a bit as I tried to imagine what Tania’s last thoughts were. She must have probably screamed out for help, but unfortunately the night had swallowed up anything that was remotely living. As Kishore continued stabbing her, she must have pleaded and begged for mercy, but all she could see were his bloodshot eyes, until she could see no more. She would have probably crossed over to the Otherside way before he stabbed her for the thirty second time. And all because she said no to his proposal? Jesus… And she was going to turn 32 soon. Was this his sick demented and psychotic way of wishing her a birthday? A stab for every year? Makes me sick man...

As for me, I’ve lost count on how many times I have picked up or dropped my friends from their respective Call Center Offices, most of the time usually somewhere between 2 and 4 in the morning. And ofcourse they completely trust me. Tania probably trust Kishore the way my friends trust me. And to know that he betrayed such a trust, leave alone kill her, is enough to make me pissed off like Hell. Son of a bitch.

I pray that an incident like this will not happen again. It may be just another brick on India’s wall of shame, which is already occupied by much bigger bricks like communal violence, bomb blasts, wife beating, rape, bribe, caste discrimination etc but the entire wall will be much easier to break if there are lesser bricks.


MockingBird said...

The bastard who murdered Tania must be a real sick mofo who couldn’t handle rejection. And the audacity of that guy to say he “became revengeful after Tania refused to give consent to marry him and ignored his advice to change her lavish lifestyle and mend her high-profile behaviour”! I hope he rots in hell.

By the way, that call centre = call girl equation reminded me of a former colleague whose shocked beyond belief aunt went hysterical shouting, “What! You want to become a call girl?” after my colleague told her she was joining a call centre. Lolz..

Anonymous said...

Call me old fashioned or retarded when it comes to Call centers.
Apart from the fact that they reduce unemployment (as pointed out by your friend ligialh) the whole concept is really not very cool. The odd working hours(which can lead to the disruption of the sleep-awake rythm pattern) and the whole call center related "nusicances".
However I know very few people who work in call centers and man!!they seem to hold a banner that says that they truly "party hard and work hard", but where exactly is the level of progression??After you become the head of your team, what next??Is that all the growth that one wants to achieve in their whole career??I mean is money really that powerful that it can stub ambition and uproot it totally???I know the incentives and the big cheque itself is very very tempting, but like my dad says-"you wont get too far with call centers!"
Hey and I have nothing against people who work in call centers. They are a source of good money and yeah why not work in them.But I wonder what ever happened to the whole dream of our country moving from a "developing" to "developed" nation??Thats not the ladder we seem to be climbing atleast with the call center dreams becoming reality ...

It breaks my heart to see few of my classmates take the plunge into these corporate call centers(when they are qualified doctors from a really good university) and with all my heart I know how difficult it must have been for them to do a job which they are so not meant for.They have kept their pride (and lab coats/steths) aside and chosen a job that covers their expenses.
Weird how when you just want to standup and argue how bad these call centers really are, they suck the unemployment and give an "In your face", we rock sign. But still....I dont agree with them.
Coming to murder of Tania and prabitha,its really sad the women nomatter where they work are still not safe.However the same thing could have happenned to a woman working in a day set up.Rapes and murders took place even before the set up of call can we really blame them??
But there is a hitch somewhere to these call centers and even though my senseless ramblings here cannot decipher them hoping that someday someone will till then(@#%#!!!)this is me checkmated!

On a personal note, That son of a bitch who murdered tania should be hanged. Infact I totally agree with the Saudi Arabia's(this is the only arab country I know which practices) concept of beheading the guilty. There are other atrocities that women everyday are facing, just not murder, Rape, sexual assault!And as I say this every single minute is a struggle for a woman who has to pick her battles for after all , isnt it a MAN'S WORLD??:-(

Anonymous said...

Phew!that was a really long comment to an equally long post :-p!sorry kima,But you clearly stuck a chord!

Anonymous said...

Enlightening. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

I too had a dozen friends working at call center including my sister and my mom started having fits if she is as much as 5 mins late to come home.... their safety is a worry...

That guy deserves to be stab 64 times..

And i cudn't remember exactly what was holding me back then(2002) when all my friends join these call centres... i was never interested, never see myself doing it for long..maybe, it wasn't just for me..although once in a while i feel like kicking myself when at the end of the month, i am broken( a state worse than being broke) and my friends are loaded( well, the incentives just got credited into their account)

Kima, you've got a great blog here and i do increase the traffic here( just to let u know)...though i haven't commented before, i read most of your post and i'm lovin it..


Almostunreal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Almostunreal said...

Va hna thui emmm emmm

*whew* Hope I never met a psycopath like him.

I really feel sorry for the girl and her family.

Anonymous said...

A Call girl is given that name not because she works in a Call Center.

Haha Kima! Im sure u meant to say "Just because a girl works in a Call Center doesnt mean she's a Call Girl".

What you actually said, implied that the girl working in a Call Center is a prostitute. Hahaha. Read it carefully. Freudian slip I guess :-)

Sexy Post by the way.


NoHiddenDepths said...

my friends told me to apply for a Call Center job. But I refused.

Lazy Mizo!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people says that you do not grow working in Call centres..

Generally, In India we have this very bad habit of trying to become managers.. and we make really bad managers.. believe it or not Indians are on of the worst managers..

Think of a typical govt employee, where is the growth we are talking about... A fresher in a call centre might be earning more that what her parent(s) had earned after working in the same govt office for 10/15 years..

Though I am not in a Call centre.. I have tremendous respect for these guys..

Jerusha said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the 'lazy Mizo' comment!~ Excuses, excuse :)
And yeah, TOI was wrong in calling her an Aviva employee, poor girl!~ May God rest her soul in peace.

P said...

Informative post!

Mizohican said...

@ anonymous: Don’t get me wrong, I never said I didn’t have any respect for people working in Call Centers. Infact I talked a lot about my friends who worked there and how much I envied them for leading such a good life in Call Centers. Looking at the growth potential and saying that it is slower compared to many other Industries has nothing to do with the respect one has for Call Centers.

And about the salary package, don’t you think it’s a little bit unfair to compare Call Centers to Govt employees? It is obvious that Govt employees earn much less than Call Center employees. That is why the gen-X usually chose Private sectors and MNCs to work. Do you know that an IAS Officer, who has so much power within the system, earns much less than an average middle management level manager in a Private Company?

I guess wanting to become a manager or not is a matter of personal opinion. And being a bad or good manager is a matter of one’s character. This doesn’t mean that all Indians who want to become managers will all be bad managers. I agree there may be bad managers here and there, but I believe the term “bad manager” is too vague a term to use. A manager who makes his subordinates work like their asses off and is extremely strict on deadlines, will definitely be labeled as a tyrant and a “bad manager” by the people under him. But the head honchos of the Company may be extremely impressed with his performance as his division shows the highest productivity and turn-over within the Company. They on the other hand will consider him to be a “good manager”. Similarly, your boss whom you might consider to be the best manager you’ve ever known due to his openness and understanding of various employees’ problems and issues, could very well be sacked by the Top Management because, other than building up great inter-personal bonds, he is not bringing anything else to the table when it comes to growth, profit or innovation for the Company.

Mizohican said...

@ Leela: Enlightening. Nice Post.

Well, I’m glad I could play a role in your enlightening process :-)

@ Perspective Inc.: Thanx :-) I love your blog too.

@ No Hidden Depths: Useless Mizo :-P

@ Sundancer: Bleh! :-P

@ Allen: Gawddd. Not you too :-) Don't worry, I am about to do something soon... watch.

Mizohican said...

@ Almost Unreal: Yeah I really feel sorry for her family too. It’s sad that such an incident like this occur when India is facing much bigger problems like terrorist threats, floods etc.

@ Aks: Haha Kima! Im sure u meant to say “Just because a girl works in a Call Center doesnt mean she’s a Call Girl”.

LoLzzzz! Thanx a lot dude. Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. Never realized it until you pointed it out. Hahaha. *WIDE GRIN*

It’s funny when you wanna say one thing, but end up saying something else, but people can still make out what you really meant to say in the first place. Perception. Guess that’s our main advantage over the chimpanzees and the only reason why they haven’t ruled over us yet. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

@ JoyKim: At the end of the month, I am broken (a state worse than being broke)

Hahaha! Good one. I am so feeling you, bro (or is it sis?). I know exactly what you mean by broken. Been there, done that. Lolx. Thanx for regularly visiting my blog. Are you the same Joy who leave mysterious messages on my shout box for Sonam? :-)

Feel free to comment anything you want at any of my posts.

Mizohican said...

@ Ligia: Yup, it definitely helps in that department. I confess I was once like you too, not thinking highly of them before. But that changed once I really got to know them personally.

@ Mocking Bird: lolz on the Call Girl comment. Completely agree with you on the part about the guy. He’s a total loser. What rights does he have to stab her just because she said no? If this was supposed to be the common practice, that guys should stab any girl that says no to them, you have no idea how many women I would have stabbed by now. :-) Infact I would have stabbed you too a long time ago… :-)

@ Steve: I so agree with you on the “kismet” part. The first time I came across that term was, I think when I was in school. My two Hindu frens were arguing with each other about this. The gist of the whole argument was that one of my friends found it ridiculous that people would write off a murder or a rape simply as the victim’s kismet, and hence not doing much about the guy who committed the murder or rape. And I believe “kismet” is a term used in Islam too.

And even in Christianity, don’t we often use “the will of God” too? Somebody dies and we say “He has received his Calling” or “God has taken him back”. This can even be exploited if people say the murderer was just carrying out God’s will. Does that make him any less innocent? Maybe at Judgment Day, God [sarcasm]might[/sarcasm] pronounce him innocent, but according to the Laws of the Land, he is as guilty as Hell.

I guess saying, “It was the destiny that God had planned for him” when someone dies, is a sure effective way of consoling somebody who has just lost a loved one, especially if that person is a strong believer in God. But “the will of God” should not be exploited and used as a defense against the guy who killed that person.

Mizohican said...

@ Sowmya: Ah! Sweetie, once again, let me make it clear to you. There is only one ground rule you’ll have to follow if you want to leave a comment on my blog and that is, “Thou shalt not apologize for leaving a long comment” :-) And it was a deserving long comment for a ridiculously long post :-D

Anyway thanx for the beautiful long comment. It is much appreciated. Well, Call Centers are considered as a stepping stone by many people. They want to have a working experience highlighted in their CVs. But what many don’t know is that many recruitment firms (and Management Institutes) don’t consider working in a Call Center as a work ex. I don’t think I am the right person to address the issue on why there is discrimination when it comes to this, why an experience in a Call Center is not considered as a work experience, but it is clear from their attitudes that they consider Call Center experiences to be very trivial. Maybe somebody can point out why this is so.

One thing you have said which I totally agree with you, is about your comment on their odd sleeping hours. I know so many friends who have completely changed their nocturnal habits. Even on their breaks, they sleep throughout the day, and in the night they usually party hard. This is where your comment about Call Center employees partying hard comes in. Most of the people I know party hard only because there is nothing else to do on their off days. They don’t have to go to Office as it is their break, but since they are so used to staying up the entire night, they just party n party n party. But then, I am not generalizing here and I am just saying this purely based on my experience with some of my friends.

Here, I just want to mention one of my friends in Bangalore. Her name is Hma-i. Like any other Call Center employees, she work 5 days a week during the night and sleep during the day. But on her 2 off days, instead of partying the night, she stays up the whole night studying, as she is also doing a correspondence M.A course at the same time. She supports herself, her studies and her younger brother entirely through her work at the Call Center. I really hold her in high regards. Similarly, there are also many others doing a correspondence course while working at Call Centers. Not all of them are planning to work there for the rest of their life. That’s a misconception some people have. Yes I agree they work there for the money, but they need that money so that they can do further studies.

About your comment on Pratiba and Tania, although I do agree with you that such things have been happening in India way before Call Centers came in the picture, there is indeed a much bigger possibility of it not occurring if it was during the day time. Under the cover of darkness, even the most coward heart gain courage. No way would the Cab driver rape poor Pratiba or Kishore stab someone 32 times if there were other people nearby. It may be a MAN’s world as you pointed out, but that doesn’t mean we can go around raping women. And I beg to differ, but if only you were in my World, then you’ll know how wonderful this MAN’s world really is. *wink*.

Anonymous said...

It is a Sis...

No, i am sure i am not the same joy you are talking about... well, i can prove it...i had no idea what a "shout box"


Anonymous said...

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Mizohican said...

@ JoyKim: wooohoo! one more female admirer to my blog *Does a quick Chandler Dance* :-)
You blog by any chance?

@ The anonymous who calls himself Kaushal: Dude... *speechless*. I thought your comment was going to be about life in a Call Center when I read the initial part. Then I realized it's just about you getting back at somebody so I stopped reading then. I made a promise that all visitors are free to say whatever they want and that I will never delete their anonymous comments. Plz don't make me think twice about that promise.

Anonymous said...

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